13 septiembre 2011

FFG nos ofrece el videotutorial de Elder Sign.

Hace algún tiempo, FFG, ya nos ofreció un vídeo, en donde podíamos vislumbrar, la mecánica del nuevo juego, que servirá para darle una vuelta de tuerca más al universo de Lovecraft, Elder Sign.
Como buen seguidor de todo lo relacionado con el genio de Providence, el juego me interesó nada más verlo.
Ahora, después de conocer su mecánica y leer las reglas en ingles, decididamente se ha caído de mi lista de deseos.
No soy especialmente un fan de los dados, y no me gustan especialmente, si no son realmente necesarios para el juego, pues su apuesta por la aleatoriedad no termina de gustarme.
No sé, si este juego es un tira-dados sin alma o con alma, pero desde luego, los dados son la base de todo y el mismo esta construido en torno a múltiples tiradas de dados.
En fin, para quienes os guste la mecánica, sin duda es vuestro juego.

Slowly there filtered into his mind the truth that this strange chanting ritual had been one of instruction, and that the Companions had been chanted by the Most Ancient One into a new and peculiar kind of sleep, in order that their dreams might open the Ultimate Gate to which the Silver Key was a passport.
    –H.P. Lovecraft, Through the Gates of the Silver Key
A muffled cry goes unanswered in the darkest exhibit halls of the Arkham Museum. Strange, otherworldly relics lie under glass on display tables or sit in storage crates. Too long, the Museum has collected rare artifacts from across the globe… drawing them together under one roof… creating a nexus of eldritch power…
Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce that Elder Sign, the horrifying game of dice and dementia, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore!
An elder threat awakens
Portals begin to tear open, rifts in the fabric of space and time, and only a handful of investigators recognize the threat and risk their lives to seal these gates to the Beyond before the Ancient One stirs fully from its elder sleep and finds its way through the portals to our world.

Watch our Elder Sign video (QuickTime, 57.4 MB), also available on YouTube and the FFG Media Player
In Elder Sign, you take the role of one of these brave investigators as you race through the Museum’s exhibits and its immediate environs in order to find Elder Signs, the eldritch seals needed to close the portals and hold the Ancient One at bay.
The task is not easy, however, and investigators put both body and mind at risk as they encounter cultists, monsters, and horrifying, supernatural phenomena capable of melting the strongest minds. To find clues of the Elder Signs and to acquire the tools they need to pry them out of the exhibits, investigators must steel themselves against unfathomable terrors, recall odd bits of forgotten lore, and avoid innumerable perils. And always, they must hasten their investigations. The Ancient One is stirring!
With each tick of the Clock, the Ancient One draws nearer to our world, ready to spread Doom. Its approach sends waves of arcane power racing ahead of it through the portals. Monsters stalk through the Museum’s halls. Beasts and people of sensitive natures feel the stirring; some welcome the impending evil and find their way to the Museum.
Adventuring in the Museum
As investigators explore the Museum, players try to match each Adventure’s requirements with results from six custom green dice. Powerful items, allies, spells, and clues can aid investigators in their search, and players will want to think carefully about when best to use the extra dice or abilities granted by these aids.
Use them too soon, and you may later find yourself surrounded by monsters, with portals opening on all sides, and no luck or tricks remaining. Fail to use them in time, and your investigators may succumb to the Museum’s many dangers.
All the while, the Doom track progresses, moving forward with each strike of the Clock, and the Ancient One seeks entry to our world…
Prevent its entry. Hold it back with eldritch powers known only to a few. Don’t hesitate to begin your investigation! Act now before it’s too late! Elder Sign is on sale. Head to your local retailer to buy your copy today, or order yours from our webstore.

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