06 febrero 2012

FFG nos aclara más situaciones en Wiz-War. Las cartas de energía.

Cuanto más leo sobre este juego, más ganas tengo de probarlo.
Lo cierto és que el único aspecto que me frena, es el tema del idioma, pues desconozco el nivel requerido en las cartas de hechizos.
De todas formas, como Edge no nos lo traiga, me voy a liar la manta a la cabeza,  lo compraré en inglés y ya me curraré unas etiquetas para las cartas.
Hoy tenemos un poco más de información sobre el movimiento, los hechizos y como potenciar con cartas de energía ambas opciones.

On Wednesday, we heralded the triumphant return of Wiz-War! Now available at your local retailer and on our webstore, this classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players pits wily wizards against each other in an underground maze and a magical melee. Players race to score two points by stealing rivals’ treasures or casting the knock-out spells to fell their foes.
Fuel your fantasy
At the root of all this wild and zany wizardry is energy. Not just the energy the players bring to their imaginative combinations of spells, but the energy cards that make up a good portion of each spell deck.
The rules of Wiz-War (available on the game’s support page) indicate two uses for energy cards: An energy card may be used to boost a wizard’s movement during his turn, or it may be used along with a spell to boost that spell’s effects.
While wizards weave magic that accelerates their progress toward your treasures, it may behoove you to move more swiftly through the sorcerous labyrinth.
Normally, the active player may move his wizard up to three squares. However, you can discard an energy card from your hand to move an additional number of squares up to the energy card’s value.

The yellow wizard races past the red wizard’s line of sight and expends five energy to rush all the way to his rival’s unguarded treasure!
Whether you seek to round a corner and gain Line of Sight to target your most terrific spells at nearby rivals or simply to hasten your heroic capture of an opponent’s treasure, the timely expenditure of magical energy may give you just the boost you need to succeed!
Supercharge your spells
Energy cards may also be played in conjunction with spells. Played this way, your energy cards can provide any number of effects.
A spell’s energy defaults to one, but you can choose, when you play a spell, to discard an energy card to fuel the spell. If so, you replace the spell’s energy value with that of the energy card discarded.

Some spells, like Add, indicate an energy value at the center of their bottom row. These spells may be cast for their normal effects, or they may be discarded for their energy value. Notice the Temporary duration symbol circled on Featherweight. Without an energy card to boost this spell, its energy is only one. Its player will place one energy token on the card when it’s played, and its duration will soon expire. A player may discard an energy card when playing a Temporary spell to increase its duration.
Flame on!
Sometimes, you may wish to use energy for your instant spells, like fueling the flaming fury of your Fire Darts to blast multiple combatants or fell a single foe.

The blue mage needs to stop the green wizard from stealing his treasure and wishes, also, to force his way past the red wizard. Meanwhile, he’s concerned about the yellow wizard’s ominous approach… He opens his door, casts Fire Darts, and expends an energy card with a value of three to fire three darts, targeting one at each of his foes!
More or less temporary
Other times, you may wish to extend the duration of one of your temporary spells, such as Golem Form, one of the game’s magnificent new mutations.

After the blue mage concludes his attack and movement, he finds himself surrounded by three stung mages! He transforms into a golem, expending an energy card with a value of five to ensure the mighty mutation spell lasts long enough to keep him safe.
While a wizard assuming golem form may stride more slowly through the subterranean labyrinth, he becomes almost impervious to harm, doubles the damage he deals with his powerful punches, and can lift treasures so easily, he needn’t end his turn to do so.

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