28 febrero 2014

Dreadball Extreme, arrasando en Kickstarter.

Debo reconocer que Dreadball, no esta en mi ludoteca, más por una cuestion estética que de mecánica. Soy gran seguidor de BloodBowl y me llama mucho la atención este juego, viendo sobretodo como se retrasa año tras año, una re-edición del BB, pero no termina de gustarme la ambientación galáctica. DreadBall Extreme es la nueva versión del juego, que esta arrasando en kickstarter y que nos ofrece nuevos equipos y mejoras. Me encanta el guiño al jugador de SpeedBall 2, juego que me encanto en su momento, en mi viejo Atari St.

More violence, intimidating sponsors and all-new teams, Xtreme is a whole new way of playing Dreadball - The Futuristic Sports Game!

Current Stretch Goal: $350,000 - Mechanites DreadBall Team!

DreadBall Xtreme is the underground sports game of the future and the follow-up to the hit board game DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game.
To get all of the great game experience, including everything you need to play plus a great selection of stretch goals, bonus extras and goodies, we recommend a pledge of Rampage!

In DreadBall Xtreme, two teams battle it out on the pitch to outscore each other, with all new twists:
- No Referee = More Violence for Everyone: with no one to stop the bloodshed, anything goes! Sucker punches and stomps are the norm, and the introduction of explosive collars, deadly traps and bloodsucking aliens only increase the level of violence.
- Customize your Battlefield: games are organized in prisons and warehouses at a moment’s notice, using industrial scenery to shake things up - everywhere from the scoring zone to the ball launch location can change!
- Play as Enigmatic Sponsors: the powerful organizers behind the game, Sponsors dictate your play-style and are experts in intimidation, blackmail and illegal gambling. Best of all, Sponsors allow you to build entirely unique teams out of any player combination you like!

Are you ready for an all-new ball game?
Please note that products are fully compatible with original DreadBall.

DreadBall Xtreme Boxed Game

This self-contained box game contains all you need to play DreadBall Xtreme, including two fantastic teams and a deluxe rubber-backed full-color pitch. There is even a set of Free Agents that you can include in your team, two Sponsor models and amazing plastic scenery!

* All miniatures in the box come pre-assembled

Xtreme Expansion Sets

Taking DreadBall Xtreme to the next level, we have a number of Expansions on offer, including:
DreadBall Player Manual - All the rules you need to play Xtreme with the 12 existing DreadBall teams PLUS 4 new Sponsor Models with new unique playstyles.

- A fully customisable pitch, meaning you can create your own unique designs or play in some of the exciting layouts that we've created.

DreadBall Xtreme brings with it two new teams and a set of fantastic Free Agents - and we hope to add more, more, more!
Convict Team

Asterian Kalyshi Team

We've taken Xtreme to Kickstarter to fund the tooling and production of the miniatures. In exchange for your help, we've put together some great rewards for you to choose from in the right hand column.
$100 - Rage

$375 - Frenzy

Want to see how much better Frenzy is going to get? Check out our video here with James and Ronnie:
Note that everything in this video is used as a proxy for the contents above.




Additional Models


Standard shipping to UK and US backers is free.
If you would like to back this project and are based in the EU, please add $10 to your pledge total.
If you would like to back this project and are based in Canada, please add $15 to your pledge total.
If you would like to back this project and are based in the rest of the world, including Australia, please add $25 to your pledge total.
All backers have the option of tracked courier shipping. This costs $15 on top of any shipping costs above. Therefore, to have their shipment sent by tracked courier, a US backer would pay $15, and a Spanish backer would pay a total of $25.
Note that courier shipping is already included in the FRENZY pledge level, but you will still need to pay the shipping amount listed above depending on your location.

Courier shipping is mandatory for all backers from Africa or South America, so you must add a total of $40 for shipping if you live in one of these continents.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Delivering a Kickstarter is the hardest part of the project. We’ve successfully delivered three Kickstarters, as well as more than half of our Deadzone Kickstarter, with the remainder shipping as planned in June.
Furthermore, our fifth Kickstarter - Mars Attacks The Miniatures Game - is developing very well and will begin shipping on schedule in Q3 later this year. Check out the Kickstarter page for all of the latest updates.
Mantic has experience in sculpting, tooling and delivering Kickstarters – something that can be very difficult to get right. Models being too big to fit on tools and overspending is a challenge, but with careful management we’ve experience in handling that.
The other challenge is delays from the manufacturer – something that has meant we’ve gone down to the wire on a number of occasions with sculpting deadlines and delivery to our warehouse. We’ve deliberately added a couple of extra months to our shipping date to cater for this, meaning we can work on checking the quality of everything that comes through.

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