29 abril 2012

FFG ofrece las reglas en descarga de Operation Zvrograd.

Si eres un ferviente seguidor del juego de minis táctico, inspirado en el cómic de Mr.Paolo Parente, Dust, y aunque Edge de momento, se esta portando, trayendo para estas tierras, todo lo que va apareciendo en relación al juego, pero no puede esperar a ver en castellano la expansión Operation Zverograd, hay otra forma.
Si no tienes problemas con el idioma de Shakespeare, hoy FFG nos ofrece en descarga las reglas, para que os vayáis haciendo una idea de lo que nos encontraremos.

Uncover the secrets of the doomed city with the Operation “Zverograd” campaign expansion for Dust Tactics! You can now read the rules for the latest operation on the Dust Tactics support page. Filled with background information, new rules and skills, and a unique hero, Operation “Zverograd” introduces the powerful Sino-Soviet Union to Dust Tactics.
The new home for a better future
Established as a beacon of communism, the city of Zverograd was once the pride the Soviet Union, but a strange discovery underneath the city changed everything. Now, the Axis and Allies barrage the city, possessed with securing whatever waits below the city for themselves. The Soviets still defend their prize, but now they march into battle with their Chinese allies as the Sino-Soviet Union.
Fight for the future with the hero of Operation “Zverograd” and her customized walker. A legendary soldier, Koshka enters battle inside “Grand’ma, an altered KV47. She is the first hero in Dust Tactics to feature pilot skills, allowing her to pilot her walker during the battle. Deploy Koshka and lead the forces of the SSU to victory in five exciting scenarios and an optional prologue scenario!
The Operation “Zverograd” campaign expansion also includes components for a single level of the building set, exciting new rules and skills, and background information for the SSU. We’ve already looked at the rules for aircraft, and the unit cards for Koshka and “Grand’ma, now you can prepare for the invasion by downloading the complete rules (pdf, 3.0MB).

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