05 enero 2013

FFG nos muestra los nuevos PJ de la expansión para Talisman

Hoy los chicos de FFG, nos hacen un repaso de los nuevos personajes, que aparecerán, en esta nueva expansión para el clásico Talismán, llamada The City.
Este avance hace un repaso a tres nuevos personajes, que estarán disponibles, para añadir a los ya existentes.
Sin lugar a duda, una excelente expansión para los aficionados a este juego.

In The City, the upcoming expansion for the classic board game Talisman, players can take their adventurers to a bustling metropolis, filled to the brim with people. Some are trying to make their fortune and find glory, some are just trying to survive the dangers that lurk around every corner and nestle in the shadowed alleyways at night.
With the introduction of The City, new characters answer the call to adventure. Below, we’ll take a look at some of these new characters: the Cat Burglar, the Spy, and the Tavern Maid.
The Cunning Cat Burglar
Where there’s gold, there’s opportunity, and no one makes better use of those opportunities than the Cat Burglar. The Cat Burglar began her life on the streets, but rather than let her humble beginnings crush her spirit, this young woman has stolen her way into a life of luxury.
The Cat Burglar is more concerned with what she can get than who she gets it from, and the stores that line the streets of the City’s shopping district are ripe targets for this enterprising thief. Whenever the Cat Burglar is in a store, she gets the opportunity to try to burgle a specific item rather than buy it.
The player attempting to burgle a shop will roll a die and then add that value to the cost of the item. If the result is less than or equal to the Cat Burglar’s Craft, she successfully steals the item, and may walk out of the shop with its owner none the wiser. If the combined value of the die and the item value is greater than her Craft, then she has bungled the burglary, and she must miss her next turn and discard the item as she escapes the scene of the crime.
The Cat Burglar has learned to be especially light on her feet as she has spent years hopping from rooftop to rooftop in the City, seeking entry points into wealthy establishments or fleeing from angry authorities. Her incredible agility serves her well in battle, and the Cat Burglar may take on a group of enemies in any order, ignoring their encounter numbers.
The character of the Cat Burglar is a great choice for players who want a chance at free loot in the market and an extra tactical option when dealing with groups of enemies.
A Sinister Spy
The big city thrives on commerce, but knowing when to make your move can be the most vital part of any transaction. As a man who deals in secrets, the Spy has made the business of following others his bread and butter.
The Spy employs a skillful network of informants in order to acquire his ill-gotten information, and he gains a distinct tactical advantage when deciding how to proceed in his quest for the Crown of Command. The player who has taken on the guise of the Spy may take a secret look at the top card of any deck during his turn. Your fellow players will also find it difficult to keep secrets from you, as the Spy allows you to look at other characters’ Spell Cards at any time.
While the Spy makes good use of his informants, he’s not above doing a bit of stealthy intel-gathering himself when it suits his needs. The Spy has the ability to shadow any character in his region, allowing him to instantly travel to the same space as another player rather than rolling for his movement. As a master of subtlety, the Spy cannot encounter the player he shadows on that turn.
The Spy is perfect for players who don’t like surprises in their cards. Additionally, if the Spy happens to have a Wanted Poster with a character target, shadowing in order to stay close to his mark could be an especially effective strategy for seeking a bounty.
The Friendly Tavern Maid
The mightiest heroes can come from the humblest beginnings. Gregarious – and always generous with the drinks, – the Tavern Maid has saved up her tips and left her job at the inn to take her chances in the big City. There were no hard feelings between the Tavern Maid and the inn’s owner when she decided to leave on her quest. As a going away present, the Tavern Maid received some of the finest bottles of brew that the bar had to offer, so she begins the game with five of the Potion Cards from the Potion Deck.
The Tavern’s owner sent the Tavern Maid on her way with his gift of Potions and an invitation to come back any time. Whenever the Tavern Maid is in the Tavern space, she may choose which result to use rather than rolling a die. It pays to remember those who helped you along your way!
The City’s bigger crowds mean more tips, and the Tavern Maid is always ready to take a moment to pour another round for her fellow adventurers while she pursues the Crown of Command. When the Tavern Maid moves into a space with another character, she can choose whether or not she wants to pour them a drink. If they’ve got any coin in their pockets, the character must give the Tavern Maid one gold for her troubles. Not everyone can hold their drinks though, and the character must roll one die to see what kind of surprises their imbibing brings. Adventurers might order another round which gives the Tavern Maid another gold and re-rolls the die. Perhaps a character will have one too many and miss his next turn, or he might leave a very generous tip by giving the Tavern Maid one of his Objects.
The Tavern Maid begins her adventure well equipped, and is a good fit for those who want to have a little fun with their fellow adventurers and earn some coin while they’re at it.
These are just three of the six new characters that await players who take the magical quests of Talisman to The City. In our next preview, we’ll take a closer look at goods and services offered to enterprising adventurers at the stores that line the streets of the City’s shopping district!

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