14 abril 2014

FFG anuncia revisión de DungeonQuest.

FFG expertos en sangrarnos los bolsillos, se sueltan ahora con una edición revisada del juego DungeonQuest, que curiosamente ya era una revisión de un antiguo juego de GW, tiene ahora una nueva edición.
A mi estas cosas me hinchan la vena, como ya hicieron con algunas expansiones de Arkham Horror, que por lo visto, debieron comerse con patatas, porque no han insistido más en ello.
Veremos si los poseedores de la anterior edición, pueden aprovecharse de los cambios.

DungeonQuest Revised Edition is a fast-paced game of deadly dungeon exploration and looting for one to four players.
In DungeonQuest Revised Edition, you take on the role of a hero who sets out to explore Dragonfire Dungeon. Along the way, you’ll collect loot, evade traps, battle fearsome monsters, and wend your way through the sprawling catacombs that snake underneath the dungeon. If you are fortunate enough to find your way to the treasure chamber at the dungeon’s heart, you may attempt to plunder its riches. The hero who escapes with the most loot wins!
However, there’s more to concern you than just rival heroes. You must be careful not to wake the cruel Kalladra, the dragon who sleeps upon the treasure hoard! When you have looted your fill, you must escape the treacherous, winding maze that makes up the dungeon in order to be victorious.

About the Revised Edition

Players new to DungeonQuest will discover a fast-paced and deadly game of dungeon exploration and looting. For those players familiar with previous editions of the game, we’ve updated and revamped elements of the game to give you an even more dangerous dungeon to explore.
We’ve worked closely with Jakob Bonds, the designer of the classic editions ofDungeonQuest to develop this exciting new edition, which delivers a combat system that harkens back to the classic editions, and a Dragonfire Dungeon deadlier than ever before.
We’ve also added a new Torchlight variant which allows you create a larger, and more complex dungeon as you explore.
DungeonQuest Revised Edition also comes with revamped rules, heroes, and monsters. Light your torches, prepare your weapons, and get ready for a fast-paced and thrilling adventure through Dragonfire Dungeon.
For more information on the differences between DungeonQuest Revised Edition and the third edition of the game, click here.

Delve Into Dragonfire Dungeon

Dragonfire Dungeon consists of winding passageways, rotating rooms, hidden traps, secret doors, and a sprawling maze of catacombs that snakes underneath the dungeon floor. At the center of it all is the dragon’s lair. Within, jealously guarded by Kalladra herself, lies heaps of treasure for the taking. However, before you worry about the dragon, you’re going to need to find your way through the dark and dank rooms of Dragonfire Dungeon. 
Your search begins with you and your rival treasure hunters entering Dragonfire Dungeon from one of the four towers, located in each corner of the game board. Each turn, you may move one space along a pathway, delving further into the dungeon in search of the dragon’s treasure, or you may search the chamber you currently occupy in the hope of uncovering loot.
When you move, you draw a chamber tile and place it on the board to represent your progress into the dungeon. As you explore and move toward the treasure chamber, you’ll encounter secret doors, hidden rooms, and strange tunnels leading to catacombs located deep beneath the dungeon floors. Each time you enter a chamber, you’ll resolve its chamber effect. In most rooms, you’ll resolve a Dungeon card. But beware – some chamber effects unleash deadly traps, and fierce monsters, while others will trigger cave ins, blocked doors, and dead ends that make exploring Dragonfire Dungeon a difficult task. We’ll take a closer look at combating monsters in a below section.
After you resolve a chamber effect, you may search a room. To do so, draw and resolve a card from the Search deck. Then, place a search token on the chamber, indicating it has already been searched. Each chamber may only be searched once.

Combating the Dungeon’s Monsters

No dungeon would be complete without a host of monsters lurking within, and Dragonfire Dungeon is no exception. During your exploration, you’ll need to be prepared to engage in battle with any number of strange and hostile enemies. Taking place over a series of rounds, combat continues until either the hero player escapes or dies, or until the hero player defeats the monster and continues his exploration of the dungeon.

Through the use of three hero combat cards, the hero player attempts to defeat the monster by dealing damage through ranged, melee, or magic attacks. Meanwhile, the person to the hero player’s left will represent the monster in combat, and will attempt to kill the hero player through the use of three monster combat cards.
Both the hero and monster player will simultaneously choose one of their three cards, reveal them, and compare the results. After suffering the number of wounds indicated on the card, the next round begins and players each select a new card. This diagram gives a more detailed example of the combat system in DungeonQuest Revised Edition.
At the end of each round, the hero player has the opportunity to attempt to escape the combat by testing his agility, but be warned – no one escapes Dragonfire Dungeon unscathed. Escaping combat is a risky move as monsters deal damage to fleeing heroes.

Wrath of the Dragon

Heroes whom make their way into the treasure chamber in the center of the board may attempt to make off with some of the loot they find within. However, Kalladra the dragon does not take kindly to thieves. Heroes who attempt to steal from treasure chamber risk waking her, and incurring her wrath.
When you enter or begin your turn in the treasure chamber, you may move as usual, or attempt to grab some treasure by drawing a card from the Dragon Deck and resolving it. Most of these cards will allow you to pilfer some of the most precious loot in the dungeon, escaping the dragon’s notice. However, one of these cards will wake the Kalladra, inciting her fiery retribution and dealing you massive amounts of damage.

The Setting Sun

Dragonfire Dungeon has more in store for heroes than its traps, tricks, and cruel dragon. The doors to the dungeon spring open each morning as the sun rises, leaving heroes free to venture inside to seek their fortune. However, as the sun sets, the doors creak shut, leaving those still inside at the mercy of the monsters that roam freely in the darkness of the dungeon.
Making your way through Dragonfire Dungeon may be challenging, but making your way out with loot in tow is even more difficult! As you explore and add chamber tiles, the dungeon grows even more labyrinthian, and you’ll have to move quickly in order to escape before the sun sets, and the dungeon’s doors are sealed.
At the end of each round, the sun marker is advanced on the Sun Track, marking the time until the sun sets and heroes will be trapped inside. As nightfall inches nearer, the pressure to escape grows. When the sun sets, the game ends, and any heroes who have not escaped the dungeon are entombed.

What’s Different in DungeonQuest Revised Edition?

We’ve listened to the feedback since the release of DungeonQuest Third Edition and while working closely with designer Jakob Bonds, have implemented numerous important changes in DungeonQuest Revised Edition. Some of these changes are detailed below:
  • Combat has been simplified: Combat has been redesigned to feature a streamlined combat system that harkens back to the classic editions of the game. DungeonQuest Revised Edition features a card version of the combat chart found in a previous edition. The new combat system delivers the same tension thatDungeonQuest players love, but allows combat to be played out much more quickly. For more detailed information on combat, please see the “Combating the Dungeon’s Monsters” section above.
  • Search once per room: In DungeonQuest Revised Edition, rooms in the dungeon can now be searched only once per game. This encourages brave dungeon-delvers to venture deeper into Dragonfire dungeon, and is easy to track by placing a search token on the board.
  • Move between towers: When a hero enters a tower room, he can now optionally move to any other tower room and continue his turn. This change allows you to shadow other players who have created successful paths through the dungeon, adding a new layer of strategy. This also prevents you from being stuck in the opening turns of the game.
  • Escape using Agility: This streamlined escape mechanic allows players to test Agility in order to successfully escape from a combat.
  • New rulebook format: DungeonQuest Revised Edition takes advantage of our new rulebook format. The rules are split into two separate, streamlined documents–a Learn-to-Play guide, and a Rules Reference book. This means that you’ll be able to begin exploring the dungeon as soon as you open the box with the help of the handy Learn-to-Play guide. The Rules Reference guide will answer any questions that you may have as you play the game.
  • A deadlier dungeon: Dragonfire Dungeon is deadlier than ever before, adding new challenges for seasoned dungeon explorers! Surviving the dungeon is a heroic feat, and only the bravest of the brave will make it out alive.
  • Torchilight Variant: When using the Torchlight Variant, when a player moves into an unexplored room, his torch casts enough light to make out what lies ahead. As a result, he also draws and places adjacent rooms that he has line-of-sight to. This variant adds an element of strategy to the game, as well as creates a much fuller and more complex dungeon throughout the game.

Your Adventure Awaits

Delve into the secrets of Dragonfire Dungeon with DungeonQuest Revised Edition. Explore the dungeon, battle the enemies within, and escape before the sun sets. Will you get lost in the catacombs, or be slain by vicious monsters? Will you wake the sleeping dragon, or will you make off with the dragon’s treasure? For the heroes brave enough to seek it, astonishing riches await in the dangerous depths of the dungeon!

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