29 septiembre 2011

FFG ofrece más información de la nueva expansión para Mansions of Madness.

Después de un par de minis, FFG anunció la que seria, la primera expansión Deluxe, para Mansions of Madness, titulada Forbidden Alchemy.
Esta será la primera que contará con nuevos investigadores, monstruos y sobretodo losetas de mapa, para ampliar las ya existentes.
En el avance podemos ver como uno de los nuevos personajes será Darrell Simmons, el fotógrafo del Arkham Horror, y uno de los monstruos un Byakhee.
Poco más tienen que contarnos a los aficionados de Lovecraft, para que caigamos de cuatro patas en la adquisición de esta expansión, bien recibida por los aficionados al juego.

His editor says he’s just imagining things, but Darrell Simmons knows what he saw. He grew up in Arkham, and he’s no stranger to the peculiar goings-on of this sleepy New England town. But this is different. He had never seen something so terrible in his entire life, and he has cursed himself every day since for not having his camera on him to prove to everyone that he’s not making this up. If they won’t believe his words, maybe they’ll believe his pictures when they’re published in the Arkham Advertiser. Now he’s seeking out the terror that’s been haunting his dreams ever since that night, and he knows he’s getting closer. This time he’ll be careful. This time he’ll come prepared. And, most importantly, this time he’ll take pictures.
Earlier this month, we announced the upcoming release of Forbidden Alchemy, an expansion that brings never-before-seen horrors to your Mansions of Madness experience. With new investigators, monster types, stories, and much more, Forbidden Alchemy explores the terrifying possibilities of science gone mad.
Today, we’ll take our first peek inside this exciting expansion, with a look at intrepid photographer Darrell Simmons, the high-flying danger of the winged byakhee, and an all new story that’s certain to make your skin crawl.
Get the Picture?
Darrell Simmons is on the hunt for the photograph of his life, and he’s hoping to drag the truth behind Arkham’s most bizarre events into the public eye once and for all. This detail-oriented photographer is a solid and well-rounded choice for pulling off a range of attribute tests, but his less-than-ideal luck means he’ll have to rely on good old fashioned gumption to see him through his horrifying ordeals.
When bringing Darrell to the table, you can choose to arm him with either his trusty camera (which helps him study the weak points of his mysterious foes) or a fistful of flash powder (with which he can simply blind them). Whichever starting item you choose, Darrell’s wealth of experience with the darker side of Arkham, along with his naturally keen eye, will help him identify threats before they can get the drop on him.
Taking Flight
But if Darrell uses his keen eye to catch a quick glimpse at a byakhee, what might he see? These winged horrors fly in massive hellish flocks through the depths of time and space... or, when inhabiting the mansions, crypts, and abandoned laboratories of Arkham, they can quickly traverse the map. They’re also especially enigmatic; when dealt damage or when dealing damage, players may not look at the bottom of their monster tokens as they can with other monsters.
This is because the byakhee boasts an interesting “special attack” that can actually provide a benefit to an investigator! All byakhees have the potential to offer their target a ride. When their special attack is triggered, the Keeper alone looks at the bottom of the applicable token, then asks the investigator if he wishes to climb aboard. But beware, while byakhees will sometimes whisk you away to a destination of your choice, they’re just as likely to take you on a horrific tour of parallel dimensions beyond your wildest nightmares...
Unholy Experiments
Sometimes, however, the most horrific threats aren’t otherworldly or extraterrestrial; they’re threats of man’s own making. The theme of “science gone mad” runs strongly throughout the stories included in Forbidden Alchemy, and this is exemplified perfectly in the first tale, Return of the Reanimator.
You needn’t be a fan of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story Herbert West – Reanimator to appreciate the masterful twists of this engaging tale. As severed, animated hands crawl around the vermin-infested shambles of the Penrose School, you and your fellow investigators must search for clues to a mystery that won’t stay dead...
Keep checking back for more on Forbidden Alchemy in the coming weeks, and in the fourth quarter of 2011, prepare to enter the laboratory!

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