17 agosto 2013

FFG nos muestra su día 2 en el Gen-Con.

Segundo día de Gen-Con. Insisten en presentarnos sus novedades más recientes, Eldrith Horror, Battlore 2ª edición, Diskwars y Winter Tales.
Lo más llamativo del vídeo, las primeras imágenes de las nuevas naves para X-Wings. Pff, enormes, para guardarlas directamente en el garaje

It's the second day of Gen Con Indy 2013, and we're still picking up speed!
Check out our Day Two video on YouTube for some of the day’s highlights, including a more in-depth look at the demos of our hottest new games, like BattleLore Second EditionEldritch HorrorWarhammer: Diskwars, and Winter Tales. Plus, we have a recap of the tournament action in the Event Hall and some hot, breaking news from the annual Fantasy Flight Games In-Flight Report. What’s dropping out of hyperspace to land on gaming tables everywhere early next year? Find out in our Day Two video!

Catch the Day Two action on YouTube
Once you’re done with the video, there’s plenty more to come. We still have two days of Gen Con action headed your way, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s video highlights and more tournament action!

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