08 abril 2013

Cyranide anuncia BloodBowl Star Coach.

Que BloodBowl, esta viviendo una segunda juventud, es evidente. En los mentideros se cuenta, que es mas que posible, una re-edición para este 2013 por parte de GW. En todo caso, Cyranide, la creadora de la versión para PC del mejor juego táctico de la historia  se lanza a la palestra y anuncia BloodBowl Star Coach. Juego gratuito para Apple, Android y PC. Encarnaremos el papel de entrenador de un equipo de Bloodbowl,  nos encargaremos de los fichajes, alineaciones, tácticas  en el que sera un juego multiplayer con jugadores de todo el mundo. No participaremos directamente en el partido, pero veremos un resumen en 3D, del trabajo de nuestros chicos. Muy, pero que muy interesante.

Blood Bowl
Cyanide and Games Workshop® join forces again to bring a new online free-2-play game, Blood Bowl: Star Coach, to digital platforms.
Buoyed by the great success of the Blood Bowl videogame, which is into its fourth year and three expansion packs,
Games Workshop and Cyanide partner once again on a new project, based on that well-known, bone-crunching, game of fantasy football! Today, both are happy to announce the arrival of a tactical free-to-play game, called Blood Bowl: Star Coach. The game is planned for release in the second quarter of 2013 on PC, Mac and tablets.
Based on Games Workshop’s fantasy football game world, “Blood Bowl: Star Coach” is a tactical multiplayer team-building game. Dwarfs, elves, humans, and other foul creatures are back and, once more, they are determined to grind each other into the turf! Star Coach tasks the player with creating his own Blood Bowl team (choosing from different races and players) and the development of his own offensive and defensive playbook. The player will then challenge other coaches, no matter which digital platform they play on, and choose the strategy that best fits his opponent. The basics of this violent sport are simple: two teams, one ball. The team that carries the ball into the opponent’s end zone scores a touchdown, and the team with the most touchdowns at the end of the game is the winner. But, as with the original Blood Bowl, no holds barred violence and dirty tricks are allowed! Matches are resolved by an online server and a ranking system designates the best coaches. Coaches can develop their teams in a variety of different ways and have the opportunity to improve their teams by hiring Star Players or recruiting new staff. A ‘Cabalvision’ replay mode allows players to live out the blow-by-blow contest in full 3D!.
After working with Games Workshop on adaptations of Blood Bowl and Dungeonbowl, Cyanide has sought to create a
new type of experience with this newest member of the Blood Bowl video game family: “There are many ways to play Blood Bowl and lots of extensions already developed. Blood Bowl: Star Coach will interest both fans of football management as well as pure Blood Bowl enthusiasts. Players will encounter all the typical emotions and depth of play of a management game as well as the fun and originality specific to the Blood Bowl universe” says Patrick Pligersdorffer, CEO of Cyanide.
‘Blood Bowl continues to be one of our most loved games, with a fanatically loyal global fan base, and Cyanide continues to be a great developer who have proven credentials with the brand’. Said Jon Gillard Head of Licensing for Games Workshop. ‘We couldn’t be happier to be working with them on this latest innovative iteration of the game, and we’re particularly looking forward to it being the first Blood Bowl game on tablets.’
Blood Bowl: Star Coach is free-to-play and will first be released on PC in the second quarter of 2013 to be followed later in the year on Mac, iPad and Android tablets.

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