26 agosto 2013

Pathfinder. The Adventure card game.

Pathfinder es un juego de rol, editado por Paizo y que goza de mucha popularidad entre los roleros.
Para ir un poco más allá y adentrarse en otros círculos, los chicos de Paizo, siguen la estrategia marcada por Privateer Press, y se atreven con un juego de cartas cooperativo para 1 a 4 jugadores.
Para los que estéis interesados, ademas de la noticia nos ofrecen el reglamento para descargar.

Enter a world of adventure with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. Each player has a unique character composed of a deck of cards and a set of stats. Roleplayers will find the stats very familiar—characters have classes such as fighter, wizard, and rogue, as well as numbers that define strength, dexterity, intelligence, etc. You'll improve your character by acquiring new items, allies, spells, and weapons as you explore and overcome challenges; over time, you'll be able to customize your deck to better suit your own individual vision of your character.
Your adventure begins with a Base Set containing nearly 500 cards, including the first chapter of an Adventure Path that offers your characters interesting locations to explore, monsters to fight, and villains to hunt down, as well as piles of weapons, spells, armor, loot, and everything you need to build you own unique character deck.
Expand your party with the Expansion Deck, which offers additional character classes along with more equipment and other options for customizing your character, and lets you bring up to 6 players to the gaming table!
The adventure continues in bimonthly Adventure Decks containing 110 cards that extend the Adventure Path begun in the Base Set, adding new scenarios, monsters, villains, weapons, spells, allies, loot, and more! Subscribe to the line to have each new release delivered directly to you. Subscribers receive a 20% discount off MSRP on each new release.

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