10 julio 2014

Guardians of Deephall. nuevo pack con heroes y monstruos para Descent.

Descent se ha convertido sin lugar a dudas, en la gallina de los huevos de oro y caballo de batalla de la compañía americana FFG.
No pasa mucho tiempo entre anuncios de expansiones, minis de héroes de lugartenientes etc etc.
Todo un material la mar de interesante e igualmente dañino para nuestros bolsillos.
Con Guardians of Deephall, continúan las re-ediciones de minis de Descent 1ª Edición.

The stronghold of Deephall was once home to a thriving, peaceful community, but now, the mountain city lies under constant threat of invasion. A horde of undead, led by dark priests, attacks Deephall constantly. These unending attacks deplete the city’s guards and erode the peoples’ resolve. Four heroes are all that stands between Deephall and the city’s extinction.
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Guardians of Deephall Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition!
The mountain village of Deephall lies in desperate danger. In Guardians of Deephall, you’ll find four heroes and three monster groups to decide the future of Deephall. These figures were previously only available in the first edition ofDescent, but are now brought in line with second edition aesthetics through reimagined figure sculpts and artwork.
Four heroes leap to the defense of Deephall in this Hero and Monster Collection lending their skill with arms and their magical prowess to the city’s defense. You’ll find the orc warrior Mordrog battling in the front lines alongside Lord Hawthorne. At the same time, Sahla, a gifted Healer, focuses his power by channeling the strength of other heroes, even as the deadly assassin known as Silhouette uses her stealth and cunning to cut her enemies down.
The evil forces of the overlord array themselves against these heroes. Dark priests spearhead the attack on Deephall, using their knowledge of the arcane to deadly effect. The key to Deephall’s trials, however, lies in the icy caves of the mountains, guarded by ferocious wendigos and crypt dragons.

Contains four heroes, four dark priests, three wendigos, and two crypt dragons.
The battle for Deephall’s fate plays out in two entirely new quests. In Guardians of Deephall, the heroes must defend the walls of Deephall against a seemingly endless assault of undead and dark priests. Then, in The Curse of Iona, the hero party must venture into the icy lair of a dragon sorceress to reclaim a pendant that may be Deephall’s salvation.

Gifts of a Healer
Four heroes rush to defend the city of Deephall, and one of these heroes is Sahla, a Healer greatly experienced in complementing his hero party. As the youngest of seven brothers, Sahla spent much of his childhood imitating his elder siblings. When he was only fourteen, he set out on a pilgrimage of self-discovery to the Blessed Valley, and while drinking from a stream, he saw his own reflection fade from the water. From that moment, he knew that healing other’s afflictions and drawing upon their strengths led to his fullest power.
In your games of Descent, Sahla can prove a great helper. This Healer’s hero ability gives you the potential to turn detrimental conditions into potent weapons against the overlord. At the start of Sahla’s turn, you may test his Willpower. If you pass, you may discard a condition from any figure within three spaces of Sahla, then choose a figure within three spaces to gain that condition. Since a host of monsters possess the ability to poison, stun, immobilize, or inflict another condition, Sahla’s hero ability forces the overlord to either disregard these abilities, or see them turned against his own monsters.
Sahla’s heroic feat offers you another way to outwit the overlord by ensuring that the right hero is always in position. By triggering Sahla’s heroic feat at the start of your turn, you may choose a hero in your line of sight, and use one of his Class cards as if it were your own. By using this heroic feat at the ideal time, Sahla can channel another hero’s power, thwarting the overlord’s plans and keeping your heroes working towards the quest’s objective.
Servants of Dark Gods
Within the Guardians of Deephall Hero and Monster Collection, you’ll find three unique monster groups devoted to the downfall of Deephall. As dark priests lead hordes of undead against the walls of the city, crypt dragons and the terrifying wendigos guard the dark secret to Deephall’s peril.
No mortal knows whether the dark priests are undead themselves, or are so twisted by prayers and rituals to dark gods that they are no longer recognizable as living. It is only known that disease, curses, and hordes of undead follow a dark priest wherever his evil journeys may take him. Now, dark priests command a horde of undead that strives daily to breach the walls of Deephall.
The cadre of dark priests attacking the mountain city can prove a deadly obstacle to any hero party, as they heal your monsters and undermine the heroes’ options. Dark priests excel at fighting at range, and can spend a surge to deal more damage, in addition to utilizing the Dark Prayer ability. By entreating their gods, a dark priest can force a hero within five spaces to test his Willpower. If the hero fails, he must take a fatigue, draining him of the ability to trigger Class cards or gain extra movement.
Master dark priests are privy to even deeper secrets of their cult, giving them the ability to spend an action using the Heal ability. Heal allows a master dark priest to restore health to a nearby monster equal to the result of a red die roll, keeping your monsters alive and attacking the heroes. As an added bonus, master dark priests bear the Horrifying ability, meaning that each hero adjacent to a master dark priest suffers from lowered Willpower, making him even more susceptible to the influence of a Dark Prayer. If these monstrous clerics have their way, all of Deephall will be sacrificed to the evil gods they serve.
The Fate of the City

The city of Deephall has long resisted the monsters that beseige it, but its defenders are running out of time. You can decide its fate when you leap to its defense with Sahla and a hero party, or ensure its destruction with dark priests and a host of monsters. Look for the Guardians of Deephall Hero and Monster Collection in the fourth quarter of 2014!

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