16 agosto 2013

Z-Man Games, anuncia la creación de una división digital.

Zman, anuncia su intención de crear una división digital, encargada de adaptar sus juegos a versiones para dispositivos electrónicos.
Uno de los primeros que verá la luz, sera su exito Pandemic, seguido por sus expansiones y el juego Parade.

Z-Man Games, is proud to announce the creation of F2Z Digital Media Inc. that will develop and launch digital versions of board games!  Since its creation in 1999, Z-Man Games has developed a strong expertize in the board game market and has decided to go digital in order to allow more players to discover its passion for board games.

F2Z Digital Media Inc. is an entirely independent company from Z-Man Games. It has its own dedicated team, creating quality digital versions of games developed by Z-Man Games, as well as tittles from its partners.
More and more aspects of our lives are now directly linked to digital devices. Over 19 million iPads and 37 million iPhones were sold in the first quarter of 2013. The digital market is in full swing, as the number of apps purchased last year was 56 billion, and the projected number for this year is 82 billion. F2Z joins the digital era today in hopes of becoming one of the leaders in the industry.
The first game to launch with F2Z Digital Media will be the cooperative game that has had a grand success with its new edition: Pandemic! After taking the planet by storm and selling thousands of copies in the USA alone since its relaunch, the game will have its own digital version very soon. An iPad app is currently in the works and a release date will be announced shortly.
The release schedule will be announced later this year. Other games in the Z-Man portfolio will follow, expansions for Pandemic, but also Parade, a unique card game from a Japanese partner.
We are proud to present F2Z to you today, and we are excited to tell you more about our future digital plans.

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