31 diciembre 2011

FFG ofrece nueva variante para City of Thieves.

FFG ofrece una nueva variante para su juego de minis táctico, City of Thieves.
Esta la podréis obtener gratuitamente desde su página web.
Con esta llevan ya unas cuantas modificaciones en un juego, que parece que en un principio se quedo algo monótono. Desconozco si después de las modificaciones, el juego consigue lo que prometió en un principio.

A frightening rumor is spreading throughout the gilded streets and shadowy alleys of Cadwallon. The Mages of the High City have prophesied that a terrible cataclysm is about to strike! Panic erupts as the denizens of the city flee in terror. Among the cries and scramble, and handful of thieves are determined to stay in the city and get rich... even if it means going through hell!
Run for Your Life! (pdf, 5.9 MB) is bonus downloadable content for Cadwallon: City of Thieves that adds a new high-stakes timer to the game. Featuring new map tiles and locations along with the variant rules to use them, Run for Your Life! brings even more variety to nightly illicit activities (this variant requires The InnCry Havoc!, and A Gamble in the Dark, which are each available on our support page).
Profit from the prophecy
Run for Your Life! introduces the amazing Seismic Scale of Mage-Geologist Von Riechter, which can accurately predict the total destruction of Cadwallon based on the increasing strength of tremors and aftershocks. Watch the scale closely; the thief brave enough to endure fire and falling rubble might just claim the most wealth, if he isn’t killed first.
Download Run for Your Life! from our support page today, and expand your Cadwallon: City of Thieves experience!

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