25 octubre 2013

FFG ofrece más información de Eldrith Horror.

Mas información sobre el esperado Eldrith Horror, el nuevo giro de tuerca al universo Lovecraftniano, que tan bien sabe plasmar FFG.
En esta ocasión podremos ver como se desarrollan los encuentros los combates y la información más recien salida del horno de como funciona la fase de Mythos.

December 15. Finally, we found our way out of the jungle. Our expedition into the Amazon did not go as planned. I hesitate to even record the terrors that we endured during our journey, so I will say only that those of us who made it out of that fiendish place are lucky to have survived. At least we accomplished what we set out to do. The artifact we have been searching for has been found. If the mysterious signs are any indication, this precious object should aid us tremendously in our efforts.
In Eldritch Horror, a global board game of mystery and terror, you and up to seven friends take on the role of globetrotting investigators who must must travel around the world, working against all odds to hold back the approaching horror. Foul monsters, obscure mysteries, and brutal challenges will take you to your limits and beyond. All the while, you and your fellow investigators must unravel the otherworldy mysteries scattered around the globe in order to push back the gathering mayhem that threatens to overwhelm humanity. The end draws near! Do you have the courage to prevent global destruction?
After an overview of the intrepid investigators working to save the world, we took a look at the Action Phase in Eldritch Horror, detailing the options available to our unlikely heroes. In today’s preview, we’ll cover the Encounter Phase of the game, looking at monster combat, and other types of encounters you’ll have during a global expedition in Eldritch Horror!
What Will You Discover?
As investigators travel around the world, working to solve mysteries and defeat the Ancient One, they’ll have to battle horrific monsters, explore strange and varied locations, and research clues scattered around the globe. During a game of Eldritch Horror, after each investigator has completed his two actions, the game moves to the Encounter Phase. Each player resolves one encounter of his choice, beginning with the Lead Investigator. Eldritch Horrorfeatures three types of encounters: Combat, Location, and Token. Let’s take a look at each of the encounter types you’ll discover in Eldritch Horror.
Combat Encounters
December 17. As soon as we stepped off the train, it was clear that something was horribly wrong. Closed shops lined empty streets. Newspapers stated that the recent tragedies were the result of wild beasts or madmen, but hinted at a more supernatural explanation. It shames me to confess that I briefly considered simply leaving in the morning, knowing that the beast would continue its grisly work. It was only a moment. I have acquired a map and marked those locations where incidents have occurred. Tonight, the hunt begins.
During your journey, you’ll need to fend off the fiendish monsters you may find lurking in locations around the world. If you begin your Encounter Phase with a Monster token on your space, your investigator must encounter the Monster in combat instead of resolving an encounter card. If you manage to defeat the Monster in combat, you may choose to resolve another encounter, so make sure to travel prepared.
In order to resolve a Combat Encounter, flip the Monster token facedown to reveal the information on the back. The Monster’s effect, if any, is shown on the bottom of its token. Some Monsters have effects which alter how combat against it is resolved, so always read this text first.
Next, you must resolve two tests, Will and Strength. First, resolve a Will test with the modifier (if any) listed in blue at the top of the Monster token. For a refresher on resolving tests, see our earlier preview. If the Monster’s Horror is greater than the number of successes (fives and sixes) you rolled, your investigator is terrified by the horrible creature, and loses Sanity equal to the difference.
Whether or not you pass your Will test, you must next resolve a Strength test with the modifier (if any). The Monster loses Health for each success you roll. Place Health tokens on the Monster to track this. If the Monster’s Damage is greater than the number of successes rolled, your investigator is hit by the loathsome beast, and loses Health equal to the difference.
When a Monster loses Health equal to or greater than it’s Toughness, it is defeated and returns to the Monster cup.
If despite your best efforts, your investigator cannot defeat the Monster, the token remains on its space along with any Health tokens on it, and your Investigator’s encounter is over. You or other investigators will be able to fight this Monster again on a future turn. Keep in mind that your investigator cannot Acquire Assets or perform Rest actions with a Monster present.
Epic Monsters and Ambushes
Certain game effects spawn Epic Monsters, which are extra powerful creatures that will wreak additional havoc upon the world when they are spawned. Epic Monsters are never placed in Monster Cup, and cannot be moved or discarded. Combat with Epic Monsters is resolved in the same way as combat with regular Monsters, as described above.
Some effects will cause your investigators to encounter Monsters that are not currently lurking on the game board. When an effect causes a Monster to Ambush you, draw a random Monster and resolve a Combat Encounter with it, following the steps described above. After resolving combat, return it to the Monster cup, even if you didn’t manage to defeat it.
Location Encounters
December 19. I was once told that each city has a soul. After crawling through the abyss-like crypt upon which this city was built, I came to the ancient columns described in the charred journal. Each column was adorned with leering demonic faces and indecipherable runes. I was sickened to recognize that these runes were exactly the same as those carved into the curator’s flesh. If this city does indeed have a soul, I believe it must be utterly insane.
During a Location encounter, you will draw a card that matches your investigator’s specific location, or type. If you have multiple types of encounter cards you could draw, you may choose which deck you’d like to draw from.
On numbered locations, you will resolve location type (City, Sea, Wilderness) encounters from the General encounter deck. Become indebted to the Syndicate in cities around the world, or discover the dangers of the high seas.
Rome is a named location, but it is also a city. The arrow points to the location type icon. You could choose to resolve either a city encounter from General encounter deck (Black) or a Rome encounter from the corresponding deck (Orange).
On named locations, you can choose to resolve either an encounter from the General encounter deck, based on the location type, or a specific encounter from the specialized decks. Specific encounter cards are color-coordinated by region, and offer an encounter which corresponds directly to your named location. Visit the Vatican in Rome to gain their blessing for your endeavors, or investigate Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.

The named spaces feature text on the game board that lists the most common effect found on its specific encounter cards, so you’ll know the likely outcomes of the encounters you attempt.
Token Encounters
December 22. The anthropologist said that thousands of years ago, a mighty temple once stood upon this bleak, uninhabited landscape. The priests performed blasphemous sacrifices and cried out to their monstrous idol. Nearly a dozen travelers have disappeared passing through here in the last two months. I can hear the chanting creep across the night. They will be coming for me soon. Their temple may no longer stand, but the faithful live on and continue to spill blood in the name of their dark god.
As each game of Eldritch Horror unfolds, tokens will be scattered across the game board for your investigators to discover. All tokens symbolize a corresponding encounter, which you can choose to resolve during your Encounter phase. If your investigator is on a space with multiple tokens and/or location encounter options, you choose which type of encounter to resolve (with the exception of Monster Combat, which must be resolved first).
Clue tokens, which are spawned as a result of Mythos effects and other game effects, appear randomly across the board, and allow your investigator to resolve a Research card which correlates to the Ancient One you are battling. These encounters contribute to the immersive nature of the game, and further the narrative you create with each turn. For instance, when playing against Azathoth, you might draw the following Research card:
Research cards help you become more knowledgeable about the ancient evil that you face, so you can more effectively work against it. You’ll gain valuable clues, which can help you solve certain mysteries, and always allow you to reroll one die when resolving tests. Knowledge is power, so make sure to do your share of research during your travels.
Rumor tokens are spawned when Rumor Mythos cards are drawn, and allow investigators to resolve the encounter listed on the corresponding Rumor Mythos Card. We’ll take a closer look at the Mythos phase of the game, including Rumors, in our next preview.
As revealed in an earlier preview, defeated investigators remain on the game board, and become encounters. If your investigator visits a location with a defeated investigator token present, you may learn the fate of your unfortunate colleague by resolving the corresponding encounter listed on the back of the defeated investigator’s character sheet.
Complex Encounters
December 24. With each new discovery, my reason slips further away. The arcane ritual had been completed before I could interfere and in a heartbeat, the world turned upside-down. I was transported, if such a word can adequately express what became of me. The vastness of my new surroundings should have included something familiar, an ocean or a starlit sky, and yet no such comfort was to be found. What I did see was so alien, so horribly unspeakable, I dare not even suggest that such a thing could be so.
Other encounter types are known as Complex encounters. Both Other World and Expedition encounters are Token encounters, because they are resolved when your investigator is on a location that contains the corresponding token. However, the way that they are resolved also makes them Complex encounters.
Complex encounters are high-risk, high-reward encounters that are resolved in multiple steps and often contain more than one test. When resolving a complex encounter, such as the ones below, first resolve the Initial Effect at the top of the card. Then, depending on your result, you will resolve either the Pass Effect, located in the middle of the card, or the Fail Effect at the bottom.
As eldritch energy grows ever more potent, portals to eerie other dimensions may open around the worlds, at hubs of these unseen forces. These portals, or gates, allow you to enter otherworldly realms and encounter the strange and unknown. These encounters may prepare you to fight against your extradimensional enemy, allow you to close the portal between your worlds, or, may drive you to madness.
Gate tokens are spawned during the Mythos phase and appear only on named locations. When your investigator is located on a space containing a Gate token, you may resolve an Other World encounter card. During an Other World encounter, you might draw this card.
During your travels, you’ll visit all types of exotic wilderness locations. Sometimes, you’ll have to venture deep into the unknown to find the answers you’ll need to push back the evil that threatens the world. Expedition encounters allow your investigator to delve into the strange secrets of the world’s wild locations. Who knows what rare Artifacts you might find deep in the Heart of Africa, or beneath the icy landscape of Anarctica?
The Active Expedition token travels the board to the Expedition spaces. An investigator on a space that contains the Active Expedition token may resolve an Expedition encounter card. For example, an investigator on Tunguska, where the Active Expedition token is located could draw this Tunguska encounter card.
After the investigator completes his encounter in Tunguska, the Active Expedition token travels to another location. This is determined by the image on the top card of the Expedition encounter draw deck. The back of each Expedition encounter features a snapshot of an Expedition location on the board. This card shows an image of the Amazon space, so the Active Expedition token is placed on the Amazon space on the board.
Rare and valuable Artifacts will often be your reward for successfully completing these challenging encounters. Claim the dreaded Necronomicon for yourself, or perhaps gain the Silver Key. Artifacts will provide tremendous aid, so seek them out by undertaking an Expedition, and use them well.
Prepare for the Coming Horror
Eldritch Horror’s Encounter Phase will test the limits of your investigators, pushing them to the brink of madness, and forcing them to stare death in the face. The stakes are high, and the fate of the world rests with these few brave souls.Eldritch Horror is drawing closer to its release date, so prepare for your own dark encounters by placing a pre-order at your local retailer today! Then, keep watching our website and Facebook page for more news and previews for Eldritch Horror!

Strange forces stretch you in all directions. The portals between worlds are pulling reality apart, and you feel these unearthly energies coming from all corners of the globe.
In Eldritch Horror, a global board game of mystery and terror, you and up to seven friends take on the role of globetrotting investigators who must must travel around the world, working against all odds to hold back the approaching horror. Foul monsters, obscure mysteries, and brutal challenges will take you to your limits and beyond. All the while, you and your fellow investigators must unravel the otherworldy mysteries scattered around the globe in order to push back the gathering mayhem that threatens to overwhelm humanity. The end draws near! Do you have the courage to prevent global destruction?
After an overview of the Action Phase of Eldritch Horror, which detailed the options available to our unlikely heroes, we covered the game’s Encounter Phase, exploring the different types of encounters your investigators will discover as they travel around the world. In today’s preview, we’ll look at the final phase of a game round of Eldritch Horror, theMythos Phase.
The Machinations of Evil
It was the same here as I had seen in San Francisco. Fanatical thugs abducted sacrificial victims until the moon was full and their abominable ritual opened the doorway between worlds. This was no coincidence; some hideous intelligence was at work.
It is during the Mythos Phase that the malignant influence of unseen forces is manifested in our reality. From the spawning of horrid, extradimensional creatures to the tearing of the very fabric of our world, causing the opening of a portal to another, the Mythos Phase brings unpredictable effects. These provide additional challenge to your investigators – and occasionally – needed aid. These effects are represented by Mythos cards. During the Mythos phase, the Lead Investigator draws the top card from the Mythos deck, and resolves each of its elements in order.
Mythos cards are comprised of seven possible elements, followed by the card text. These elements are resolved in the order they appear on the card, each bringing new challenges for your investigators to overcome.
In the following sections, we will look at each of the elements which may appear on a Mythos card in detail, and in the order they would appear. Then, we’ll cover how the Ancient One you to oppose during each game of Eldritch Horrorchanges the build of the Mythos deck.
Strange Omens
The bite wound immobilized me, but the creature paused before lashing out again. The clouds had parted revealing the night’s vast display of stars, and the beast turned its pale, decayed face upward. “Time,” the word gurgled up out of its inhuman throat. “It will soon be time.”
The first symbol that a Mythos card might contain is the Advance Omen symbol. This correlates to the Omen track, located in the top right corner of the game board. The Omen track consists of four constellations (one green, one red, and two blue). Under the gaze of watchful investigators, these eerie star formations can be used to predict the arrival of dark forces. At the beginning of the game, the Omen token begins on the green constellation. Each time the Advance Omen symbol appears on a Mythos card, advance the Omen token one space clockwise.
Now, for each open Gate on the game board that matches the Omen token’s current constellation, you must advance the Doom track by one.
he Doom track, which runs along the top of the game board, measures the time remaining until the Ancient One awakens. In this way, the Omen track can be used to predict how the current pattern of otherworldly energy (in the form of open gates) will impact your investigators. Not all hope is lost, though, as other game effects retreat Doom, or allow your investigators to manipulate the Omen track to their advantage.
A Time of Reckoning
There was a loud knock on Shaw’s door. I rose to answer, but he protested. The knocking returned. A burning pain flared across the brand on to the back of my hand and I understood. This caller was looking for me and there would be no avoiding it.
The next symbol to appear on a Mythos card is the Resolve Reckoning Effects symbol. This symbol appears throughout the game, on some Monsters, the Ancient One sheet, Ongoing Mythos tasks, such as Rumors, and Conditions. When a Reckoning symbol is resolved during the Mythos phase, the effect specified by the symbol on each component it appears on must be resolved.
Condition cards are the most common Reckoning Effect your investigators will contend with throughout the game. Conditions are double-sided cards which stay with your Investigators until discarded by passing a test (if instructed to do so by the card) or resolved through Reckoning.
Whether it is a Debt to a shady figure, or Paranoia incited by the horrors your investigator has continually faced, there will come a day when your Investigator must deal with the consequences of his actions. When a Mythos card with the Reckoning symbol is drawn, the time for Reckoning is at hand, and the text next to the symbol on the Condition must be resolved. Often, this results in flipping the Condition card over to reveal the unfortunate result of your desperate actions.
Monsters, Rumor Mythos cards, and other components must also answer to a greater power. Monsters may be rewarded by the evil forces at work with a helpful boost to their ability, while Reckoning for Rumors usually increases the pressure on your investigators to solve the Rumor before the unseen hand of fate can deliver a devastating blow to your efforts to save the world.
A New World Awaits
Once open, the portal looked like a gaping wound in the fabric of reality. Although miles underground, I was looking an alien landscape lit by two moons overhead. The paintings on the cave walls made it clear that the only hope of closing this unnatural gateway was to pass through it.
When a nexus of eldritch energy manifests in a location, it can cause a tear in the fabric of our reality, revealing a portal to another world. When the Spawn Gates icon appears on a Mythos card, you must spawn the number of gates indicated by the reference card.
Eldritch Horror is designed to scale based on the number of players, and the reference card indicates the number of Gates, Monsters, and Clues should be spawned based on the number of Investigators in the game. For example, in a game with six players, the Spawn Gates icon would result in two Gates being placed on the game board.

Gates are spawned by simply drawing the top Gate from the Gate stack, and flipping it over to reveal the location where it should be placed. When a Gate is closed during an encounter, it is discarded face up next to the Gate stack.
Terrors Roam the Streets
The enormous creature, its form now made fully visible by the flames, howled in pain and anger. Its tendril slammed into my chest with the force of a speeding truck. I struggled to regain consciousness as I felt he ground shake under the beast’s monstrous footsteps.
The presence of a Gate to another world exudes a dark and strange energy that attracts horrific creatures. Monsters from Other Worlds may use these portals to enter our world. When a Monster Sugre icon appears on a Mythos Card, each Gate that matches the Omen token’s current space spawns the number of monsters listed on the reference card.
If no Gates match the current Omen, the increase of the eerie energy that would cause a Monster Surge causes another Gate to be spawned instead.
Scattered Knowledge
As we rowed toward the small island, the ship’s crew exchanged stories of strange lights and living storms that have long been associated with this region. The men grew silent when we finally stepped on to the beach. The enormous toad-like statue glared at all intruders and its indecipherable runes cursed us in a long-forgotten language.
As investigators work to save the world, they’ll need to gather Clues to help get to the bottom of the otherworldly mysteries they must solve. Spawn the number of clues indicated on the reference card when the Spawn Clues icon appears on a Mythos card. Like Gates, clues are spawned by drawing a random Clue token from the token pool, and turning it over to reveal the location it should appear on the board. Unlike Gates, clues can appear on both numbered and named locations.
Strange Rumors
The newspapers confirmed what Standish had sent in her telegram. The panic and riots in Europe were raging out of control and I needed to take action. What good would it do me to protect the world from ancient threats, only to let humanity tear itself apart?
The final two symbols that may need to be resolved during the Mythos phase appear only on Rumor mythos cards. Rumors are Ongoing cards, which remain in play until they are solved, or your investigators run out of time, and are punished for their failure. Rumors add additional challenges and tasks for your Investigators to complete as they work toward global salvation.
Rumors must often be solved within a certain amount of time, which is tracked through Eldritch tokens. When the Place Eldritch Tokens symbol appears, place the indicated number of tokens onto the card. These are discarded each time a Reckoning Effect is triggered in subsequent Mythos Phases, as indicated on The Wind-Walker Rumor Mythos card. Once all tokens are discarded, the Rumor Mythos is solved, albeit with dire consequences for your investigators.
However, if Investigators manage to defeat the Wind-Walker in this example, they solve the Rumor Mythos, thereby preventing a potentially horrible fate.
Some Rumors require investigators to travel to certain locations, and resolve Rumor token encounters in order to solve the cards. The Place Rumor Token icon on a Mythos card indicates where the Rumor token should be placed.
In the Spreading Sickness Rumor Mythos card, the Rumor token is placed on space 17, and investigators must be on that space, and resolve a token encounter with the Rumor token during their encounter phase in order to solve this Mythos card. This card’s Reckoning effect progressively depletes your investigators’ health the longer it remains in play, so it is in the best interest of your group to solve this Rumor as efficiently as possible.
Mythos Effects
Outside, the rumbling grew louder and the street collapsed, revealing an enormous sinkhole. As the tremor subsided, curious onlookers creeped forward toward the fissure, but I fired into the air and shouted to back away. Whatever caused this quake was still down there. This was far from over.
Many Mythos cards contain Rumor effects as described above, while others contain Events. The Mythos card text is resolved after all of the symbols on it have been resolved. Event text is resolved, and then the Mythos card is discarded, while Ongoing cards remain in play until discarded by a game effect. While most Mythos cards represent a dark twist of fate, bringing pain and destruction upon our intrepid heroes, occasionally a Mythos card provides aid or relief.
The Rally the People Mythos card is a good example of this, allowing the Lead Investigator to gain an Ally to aid him.
Building the Mythos Deck
In Eldritch Horror, there are three types of Mythos cards, which are categorized by different color cards: yellow, green and blue. Yellow cards are typically Events, and usually contain Advance Omen, Reckoning, and Spawn Gate elements. Green cards can be either Events or Ongoing Mythos cards, and typically contain Advance Omen, Monster Surge, and Spawn Clue elements. Blue cards are Rumors, which are Ongoing, and can contain Spawn Clue, Place Eldritch Tokens, and Place Rumor Token elements. 
Before each game, the Mythos deck must be built. Each Ancient One requires the Mythos deck to be constructed differently, which alters the type and frequency of effects that will hinder your investigators throughout the game. This way, each game is tailored to the unique manifstation of the Ancient One you face.
Altering Game Difficulty
As revealed in the game’s announcement, Eldritch Horror’s Mythos cards come in three levels of difficulty, so you can make the game easier or harder, depending on your play style. Easy Mythos cards are indicated by the blue sigils on the edges of the cards, while Difficult cards are indicated by a red tentacle border. Normal difficulty cards have no special markings.
When teaching Eldritch Horror to a beginning player, removing all of the Difficult cards from the pool will make the game slightly easier.
If your daring group of investigators seeks a greater challenge, remove all of the Easy cards from the card pool when building the Mythos deck to ramp up the intensity of your game!
Pre-Order Today!

Eldritch Horror will be available soon, so place your pre-order at your local retailer today! Can’t wait for the release to play? Pre-register for Arkham Nights for your opportunity to play Eldritch Horror ahead of its release date! Finally, don’t forget to keep checking our website and Facebook page for more news and previews of Eldritch Horror!

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