07 junio 2012

FFG ofrece un vídeo promocional de Fortress America.

Los chicos de FFG, nos ofrece un vídeo promocional, de su nuevo juego, Fortress America.
Como ya sabéis se trata del remake de un viejo producto, en el que los EEUU, se ven atacados por 3 enemigos simultáneamente y debe resistir como sea.
Curioso juego, que desconozco si será publicado por Edge, aunque parece un producto muy yankee, como para que genere interés por aquí, de forma masiva.
De todas formas, como siempre hay gente interesada, os dejo el enlace para quien tenga curiosidad.

The invasion begins later this week. Fortress America is on its way to store shelves, and you can prepare by watching our new and exciting video trailer!
This updated version of Michael Gray's 1986 classic pits one player, in control of the beleaguered American forces, against up to three others, who team up to assault the U.S. on three fronts. Featuring beautifully crafted components (including over 300 detailed plastic figures), Fortress America thrusts players into a frightening geopolitical scenario in which diplomacy has failed, and World War III has begun.

Click the image above to view the trailer (QuickTime, 8.4 MB).
You can also view it on YouTube and the Fantasy Flight Media Player.
On Three Fronts
In Fortress America, the United States must defend itself from three deadly invading armies: the Asian People’s Alliance from the West, the Central American Federation from the South, and the Euro-Socialist Pact from the East. Players take on either the role of the United States, struggling to protect itself from foreign threats, or the role of one or more of the invading armies, fighting battle after battle to acquire important territories.
Learn more by downloading the rules or visiting our detailed description page, then prepare for WWIII to begin later this week!

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