28 abril 2012

FFG ofrece las reglas en descarga de Blood Moon.

Para los seguidores de la saga Talisman, saben que hace algunos meses que FFG, anunció la próxima aparicion de una nueva expansión, llamada Blood Moon.
Como ya sabéis, esta expansión se centra en ofrecer todo un elenco de criaturas goticas, que van desde vampiros, hombres lobo, brujas etc etc.
Para todos los interesados, hoy FFG nos ofrece las reglas en descarga, para que así, tengamos ya una opinión más formada de lo que nos espera.


Armed with a sturdy stake and equipped with a dozen vials of holy water, the Vampire Hunter passed through the cemetery gates. The night sky was cold and dark. Long, thin clouds stretched darkly across the stars, but they did little to obscure the full moon. It glowed with a pale, unholy light. A wolf howled in the distance, and the Vampire Hunter stopped and listened. Silent in the night, surrounded by rows of tombstones, she strained her ears for the next sounds. Would they be the soft footfalls of padded feet? Or the leathery flap of bat wings? She tested the heft of the stake in her hand…
Discover what the dark of night holds in store for you with The Blood Moon expansion for Talisman. You can now find the rules for this exciting expansion available on the game’s support page. Filled with werewolves, vampires, and other night predators, The Blood Moon brings an element of gothic horror to your games of Talisman.
Explore the realm by night
Witches boil their foul brews at night. The night hours are full of haunting spirits and vampires stalking the land to prey upon the blood of the living. Dark rituals gain power under the full moon, and the heroes who travel the realm must keep their weapons close at hand.
The Blood Moon expansion shrouds your games of Talisman in darkness with over one-hundred Adventure Cards, ten Spells, three Alternative Endings, and three new characters. We’ve already taken a look at the expansion’s powerful new predator, the Werewolf; the sweeping new mechanics for Day and Night; and two of the expansion’s nocturnal characters, the Vampire Hunter and the Grave Robber. Now, you can prepare for the expansion by downloading the complete rules, available both in high res (pdf, 5.6 MB) and low res (pdf, 1.8 MB) versions.
Hunt them… before they hunt you!
Talisman: The Blood Moon is coming soon. Pre-order your copy today to be among the first to explore the realm by day and do battle with the denizens of the night!

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