13 abril 2014

FFG nos ofrece más información de Oath of the OutCast

Decididos están los chicos de FFG, en no dejar una cartera con vida y continúan anunciando todo tipo de material para los seguidores de Descent.
Dentro de la línea de héroes y monstruos, nos ofrecen más información del pack Oath of the Outcast, que viene con 4 héroes y tres grupos de monstruos, que previamente vimos en Descent, primera edición.

In the land of Terrinoth, danger may lurk in any corner. Deadly monsters wait in the forests, in the waters, in the swamps, in the ruins of ancient cities and the alleyways of new ones. Despite the darkness rising under the command of the overlord, Terrinoth does not stand alone. Noble heroes also populate the realm, ready to defeat evil wherever they may find it.
You’ll find a host of heroes and monsters in Oath of the Outcast, the first Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. This Hero and Monster Collection includes fifteen plastic figures: four heroes and three monster groups previously only available in the first edition of Descent. Now, these heroes and monsters have received completely updated figure sculpts and artwork, matching the aesthetic of Descent Second Edition.
In our last preview of Oath of the Outcast, we took a closer look at a hero and a monster group that you’ll receive in thisHero and Monster Collection – Laurel of Bloodwood and the beastmen. Today, we’ll look at some of your other tools for saving or destroying Terrinoth with Elder Mok and the razorwings.
Words of the Elder
Gifted from birth by an unknown power, Mok has always been set apart. His impressive size and intellect gave him a distinct advantage on the battlefield and in the council tent, and he became an influential leader in his tribe early. He lost much of his favor, however, when he began to spread a message of peace and reconciliation. His message was despised and rejected, and Mok was cast out, but he still brings his words to any who will listen.
As a gifted Healer, Elder Mok can make quite the contribution to any party of heroes. Even inexperienced heroes know it’s important to keep your Healer alive and well, and Elder Mok’s hero ability helps you keep him fighting fit. Once per turn, when a hero close to Elder Mok recovers one or more damage or fatigue, Mok may recover one damage or fatigue. With that hero ability, you’ll be able to not only reap additional benefits from Elder Mok healing another hero, but whenever a hero near to Mok rests to recover fatigue, or heals himself, Mok will still get the benefits!
Elder Mok’s strange gifts are not limited to healing, however. Elder Mok can tap into a certain kind of prescience with his heroic feat. By triggering Mok’s heroic feat at the start of your turn, you may look at the overlord’s hand of Overlord cards, and discard one of your choice! Between gaining knowledge of future threats and neutralizing the most dangerous Overlord card, Elder Mok’s skills makes your quests that much safer, keeping you and your fellow heroes out of harm’s way.
Speed and Ferocity
Greatly feared by all who value their lives, a colony of razorwings can cut through a column of veteran soldiers in mere minutes. Razorwings land fangs first, and the rush of pounding wings and tearing claws that follows leaves most heroes unable to offer even the simplest of defenses.
Whenever speed is crucial to the overlord’s victory, he would do well to consider taking razorwings as one of his monster groups. A master razorwing moves six spaces with a single move action, making it one of the fastest monsters in Descent Second Edition. Since all razorwings have the Fly ability, they easily traverse any kind of terrain, flying with ease over water, lava, or obstructed terrain, leaving the heroes to fumble behind in their wake.
If razorwings do turn and fight, however, they can prove deadly opponents. Razorwing talons and teeth can rend through armor and flesh alike, and both minions and masters can surge for extra damage. If the heroes somehow manage to keep up with a flock of razorwings in full flight, the master razorwing can spend a surge to stun a hero, forcing them to lose an action and helping other razorwings get further ahead of the heroes.
The Outcast’s Duty

Razorwings are a fearsome foe, but with the help of Elder Mok, the heroes may be able to withstand them. Expand your options for both heroes and monsters with the fifteen figures included in the Oath of the Outcast Hero and Monster Collection! Preorder this expansion at your local retailer today.

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