12 enero 2012

FFG nos ofrece las reglas descargables de Wiz-War

Los que vamos siguiendo este juego y suspiramos porque algún día Edge se decida a publicarlo en castellano, estamos hoy de enhorabuena.
Ya tenemos disponible para descargar las reglas en ingles, lo que ayudará un poco a hacernos una idea de como irá el juego y si realmente vale la pena.
Si eres uno de estos, no pierdas un momento y a por ellas.

With a simple boomstone, Talthus shattered the door standing between him and victory. Already, he’d stolen one of Callista’s treasure chests. Now, to win the competition as well as its accompanying prestige and glory, all he had to do was haul her last remaining treasure back to his base. He smiled, already able to envision himself in a comfortable faculty position, perhaps in the Tower of Alchemy… He grabbed the treasure, then immediately dropped it and recoiled in pain when Callista’s ward burned his hands. Worse yet, he heard her soft footsteps scuffling around the corner. Injured as he was, he wondered if he could survive another duel.
Wiz-War is coming! This board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players pits you against rival mages in a subterranean maze. The premise is simple, but the execution more difficult. All you have to do to win is score two points by stealing treasures or felling foes, but you’ll need quick wits and a vivid imagination to see your way to victory. Your rivals each also wield an arsenal of sensational spells, and they’ll attempt to match your mystical tricks with their own.
Study up
Wily wizards may push the rules, but still the rules bind them… a little. You can find the rules for Wiz-War online here (low-res pdf, 8.2 MB) and on the game’s support page.
As you read the rules, remember that magic makes everything possible, and your mage can cast spells to see through walls, reach around corners, avoid attacks by turning to mist, and hasten through the maze by bending the corridors to his will.
Be the first to get your hands on this treasure
Spells and strategy collide in this fast-paced, comedic board game. Whether you sneak past your opponents’ defenses to deprive them of their treasures or fling yourself into battle with fireballs and boomstones, Wiz-Warentertains with rules that are easy to understand and gameplay that's as sophisticated as your imagination.
Best of all, the Wiz-War is nearly ready to begin, so head to your local retailer and pre-order your copy today!

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