23 abril 2014

FFG ofrece la conversión del DungeonQuest tercera edición hacia la revisada.

En un acto imprevisto y de "generosidad", FFG ha decidido que los usuarios de la tercera edición del juego DungeonQuest, no deban adquirir esta nueva versión revisada y simplemente con descargarnos cinco archivos, estaremos en disposición de jugar con la revisión.
Creo que es justo pues, reconocer el detalle a los chicos de FFG y los poseedores de la anterior versión podremos ver que novedades y mejoras aporta esta revisión.

Recently, we announced DungeonQuest Revised Edition, an updated version of DungeonQuest. Today, we’ll address questions that fans of DungeonQuest Third Edition may have regarding the Revised Edition of the game.
If I Own DungeonQuest Third Edition Do I Need to Purchase DungeonQuest Revised Edition?
No. Owners of the DungeonQuest Third Edition can download our Conversion Guide (pdf, 567 KB) on the support page. This pdf includes everything you’ll need to have the DungeonQuest Revised Edition game experience.
The support page also hosts the Learn to Play (pdf, 2.9 MB) and Reference(pdf, 1.5 MB) guides for DungeonQuest Revised Edition. These offer an addendum on how to adapt the rules for DungeonQuest Third Edition owners. You'll also find details on how to adapt combat, as well as a monster escape penalty chart for easy adaptation of the new escape system. The hero and monster combat cards (pdf, 3.4 MB) used in the Revised Edition combat system are available for download as well.
DungeonQuest Revised Edition’s Hero sheets have tweaked stats and abilities. The Revised Edition hero sheets (pdf, 8.4 MB) are also available for download on the support page for owners of DungeonQuest Third Edition.
How Have the Rules Changed in the Revised Edition?
DungeonQuest Revised Edition introduces a handful of key rules changes, including the new Torchlight Variant. Some of these changes are listed here:
  • Combat has been simplified: Combat has been redesigned to feature a streamlined combat system that harkens back to the classic editions of the game. DungeonQuest Revised Edition features a card version of the combat chart found in a previous edition. The new combat system delivers the same tension that DungeonQuest players love, but allows combat to be played out much more quickly.
  • Search once per room: In DungeonQuest Revised Edition, rooms in the dungeon can now be searched only once per game. This encourages brave dungeon-delvers to venture deeper into Dragonfire dungeon, and is easy to track by placing one of the included search tokens on the board.
  • Move between towers: When a hero enters a tower room, he can now optionally move to any other tower room and continue his turn. This change allows you to shadow other players who have created successful paths through the dungeon, adding a new layer of strategy. This also prevents you from being stuck in the opening turns of the game.
  • Escape using Agility: This streamlined escape mechanic allows players to test Agility, one of the otherwise least tested attributes, in order to successfully escape from a combat.
  • New rulebook format: DungeonQuest Revised Edition takes advantage of our new dual rulebook format also found in Eldritch Horror and BattleLore Second Ediiton. The rules are split into two separate, streamlined documents–a Learn-to-Play guide, and a Rules Reference book. This means that you’ll be able to begin exploring the dungeon as soon as you open the box with the help of the handy Learn-to-Play guide. The Rules Reference guide will answer any questions that you may have as you play the game.
  • Torchlight Variant: When using the Torchlight Variant, when a player moves into an unexplored room, his torch casts enough light to make out what lies ahead. As a result, he also draws and places adjacent rooms that he has line-of-sight to. This variant adds a deeper element of strategy to the game, as well as creates a much fuller and more complex dungeon throughout the game.

Thanks for playing DungeonQuest! We hope the Conversion Guide will prove helpful in future ventures into Dragonfire Dungeon!

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