22 febrero 2014

FFG nos muestra el destructor Tantive IV.

FFG nos muestra hoy, las imágenes y las características del impresionante destructor Tantive IV.
No es necesario ser un seguidor de StarWars, ni del juego X-Wing, como para reconocer, que realmente están realizando un trabajo impresionante, con las minis de este divertido juego táctico de naves.

“Did you hear that? They’ve shut down the main reactor.”
The original Star Wars trilogy opens with an image of the Tantive IV desperately trying to outrun an Imperial Star Destroyer as both ships race past the desert planet Tatooine. When the Tantive IV is crippled and captured by the larger Star Destroyer, it is boarded by Darth Vader and a score of Imperial Stormtroopers. In the chaotic moments that follow, two Droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, manage to get to an escape pod that transports them safely to the surface of the desert planet below…
Thus begins the space opera that has enchanted millions of viewers and changed millions of lives, and with the upcoming release of the Tantive IV™ Expansion Pack for X-Wing, you’ll be able to relive the drama of the Rebellion's desperate struggle for survival and blast headlong into all-new adventures of your own devise!
The highlight of the Tantive IV Expansion Pack is its meticulously detailed Corellian CR90 corvette miniature. This X-Wing starship is so huge that everything about it is divided into two sections, fore and aft; the CR90 corvette requires two bases, two damage decks, and two ship cards.

A 360-degree view of the CR90 corvette miniature (or view a larger version).
Designed for use in the game’s Cinematic Play and Epic Play formats, this eye-catching starship also comes with rules for using “energy” to power its shields, turbolasers, and unique abilities; a huge range ruler that allows the CR90 corvette to fire against enemies as distant as Range “5,” and all the tokens and templates you need to bring this starship to life on your tabletop. Furthermore, the expansion includes a set of six new missions for Cinematic Play that can be woven together to form a compelling campaign, and you’ll also find twenty-four upgrade cards, many of which can also be used in the game’s Standard Play format.
The CR90 Corvette
While the Tantive IV is easily the most iconic CR90 corvette in the Star Wars galaxy, it is by no means the only one of import. Manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation, the CR90 was a swift, multipurpose ship that saw widespread use among governments and private parties.
The CR90 corvette’s modular design made it easy for users to reconfigure it to best suit the purpose they wanted it to serve, and the CR90 was often employed as a cargo transport, troop carrier, passenger vessel, or light escort. Additionally, the CR90 could be outfitted with enough weaponry to make it a formidable gunship; it could equip as many as eight turbolasers, six laser cannons, and four ion cannons.
The Tantive IV Expansion Pack presents a similarly adaptable starship for use in your games of X-Wing. Between its two ship cards, for fore and aft sections, the CR90 can equip up to ten upgrades of four different types.

The CR90 corvette’s fore (left) and aft (right) upgrade bars.
While it may not prove efficient to fly a fully loaded CR90 corvette, carrying upgrades in all ten slots, the sheer number and variety of upgrade slots are certain to encourage a great deal of experimentation in your squad building for Cinematic Play and Epic Play.
You’ll also notice that the CR90 corvette features a couple of upgrade icons that haven’t appeared on earlier starships, as well as a third that it shares with the GR-75 from the Rebel Transport Expansion Pack:
The hardpoint icon represents one of the locations on the CR90 where engineers can outfit the starship with turbolasers, laser cannons, and other devices requiring similar amounts of energy. Between its two sections, the CR90 can equip three hardpoint upgrades, meaning you’ll have some hard decisions to make about how many Single Turbolasersand Quad Laser Cannons you wish to equip, as well as where you’ll want to place them.
: The team icon allows you to fill your CR90 corvette with talented teams of personnel who work hard to enhance and maintain the ship’s systems as it heads into battle. Additionally, you’ll find that some of these teams are so efficient that they come with the Limited keyword, which is new to the Tantive IV Expansion Pack. A starship cannot equip more than one copy of an upgrade if that upgrade has the Limited keyword.
: Like the GR-75 medium transport, the CR90 corvette can equip cargo upgrades. Cargo upgrades can represent energy sources like Tibanna Gas Supplies as well as a variety of equipment, like the Ionization Reactorand Engine Booster. Because both the fore and aft sections of the CR90 corvette feature the cargo upgrade icon, you’ll have plenty of cause to experiment with these powerful upgrades.
Meanwhile, the CR90’s two ship cards aren’t just for show. In combat, the CR90 can perform actions associated with both of its sections, fore and aft, or from those sections’ damage cards or upgrades.
Between its two sections, the CR90 corvette features four possible actions:
  • The CR90‘s primary weapon and most of its offensive potential are associated with its fore section, which also happens to be able to perform the target lock action.
  • The recover action associated with the CR90’s aft section allows you to spend all the ship’s stored energy to regain a number of shields equal to the energy spent, possibly taking your corvette from zero shields back to full.
  • The CR90 is divided into two sections, fore and aft, and if you take the Reinforce action, you can reinforce one of those sections, adding an evade result to all defense results against attacks directed at that section until the end of the round.
  • With its coordinate action, the fore section of the CR90 can grant a free action to any friendly ship within Range 1–2. However, if your CR90 happens to be Dodonna’s Pride, your coordinate action can be applied to two friendly ships within Range 1–2.
Maneuvering Your CR90 Corvette
The CR90 corvette comes with two bases, one huge ship token that spans the bases, and a new maneuver template that better reflects the way this huge starship flies through space. The result is that your CR90 will surge forward, drift, and yaw in a way that truly makes it feel like a massive vessel that could easily smash the smaller starfighters darting through space around it.

The CR90 corvette performs a bank maneuver with a speed of “2.”
Moreover, because the CR90 is divided into fore and aft sections, it comes with two damage decks, one for each section of the ship. The effects of damage upon the fore of your CR90 aren’t the same as the effects of damage upon its aft, and you and your opponents will be able to explore all-new tactical considerations and strategies throughout any combat featuring the Tantive IV or any other CR90 corvette!
Pre-Order Your Corvette Today!
In upcoming previews, we’ll look more closely at the new Cinematic Play campaign that comes with the Tantive IVExpansion Pack, as well as more of the upgrades that you’ll be able to field in the game’s Epic Play and Standard Play formats.

In the meantime, head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy of the Tantive IV Expansion Pack today!

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