27 enero 2014

FFG nos ofrece nueva información para Shadows of Nerekhall.

Nuevo avance sobre la próxima expansión Shadow of Nerekhall, para el Dungeon Crawler más famoso de los últimos tiempos, Descent.
Las píldoras informativas, empiezan con un vistazo a dos de los héroes que vendrán en ella y que mejoras aportaran, a nuestro grupo de exploración.

The wild lands of Terrinoth can be dangerous and unsafe, but sometimes the close confines and narrow alleys of a city can be deadlier than deserted ruins or lonely forests. In Shadow of Nerekhall, the newest expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, you and your fellow heroes must journey to the city of Nerekhall to investigate strange events within the city.
Strange events occur nightly in the city of Nerekhall, and untold dangers lurk within the shadows, so it’s always good to remember you have firm friends at your sides. In our first preview of Shadow of Nerekhall, we looked at two new heroes from this expansion – Ravaella Lightfoot and Tinashi the Wanderer – plus the new Conjurer and Shadow Walker hero classes. Today, we’ll take a closer look at two more heroes and hero classes, so you can decide for yourself who you’ll have watch your back through the mysteries of Nerekhall.
Orkell the Swift
Orkell the Swift was once a bandit, exulting in the excitement of daring raids and bloodshed. One fateful day, though, the cries of a child victimized by his band and its raids prompted Orkell to recognize the devastation he left behind. Since that day, Orkell has been forever changed. He remains ever ready to hurl himself into the fray, but he now does so to defend the helpless, bringing swift brutality to any who mean them harm.
Although Orkell the Swift is a Warrior, he is much lighter and more mobile than the typical fighter. Boasting a high movement and stamina as well as the powerful attacks of a Warrior, Orkell excels at darting past monsters and cutting down any that stand between him and your objective. When speed is necessary, Orkell’s hero ability allows him to move even faster. Whenever Orkell takes damage from an attack, you may immediately move him one space, bringing him ever closer to your goal.
Even knocking Orkell out won’t slow him down for long. If you trigger Orkell’s heroic feat when he’s knocked out, you can perform a free stand up action. Then, you may either recover all health or move each adjacent monster one space, clearing a circle around Orkell. Either way, you still perform two actions this turn, allowing Orkell to move even closer to your objective.
Fighting the Whirlwind
Shadow of Nerekhall also introduces the Skirmisher hero class, for Warriors who prefer hit-and-run tactics. Any hero choosing the Skirmisher class begins with a Jagged Handaxe and a Rusted Handaxe. Both weapons are one-handMelee weapons, meaning that you can keep both equipped at once and use whichever weapon suits your current needs best. Both weapons reward the extra effort of fighting with two weapons – by suffering a fatigue with either weapon, you can gain beneficial effects in a fight.
The Skirmisher begins with the Dual Strike card. By triggering Dual Strike with two one-hand Melee weapons equipped, you can add a surge to your combat results. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to trigger the surge abilities of either weapon during the attack! The benefits of fighting with two quick and light one-handed weapons don’t stop there, however. Born in Battle lets you recover a damage and a fatigue whenever you defeat a monster with a one-hand Melee weapon. After you attack a monster with one weapon, Unrelenting allows you to immediately attack again with a different one-hand Melee weapon, dealing punishing damage to even the strongest monsters.
Rendiel’s wanderlust began when he heard a snippet of a song from a human merchant. When Rendiel pressed the merchant for more of his song, the man apologized and explained he didn’t remember where he’d heard it. Reasoning that a human heard the bewitching song in human lands, Rendiel set out on a quest throughout Terrinoth to find the song that haunts him.
Rendiel is a skilled Healer, well-accustomed to life on the road. His higher movement value helps him to get close to any knocked-out hero, ready to revive them and take full advantage of his hero ability and heroic feat. Rendiel’s hero ability allows him to recover two damage and two fatigue whenever he revives a hero. His heroic feat allows him to revive an adjacent knocked-out hero, but instead of rolling to recover health and stamina as usual, the revived hero recovers all damage and fatigue, awakening fighting fit and ready to continue the quest.
In Shadow of Nerekhall, Healers gain access to a new hero class: the Bard. A Bard begins with a Traveler’s Blade, a favored weapon among wayfarers on the road. The weapon can Pierce on a surge, but that surge could also be spent to gain a movement point, allowing a skilled swordsman to put some distance between himself and his target. Bards also begin with a Lute, a Trinket that allows you to suffer a fatigue to allow a nearby hero to recover a fatigue. By using the Lute at the right time, you can make sure the other heroes in your party have the stamina they need to get to your objective or trigger a vital ability.
A Song in Battle
A Bard possesses numerous skills not normally found among heroes, and because of this the Bard’s Class cards are triggered differently than others. The Bard possesses a melody and a harmony song token, and based on the song token placed on a Class card, the card has different effects. These effects continue to take effect for as long as the song token remains on the card. For example, Bards begin with the Song of Mending Class card. When the Song of Mending has the melody song token on it, each hero within three spaces recovers a damage at the end of your turn. If the harmony token is on the Song of Mending, however, those heroes recover a fatigue.
A Bard’s powers grow with Class cards like Dissonance. When played as melody, this card grants extra movement points to heroes, and when played as harmony, it causes damage to nearby monsters. The Aria of War takes the Bard’s music in a more martial direction. With the melody song token, the Aria of War grants extra defense to nearby heroes, but as harmony, it grants extra damage to their attacks. The Bard’s opportunities for fitting his songs to a situation are nearly limitless.
The Shadow of the City

New challenges await every hero in Nerekhall, but the new heroes and classes in Shadow of Nerekhall might just give you the tools you need to survive. Check back for our next preview, where we look at the new tricks and monsters the overlord may find in Nerekhall, and pre-order Shadow of Nerekhall at your local retailer today!

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