29 agosto 2013

FFG presenta Blue Moon Legends.

Los chicos de FFG, nos presentan, la que será la re-edición del clásico juego de cartas, para dos jugadores, Blue Moon, del señor Knizia.
Un lavado de cara, para ofrecer una revisión actualizada con nuevo arte y unas minis para dar más belleza e intensidad al juego.
No pinta mal la verdad, lo iremos siguiendo.

Blue Moon City has been plunged into chaos. With the death of its ruler and the disappearance of its creator, the city needs a strong leader now more than ever before. The separate peoples of Blue Moon City are gathering, each to support one of the heirs and claimants of the throne. Perhaps a strong ruler can restore peace to the city and convince the creator to return.
Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Blue Moon Legends, a collected edition of Reiner Knizia’s classic two-player card game Blue Moon! The battle for the throne is more intense than ever before as you struggle to garner the favor of the elemental dragons and establish your claim to the throne. You must lead a people successfully, and Blue Moon Legends offers more opportunities to do so by including every people deck expansion ever released! Now, you lead any of nine different peoples as you attempt to rise victorious and repair the damage to Blue Moon City.
Challenge the Opposition
Each turn, you go head to head with your opponent for the support of the elemental dragons. Only the dragons can affirm your claim to leadership and help you win the game. Each battle utilizes one of two elements to establish dominance—Fire or Earth. Every turn, you can bring new characters into battle, trying to meet or exceed your opponent’s power in the contested element. If your opponent cannot respond with an equal or greater amount of power, he is forced to retreat from the fight.
In addition to their intrinsic power and special abilities, characters can be augmented in various ways throughout the duration of a fight. Through the use of booster cards, you can temporarily heighten the capabilities of one of your characters, providing a burst of power. Support cards have a more long-lasting effect, generating consistent power or inhibiting the responses of an opponent.
If you can gather enough power in the contested element, your opponent won’t be able to match your strength and will be forced to retreat. This show of weakness allows you to attract an elemental dragon, bringing you closer to winning the game. As you battle back and forth with your opponent, you must be careful to conserve the cards in your hand, so that you have enough strength for every fight.
As you battle with character, booster, and support cards, you also have the chance to play powerful leadership cards. These leadership cards provide powerful benefits, such as discarding an opponent’s cards, or returning cards to your hand. Use these cards well, and they may help turn the tide in your favor as you work to reclaim the throne of Blue Moon City.
Gather an Army
Blue Moon Legends, offers the opportunity to play with any of nine preconstructed people decks. Or, construct a deck of your own to better suit your play style with Blue Moon Legends’ deck building system.
You have the opportunity to play all the peoples of Blue Moon City, such as the scholarly Hoax and impetuous Vulca included in the original Blue Moon. Other peoples, such as the sea-dwelling Aqua and the crafty Mimix, originally released as expansions, can also be found in Blue Moon Legends.
No matter what kind of play style you prefer, Blue Moon Legends allows you to craft your ideal deck from nearly 300 people cards. Your deck-building options are expanded even further with cards such as Emissaries and Inquisitors. These allow you to add more cards to your decks and can expand the potential for mustering cards from other factions. Other, non-affiliated cards add more customizability through the inclusion of powerful Mutants and other creatures.
The throne is empty, and the city in turmoil. Only one person can restore peace to the city. Gather the support of your allied peoples, forge an army that can march to the throne, and win the dragons to your side. With clever leadership, you could be the one who leads Blue Moon City into a season of plenty. Prepare to become a legend in the first quarter of 2014, and in the meantime, continue checking here for more news and previews regarding Blue Moon Legends!

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