31 agosto 2011

FFG ofrece más información de la nueva expansión de Talisman.

Después de unas semanas, en donde se nos han ofrecido grandes anuncios relativos a los juegos que están por llegar, como RuneAge, BloodBowl Team Manager, XWing o Wiz War, por citar unos pocos, y que de una forma u otra han revolucionado las paginas y blogs estos días, la calma chicha a llegado y estamos pasando unos momentos de relativa tranquilidad y falta de noticias interesantes, al menos en el apartado de los Ameritrash, que normalmente suelo tratar más en este blog.
Para romper un poco esta calma, FFG, nos muestra más información sobre la ultima expansión del juego Talisman, The Dragon, y de paso aprovecha para recordar expansiones anteriores como HighLands, y The Dungeon.

Talisman fans have been anxiously awaiting The Dragon expansion since we announced it in June. Now, as its release approaches, we look at how you can incorporate The Dragon and its growing draconic menace into games utilizing the two existing Talisman Region expansions The Highland and The Dungeon.
Talisman developer, John Goodenough, offers an overview of the three Region expansions:
The Highland
An expansion designed with a host of encounters for the early and mid-game stages, The Highland allows characters to travel through an L-shaped Region that nestles next to the main board with an entrance that can be reached through the Crags.
Several of the spaces in the Region allow you to draw two or three Highland cards. Encountering a space that lets you draw three cards is almost like taking three turns in a row, which can help characters gain power and wealth more quickly, but doing so puts you at risk of facing Enemies who gang up if they have the same encounter number.
The Highland does not have the Bag of Gold cards that are common in the main game’s Adventure deck. However, characters exploring the Highland can amass great wealth by collecting amazing Trinkets, including potions and gems. While the gems offer no immediate reward, characters can exchange them for a rich payoff when they visit the Alchemist in the City. And because Trinkets don’t count against a character’s carrying capacity, you can save your potions for whenever you may need them most, during the dangers of the late game when there’s no safe space for you to find…
Though some terrifying creatures such as the Mountain Dragon and Lightning Elemental pose challenges even to high level characters, most of the Enemies in The Highland have low to average Strength or Craft. Meanwhile, many of the Place cards such as the Well of Life, Pool of Fortitude, and Stream of Knowledge give characters the opportunity to recover from lost combats. For characters already fully healed, these Place cards can offer an alternative reward of increased Strength or Craft.
The ultimate goal for some characters may be to reach the Lost City or fight the Eagle King and acquire one of his relics. These powerful relics can aid you throughout the remainder of your travels in Talisman, provided the land hasn’t already been dominated by dragons and drakes…

The Dungeon
A mid to late-game Region, The Dungeon board fits next to the Ruins on the main board. This expansion contains some of the most dangerous encounters in the game including the Colossal Ogre, Gate Keeper, and Vampire Prince. Characters need a powerful weapon or trusty armor to survive the onslaught of Enemies in the Dungeon deck, and even armor won’t save your characters from the various traps and tricks The Dungeon holds in store.
The Dungeon offers very few opportunities for characters to heal, and characters running low on lives are usually forced to flee the Region. Even characters who seek out the Kitchen space to heal risk being poisoned and losing a life.
Later in the game, when characters gain equipment and increase their attributes a few points, The Dungeon offers an excellent Region for trophy hunting. Most of the Enemies in The Dungeon have average to high Strength or Craft, so defeating a couple usually earns you enough trophy points to gain a Strength or Craft. In turn, this accelerates your ability to chase the most prized artifacts found in The Dungeon. The Treasure Chamber is guarded by the powerful Lord of Darkness. Characters powerful enough to defeat the Lord of Darkness can gain a Treasure Card to enhance their character’s strengths or compensate for their weaknesses.
These artifacts can prove of immense value as players think about moving to confront the Dragon King!
Bound by the Dragon King
The Dragon includes a new, dual-sided Inner Region overlay, across which characters must travel to reach the Dragon King and wage ferocious battle for control of the Crown of Command.
The Dragon is compatible with all of the expansions, including The Highland and The Dungeon. Unlike either of those,The Dragon is not classified as an early, mid, or late game expansion because it influences characters during the entire game. As the game progresses and characters gain more power through Objects, Followers, and attribute bonuses, more dragon tokens steadily spread across the board. In this manner the chances of encountering dragons increase as the characters increase in power.
Characters landing on spaces with dragon scales that match the current Dragon King no longer have the option to encounter the space, and if players delay their confrontation with the Dragon King for too long, the whole of the realm steadily falls under the Dragon King’s sway.
Thanks, John!
How will you incorporate The Dragon into your games? Check back here for additional updates and to join discussion on our community forums.

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