22 octubre 2013

FFG nos muestra las primeras informaciones de la expansion de Wiz War.

Después de hacerlo publico en la Gen-Con, sabemos que FFG publicará la primera expansión para el divertido juego de caos mágico, Wiz-War.
Se trata pues, de una excelente noticia para los que nos gusta el juego. Malefic Curses, nos ofrecerá una nueva porción de laberinto que introducirá un quinto jugador en la partida, ademas de tres nuevas escuelas de magia.

Dauziel stalked down the hallway, treading on old stone blocks cracked by pulsing magic. The other wizards had attacked him often, even formed temporary alliances to destroy him, but he was not finished yet. The sighs and mutters of the spirits sustained him. He could feel the ghosts, pressing at the edges of his consciousness like the weight of deep water. They wanted to devour him, but he was in control for now, and the ghosts would protect him. He heard a noise ahead, and slid forward in the darkness, murmuring.
New things are stirring in the magical, underground labyrinth of Wiz-War—and in some cases, old and dead things are stirring as well. Malefic Curses invites players to gain access to a host of new spells and abilities and expand the game’s already chaotic wizard duels. The potential for magical bedlam and havoc is higher than ever with the addition of new spells and energies. In this preview, we’ll explore the Necromancy school of magic, as well as the opportunity to add a fifth player to Wiz-War.
School of the Dead
In Wiz-War, each school of magic possesses a specific focus. Mutation allows its adepts to take on monstrous new forms, Conjuring creates new obstacles and inanimate objects, and Elemental contains deadly attacks using the powers of wind, water, earth, and fire. Malefic Curses introduces three new schools of magic, each of which contains its own strategies and spells. Chaos spells can be potent, but wildly random, whereas Hexcraft enables you to booby-trap portions of the labyrinth with hexes. Necromancy, on the other hand, introduces a host of new death-dealing tactics, and those deathly spells are the focus of today’s preview.
Necromancy is a powerful school of magic for a wizard to tap, but it’s also one of the darkest. This school of magic brings a wizard closer to ultimate victory along the darker path, by granting you creative ways to gain points by destroying your opponents. Necromancy excels at spells like Enervate, which grants extra damage to all of your attacks while the spell lasts, as well as granting you life whenever you successfully deal damage. Enervate is useful in the long run, but if you’re more interested in immediate life gains, you can cast Drain Life, siphoning life off of your opponent and gaining it yourself.
The dark powers of Necromancy are not limited to stealing your opponents’ life, however. By studying Necromancy, you can spawn new and horrible creations on the field of battle to lend aid to your conquests. You might summon aSkull Servant in a strategic corridor of the maze, allowing you to watch your back by casting line-of-sight spells from the Skull Servant. Alternatively, by constructing a Boneyard, you can obstruct another wizard’s path to victory. When you cast this spell and block a pathway with moldering bones, any opponent bold enough to pass through must take damage. If the Boneyard is destroyed by a spell, shards of broken bone fly everywhere, causing even more damage to nearby wizards.
Perhaps the most powerful ability of Necromancy, however, is the power that it holds over death itself. By casting Delay Death, you can exercise your wizard’s magical prowess to forestall your own demise. This spell be played to counter any attack, but it’s also an excellent ace in the hole, allowing you to survive for a few moments to deliver a treasure to your home base and win the game, or giving you the time you need to regain more life with other Necromancy spells. When not even death is final, you must be ready for any eventuality in the race to steal treasures and destroy the competition.
A New Wizard Enters the Fray
The opportunity for even more mayhem and spellcraft arises in Malefic Curses with the option to introduce a fifth wizard to the duel. In the five-player game, the players’ sector boards are arranged in an all-new setup, with the addition of new portals, so that all players fall equally under threat of thievery and attack. With a fifth player, there’s more treasure to steal and more competition to dodge, but only one wizard is going to fight his way to the top.
You can bring new fire to the battle with Malefic Curses and the new schools of magic. Join us next time for a preview of the Chaos school of magic, which features risky, unpredictable spells, and random energy.

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