06 marzo 2012

FFG saca a la venta escenografía para Dust Táctics.

Para todos los seguidores del juego, FFG ha puesto a la venta escenografía, para este juego de minis táctico.
Se trata de un edificio de la facción soviética. No se, que queréis que os diga, estos elementos siempre me han parecido un tanto caros, creo que es mucho mejor y más barato que os los creéis vosotros mismos, a no ser que se trate de algo muy concreto y complejo.
Yo lo veo un tanto simplón, pero bueno, si os sobra el dinero y no queréis perder el tiempo realizando trabajos manuales, aquí lo tenéis.

One of the many exciting features of Operation “Cerberus” is the modular, mutli-level structure it includes. This structure set introduced new strategies to the game, and soon you’ll be able to add even more structures to your games of Dust Tactics with the new Building Accessory Pack.
This expansion contains two more structure levels that can be used to build an urban battlefield for Dust Tactics. Dive into cover and clash with your opponents at point blank range with this new expansion.
Another level of warfare
Easy to assemble into a host of different shapes and sizes, the Building Accessory Pack will have you fighting in an urban warzone in no time. Strike down your foes from the rooftops. Blast away at troops hiding behind protective brick walls. Lead risky hand-to-hand assaults in the dilapidated hallways of once great buildings. The Building Accessory Pack allows you to do all of this and more!
Dig in and gain the benefits of heavy cover when you position units inside buildings. Even the most determined foe faces difficulties when trying to oust a squad from a fortified structure. Additionally, the higher levels of structures provide more protection, as units on the ground will find their weapons lack the range to hit targets far above the ground. Meanwhile, troops inside the building literally rain down fire on the units below.
When the battle moves inside a structure, units can fire through floors and ceilings to cripple their enemies. Since close combat can only take place between units on the same level, taking refuge at the top of a structure during a gorilla or zombie invasion creates plenty of opportunities to wipe out the threat before it reaches your forces.
Ready yourself to fight for new objectives with the Dust Tactics Building Accessory Pack, which will be available late second quarter of 2012. Check back soon for more exciting announcements.

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