22 septiembre 2014

Slaughterball en Kickstarter

A las pocas horas de su salida, SlaughterBall, ya ha conseguido la financiación suficiente para ser una realidad. Juego táctico deportivo, que bebe de las bases del clásico Bloodbowl y su alumno más aventajado, Dreadball.
Entorno futurista para un juego a priori interesante. No se que demonios espera GW, para re-editar BB en este estilo de formatos y dar un buen golpe en la mesa. No, si es que no saben más que vender marines una y otra vez.

A board game of brutal sci-fi sports mayhem for 2-4 players with smooth rules, sizzling art, deluxe components, and large miniatures!
Slaughterball is a competitive board game simulating a ferocious future bloodsport where 2-4 teams of genetically-engineered super-athletes clash in a remorseless steel pit. Teams score points by making goals and injuring opponents. The rules are elegant and brutal, quick to pick up, but with the strategic depth to fuel endless hours of thrilling victories and agonizing defeats.
See the GAME VIDEOS section below for more on how to play.

All Slaughterball components shown are prototypes. Athletes supplied unpainted.

Swords of Damocles athlete figure 3d renders
Swords of Damocles athlete figure 3d renders

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ART1 = Artwork, athlete size comparisons, painted athletes

$1 - FAN. Our thanks and your name listed on the Slaughterball website as a backer. Every little bit helps.

When we hit these stretch goals, additional items will be added to the BUTCHER pledge level or new optional add-ons will become available for purchase.
$30,000 - FUNDING GOAL. Slaughterball gets produced and delivered to you!

Lots more stretch goals planned! Mavericks, teams, mascots, cheerleaders, oh my! With your help we can unlock them!

Social goals will help Slaughterball reach as many pledgers as possible. Help us reach more people on Facebook and Twitter! Tell your friends, family, and teammates! Share updates! Favorite tweets! If you want all the blood and steel, glitz and glory, and sweet, sweet figures as possible, don't waste a minute and go social network crazy on Slaughterball!

Help Slaughterball reach 200 Twitter followers and Sandy Petersen will be added to the Butcher pledge level! Click here to follow us on Twitter!  Retweet our tweets! Inflict maximum tweet carnage!

Help Frog the What Games reach 1100 likes on Facebook and we'll add 10 more collector cards, for a total of 20, to the Butcher pledge level! Plus, this will unlock a new pledge level for 10 people to get their name used as the athlete on a collector card! Click here to like Slaughterball! Share and like our posts to really help!

If we hit 250 backers I'll add a 24-page e-magazine to ALL pledges. The mag will include art, fiction, strategies, athlete bios, interviews, history, and more.

Optional add-ons can be pledged for by adding the appropriate amount to your TEAM or higher-level pledge. Click the "Manage Pledge" button on the top right of this page and add the amount of the optional item to your pledge. When the Kickstarter is over, we'll send out a survey and you can indicate which optional item(s) you want.
You must pledge at the TEAM pledge level or higher to get add-ons.
These are all prototypes and final designs may change. If you have ideas for the designs, feel free to suggest them!
Items marked Kickstarter Exclusive are available only through Kickstarter, conventions, and promotions.
Post-Kickstarer availability (retail/online): I can't guarantee that any of the Slaughterball products will be available at retail/online after the Kickstarter. Distributors/retailers might not order everything, especially from a new company selling a new game like us. They might only want to carry the base game and teams to see how they do, before carrying any of the add-ons. So, even if something is not marked as exclusive, it might not be available in stores.If you want a 100%  chance to get the add-ons below, you should consider pledging now.

You can read a rules overview in Update #1, or you can watch this game video. Or both. Your call, my friends.

We'll have more reviews soon! If you are a board game reviewer, please contact me and I'll try to send you a Review Kit.
 "Slaughterball has a lot of great things going for it: simplified scatter rules, continuous play, and multiple ways to score! We had a blast with it!" - Ryan Metzler of the Dice Tower

I'm available for interviews in podcasts, blogs, newspapers, television, radio, websites, and so on. Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to learn more about the game. Just visit this contact page and select the Media option.
There have already been some articles and posts about Slaughterball that you can check out below:
Article on Weiterspielen, by Fabian Sellin (German language hobby site)
Spotlight: Slaughterball at Fanplastic Little Men
German blog article by Peer Lagerpusch
Slaughterball comes to Kickstarter on Tabletop Gaming News

Here are just a few comments from people who have played Slaughterball at demonstrations and conventions such as Dragonflight and PAX Prime.
"Played this game at PAX!! This game is goddam amazing!! - Matt
"I can't see anything wrong with this game." - Keith
"This game is truly fun, challenging, and one I will purchase. If you have a chance to play it, SLAUGHTER IT!!!" - Brent
"I had a chance to play a 4-player scrimmage game on Thursday and had a lot of fun. The board is both spacious and lovely. The athletes are big and imposing. And the whole experience was badass." - Erik F

Carnage athlete figure 3d renders
Carnage athlete figure 3d renders
“Everything I like about Blood Bowl, without all the things I don’t like about Blood Bowl.” – Matt
"Very balanced game. Lotta fun!" - Keith
"Great game!" - Ilan
"Very accessible. Easy to play. Lotta fun!" - Matt
"Lotta fun! Easy to play." - Carson
“I can get way more people to play this than Dreadball.” – Michael
"Very good game! Looking forward to getting it." - Justin
"Flows really well." - Kyle
"Two thumbs up!" - Scott

"I really liked it. Will definitely support it on Kickstarter." - Michael

"The rulebook is one of the best I've ever read." - King Bing

"The play time was reasonable, the action was fast-paced, and we all had a blast! Will definitely buy this for the group when it gets released." - Justin, with Ilan and Carson

"One of the 1st things I thought when I saw you playing at PAX...was that their [the athletes'] size would make them great fun to paint." - Scott

Valkyries athlete figure 3d renders
Valkyries athlete figure 3d renders

I'm a big board game fan and I've always wanted to make my own. With Kickstarter, I have a chance to get enough funding to make it a reality. I've spent nearly four years working on Slaughterball, and we've invested tens of thousands of dollars to get it to this stage where it's ready to produce. But, we simply can't afford the tooling and production costs without your help.
There's no guarantee that any game stores or distributors will carry Slaughterball, but a good showing on Kickstarter might convince them to give us a look. If you really want to get your hands on Slaughterball, the best and surest way to do so is to pledge here.
So, please consider helping out a new and independent board game that will give you more brutal crunch and strategic thrill than you can handle!

Nemesis athlete figure 3d renders
Nemesis athlete figure 3d renders


United States Shipping

Frog the What Games is paying for shipping to United States destinations, so no shipping fees to US backers.

International Shipping


Slaughterball DELUXE is a very large game. The base game weighs over 3 kg (nearly 7 lbs). Shipping internationally is very expensive for such a large game, but we'll be subsidizing at least $12 of the shipping cost.
Shipping costs for the Team pledge is free to the US, EU, and the rest of the world. If you add any add-ons, shipping increases by $10 for EU and worldwide shipping.
Shipping costs for the Lite pledge to the EU is $16 and $28 to the rest of the world.
Shipping costs for the Razor and Butcher pledge to the EU is $36, and $58 to the rest of the world.
I'm sure we all know that shipping rates increase frequently. Don't worry, though. We will cover any shipping rate increases between now and when we ship. Your shipping rates won't change even if ours do.
Even though this will be difficult for a small startup company like us to absorb, we want to help get Slaughterball into as many international hands as possible. We're doing everything we can to get Slaughterball to you, the Global Slaughterball League players, who are supporting us, and we are very thankful for your support.

If you're looking for specific information in the Kickstarter updates, here's a handy list of links:
Update #1 - Rules Overview
Update #2 - Print and Play
Update #3 - Designer and Artists

Maverick athlete figure 3d renders
Maverick athlete figure 3d renders


All components shown are prototypes. Athletes supplied unpainted.

3d render of Simba Khan
3d render of Simba Khan

3d renders of Swords of Damocles athletes
3d renders of Swords of Damocles athletes

Prototype athletes and board
Prototype athletes and board

Prototype athletes and board
Prototype athletes and board

Prototype athletes and board
Prototype athletes and board

Prototype athletes and board
Prototype athletes and board

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Masters and digital files for all of the following base game components are ready to begin production: 2D artwork, dice, tokens, plastics, cards, and reference cards. The rulebook is still being edited and playtested, and we'll continue to tweak it until production starts.
The biggest risks for Slaughterball include:
• Unexpected production issues. We're working with Magicraft Co. Ltd. They have a great team and I'm sure they'll be able to minimize production risks. However, there could be unanticipated issues that might impact the production schedule.
• Shipping delays. Depending on the production run quantity, shipping could be delayed to coincide with other shipments so as to fill an entire cargo container. Other shipping delays might also arise (weather, regulations, pirates, giant sea-monsters, icebergs, time-travelling interlopers, etc.).
• Customs delays. Slaughterball is so exciting that I wouldn't be surprised if Customs officials want to pop open a box and play it themselves before passing it on. Well, maybe not. But it is possible that the shipment could be stuck in Customs if some random inspector wants to give it a thorough twice-over.
• General peril. If Mt. Rainier erupts, there's a good chance fulfillment will be delayed. Injuries or illnesses can also cause delays, but I try to avoid hungry bears, rooftop parkour, zombie outbreaks, and other perilous situations.
Risks for the stretch goals and add-ons include all of the above, plus possible artist issues (such as illness, injuries, family emergencies, and so on). So as not to delay delivery of the base game, stretch goals and optional stuff will ship later (aiming for Q3-2015).

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