26 abril 2013

App de Ticket to ride, gratuita solo este fin de semana.

Solo este fin de semana y para celebrar la primavera, (según ellos), podemos encontrar en Itunes, la app gratuita del famoso juego de trenes, Ticket To Ride.
Así que ya sabes, si dispones de un Ipad o Iphone y quieres tener el juego, ahora es el momento, más fácil imposible.




** What is it?
A digital adaptation of the best-selling Ticket to Ride EUROPE board game that introduced Ferries, Tunnels and Stations into the game.

** What’s in it?
• The map of Ticket to Ride Europe
• A new AI bot, PoirBot, specifically designed for Europe
• 5 new European-specific achievements
• The map of Ticket to Ride Switzerland (available as an in-app purchase) that also comes with its own specific bot, EscherBot
• The same Conductor Level and Pressure Gauge achievements first introduced in Ticket to Ride Pocket; they can now be saved online and take into account Online games played with other copies of Ticket to Ride
• The same SOLO, PASS-and-PLAY, LOCAL and MULTI modes, and leader boards, that made the original Ticket to Ride Pocket so popular

** What else?
We care deeply about your ideas, comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us on our forums at www.daysofwonder.com

What's New in Version 1.1


• Facebook Native Share support: share your Achievements on Facebook with a single tap!
• Switch between Ticket to Ride Pocket & Europe Pocket with a single tap
• Improved integration with Game Center and Facebook:
◇ Easy step-by-step process to find your existing Days of Wonder Online account and link it to your Game Center and Facebook accounts.
◇ New panel in the Settings screen to manage your accounts, switch to another Days of Wonder Online account, etc.
• You can now abort the in-game tutorial mid-game.
• iOS 6 support.


• Saving your Achievements to your Days of Wonder Online account has been improved.
• Crash fixed: while reloading a solo game with PoirBot
• Other various fixes.

iPhone Screenshots

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Customer Reviews

TTR Europe Pocket Pleasure. 
2nd UPDATE ***
After my initial review of this game, I soon thereafter experienced difficulties using stations. I looked over the "station" rules again and realized I was falsely trying to place down my 2nd station with only one ticket. My bad. Here's an excerpt from the Days of Wonder rulebook re: multiple station use..."The 1st Station you build will only cost you 1 card, while the 2nd and 3rd will cost you 2 and 3 Train cards of same color respectively."

Original review below...

TTRE-P is a fun-filled "push your luck" type game. The original board game is scaled down to fit the iPhone screen which presents a problem for me if I play without my reading glasses. With the help of my glasses though, i feel the colors are vivid and the game board details are clear. In addition, if I press and hold my finger on any spot, the screen temporarily zooms for a better look.
I've read other reviews claiming that the train station tokens don't function properly as they're supposed to in the real board game. I disagree with this notion, as I've experienced only appropriate functions with these bits. I believe the negative comments come from the players not quite understanding the rules and gameplay feedback regarding station pieces.
Furthermore, I'd suggest all players who are uncertain to simply review the supplied rules. Others may also believe that the stations are broken because during regular gameplay, a completed train route using a station and sharing a portion of the opponents route, will not show as completed until the scoring rundown at the end of the game.
I loved playing Ticket to Ride USA so I got the Europe version. The Europe version has a few more challenging aspects like stations, tunnels, etc. which makes this game even better!!
Multiplayer Broken 
A friend of mine and I can not get a 2 player game started without the game trying to add a random 3rd person. There is a way to do it that is a pain in the rear work around by using local mode but it is hit or miss. Needs to be fixed.

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