20 noviembre 2012

Wizkids anuncia Batman Gotham City Strategic Game

Los chicos de Wizkids, se acaban de sacar de la manga, Batman, Gotham City Strategic Game.
Siguiendo un poco, la linea marcada por el superventas, Heroclix, este juego, aun siendo distinto, se basa en las habilidades de peana, que han echo tan famoso el juego Heroclix.
El juego ofrece unas peanas especiales para este juego en concreto, pero se añadirán también, las típicas de heroclix, para hacerlo compatible.
En la caja nos prometen un buen montón de nuevas minis, cartas, mapas etc, en lo que textualmente los chicos de Wizkids, bautizan como la mezcla perfecta de Eurogame y Ameritrash, en lo que parece un juego más cerrado, mezcla de gestión de recursos y luchas.
Veremos si vale la pena, pero por lo menos, han conseguido mi atención, y eso que no soy seguidor de Heroclix.

Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game

A new entry into the HeroClix Strategy Game lineup with a little something extra for HeroClix PAC fans!
DESIGNER: Paolo Mori
SKU: 70926
UPC: 63448270926-9
RELEASE DATE: February 2013
Behind the façade of the great Gotham City lies an active underworld of criminal activity. Play as one of Gotham City’s greatest villains— The JokerThe PenguinKiller Croc orTwo-Face— and lead your gang of henchman to become the King of Crime in Gotham City! But beware, as your hold on the city increases so does the chance of your plans being foiled by Gotham’s protector—Batman!
  • 5 new pre-painted HeroClix figures (4 playable Villains and Batman – click on images to enlarge!)
  • 25 Miniature “Henchmen” figures
  • 4 Villain Player Screens
  • 20 Villain Ability Cards (5 for each Villain)
  • 84 Criminal Plot Cards
  • 10 Batman Cards
  • Map of Gotham City
  • Game tokens
The Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game features 5 brand new pre-painted sculpts of The Joker,The PenguinKiller CrocTwo-Face & Batman on our new HeroClix SwitchClix bases and includes 2 sets of HeroClix dials!  The first set of HeroClix dials are designed for the ruleset of the Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game and the second set of dials are designed for HeroClix PAC play.   TheSwitchClix technology allows us to deliver 2 play experiences using both of these HeroClix systems and does not constrain design or playability.  In effect, you get two HeroClix games with one purchase!
Overview of Game Play (Click on images to enlarge)
The Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game is a game for 2—4 players who will each take the role of one of Batman’s iconic Villains— The JokerThe PenguinTwo-Face or Killer Croc.  Players collect resources of Information, Money and Threat.  Threat is used to exert your rule over blocks in Gotham City— control of blocks will allow you to collect an income on these blocks of either Information or Money.  Money is used for leveling (see below) and to hire henchmen who will not only help you exert rule in blocks but also help you in fights against other Villains and Batman.  Information is used for leveling (see below) and moving your Villain and henchmen through the blocks of Gotham City.
Each turn a player will play a Criminal Plot card which will either produce an income for the ruler of a certain block or it will trigger the Bat Signal— calling in Batman!  When Batman moves into a block with a Villain, a fight occurs using the two custom Batman dice included with the game.  If Batman wins, the Villain and their henchmen must flee back to their Hideout and Batmanrestores order in that block of Gotham City.  If the Villain wins, they have defeated Batman…for the time being…Batman returns to the Batcave, increasing his combat effectiveness as he plans for the next encounter.

Each Villain has a combat dial with 10 levels.  Each click of the dial shows a requirement that you will need to advance to the next level—Information, Money, Henchmen, Blocks Controlled.  The first player to reach Level 10 with their Villain wins.  On every even number level, players will acquire special abilities that are unique to their Villain.
The Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game is a unique combination of Euro-style sensibility combined with the best elements of Ameri-trash theme and design.  The core game mechanic is worker placement— placing your Villain, henchmen and Threat tokens to control blocks of Gotham City so as to produce the most income possible—overlaid with thematic elements that bring the stories and the characters of DC Comics Batman to life.  The struggles by players for control of blocks— through resource placement or through face offs between Villains— make for a high level of player interaction.  Each Villain has their own strengths and weaknesses and play much differently from one another significantly adding to the replay value of the game.  We are confident that fans of DC Comics Batman and fans of tabletop and strategy gaming alike will both appreciate and enjoy theBatman: Gotham City Strategy Game.
The Backstory
WizKids Games is very happy to have worked with game designer Paolo Mori who was selected via WizKids Games’ search for the next great designerprocess.  Paolo stated “I’m very excited to be part of this project, and am thankful to WizKids Games and DC Comics for providing me the opportunity to design this game. Gotham City was a great setting to work in and having villainous characters work against each other with the looming threat of Batman coming and wrecking all their plans was a lot of fun to make a reality.”
WizKids President Justin Ziran says “Paolo really delivered and we think this game should appeal to a broad gaming audience via its game play and setting.  We aim to make games that get talked about and really stand out from the crowd.  We believe this game delivers and are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the retailers and customers.”

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  1. Lo vimos ya en Essen 2011, muy buena pinta.

  2. Lo pudisteis probar ?, si es así, que tal las mecánicas, los mapas etc etc.