13 julio 2013

FFG presenta Blood Bound.

FFG presenta Blood Bound, juego para grandes grupos de jugadores, al estilo de hombres lobo de castronegro u otros similares, pero con un poco más de chicha, tal y como gusta a la compañía americana.
El juego presenta una ambientación vampírica, que recuerda mundo de tinieblas y podemos catalogarlo junto a este grupo de juegos, que esta publicando últimamente FFG, de estilo más europeo. De hecho, hace tiempo que FFG no saca nada nuevo, del estilo que la hizo famosa como empresa ameritrash por excelencia, aparte de las periódicas expansiones de sus sagas más famosas, como Descent o Mansiones de la Locura. ¿Estará el señor Konieczka, falto de ideas ?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Blood Bound, a game of deduction, bluffing, and strategy for six to twelve players. You and your clan of vampires must work together to capture the leader of your rival clan. However, your adversaries won’t sit idle as you work. They will be simultaneously working to identify and eliminate your leader. The catch? Everyone is secretly assigned an identity and clan affiliation at the beginning of the game–you can never be truly certain who is your friend and who is your foe!

A Dangerous Game
Throughout a game of Blood Bound, you’ll need to use your powers of deduction and all the cunning at your disposal to determine which players are trustworthy and which are enemies in disguise.
You can communicate strategies and build alliances with other players, or you can work to deceive and betray them. Information can be shared freely, as long as everyone is privy to it. However, players are under no obligation to be truthful. They may bluff as it suits them. Since each player begins the game with knowledge only of his own identity, and the clan affiliation of his neighbor, you must carefully devise a way to learn more information about other players.
Will you employ negotiation, clever maneuvers, and utilize each player’s special abilities to determine friend from foe? Or will you resort to treachery and deceit in order to root out your rivals?
Paranoia abounds as players work to uncover the identity of their teammates, and collar their rival clan leader. You may find yourself targeted by a rival clan, or even a team member who doesn’t think you can be trusted. All the while, you’ll need to find your way through the mistrust and deception to uncover the information you need to capture the rival leader. Blood Bound is filled with tense moments of tough and tactical decision making. Choosing the wrong person to trust could spell disaster for you and your clan.
Ultimately, to win, you must successfully capture your rival clan’s leader. If you capture the wrong vampire, you have led your clan into your enemy’s trap and lose the game. Therefore, as you work to determine other players’ allegiance, you must also be diligent in determining their rank within their clan.
Gathering Information
At the beginning of every game of Blood Bound, you shuffle an equal number of cards from each clan and deal one to each player. As an example, in a six player game, there will be three Beast clan members and three Rose clan members. Games with odd numbers add the nefarious Inquisitor, who plays by his own rules. If he wins, both clans lose.
Then, each player secretly looks at his identity card and shows the clue icon on the lower right corner of his identity card to the player on his left.
During the game, the player who possesses the dagger is the active player. On your turn, you must choose to either attack or pass. If you decide to pass, you simply give the dagger to another player, and your turn ends. Choose well, because the player receiving the dagger can then attack you! If you wish to attack, you choose another player, and declare that you will attack.
Your attack forces your target to suffer a wound, and each wound a player suffers forces him to reveal a piece of information about himself. This could be either an affiliation token, or a rank token, which is drawn from the token pool. This action offers a clue about his identity to everyone in the game.

There are three types of affiliation tokens: blue beast tokens, red rose tokens, or gray question mark tokens. These hint at the clan with which clan the player is affiliated. The rank token indicates the player’s status within his clan. Whenever you’re wounded, you must take one of the tokens listed on your character card, as shown at the right. This is a critical decision, because the more information you reveal about yourself, the more vulnerable you become. After you reveal a token, you receive the dagger, become the active player, and must either attack or pass.
By attacking and forcing others to suffer wounds, you begin to get a sense of who your teammates are and who your rivals may be. Meanwhile, you want to avoid being attacked. Suffering wounds forces you to disclose information about yourself, and revealing any information about yourself is dangerous. It can make you a target for your rival clan, or even a member of your own clan who believes you are being deceptive.You may use your turns to pass the dagger, or you may try to convince other players to attack your rivals. Anything works, so long as it deflects attention from you!
Powerful Abilities
In Blood Bound, no two players are alike, and everyone has something to hide. As an example, each player’s identity accords him a ability, unique to his character, which provides powerful decision-making opportunities. Since each ability can only be used once during the course of the game, you’ll need to determine the opportune moment to trigger yours. The well-timed use of your ability can turn a rival’s attack into a critical error, or help a cunning vampire narrow down those who are loyal to his clan.
Some abilities, like that of the Assassin, force players to suffer wounds. Others, like the ability of the Guardian, provide protection to a player of the Guardian’s choice. Your ability may only be used the moment you reveal your rank token, so timing is essential. Wait too long, and you may miss the best time to use your ability. Use your ability too early, and you must play the rest of the game with your rank revealed. This could make you a target for the opposing clan.
Who Can You Trust?
Gather your friends, and get ready for a game of secrecy, deduction, bluffing, and betrayal. Blood Bound is scheduled to arrive at retailers in the fourth quarter of 2013. In the meantime, you can learn more from the game’s description page, and you can keep checking back for more news and previews!

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