13 octubre 2013

Mars Attack miniature game arranca en kickstarter.

El juego táctico de minis ambientado en los marcianos de la peli de Tim Burton, Mars Attack, arranca con fuerza en kickstarter.
Las minis son muy divertidas y el juego vendrá con un buen puñado de ellas, soldados del ejercito americano y escenografía para la partida.
Ademas de las chucherías habituales que podemos encontrar en cualquier proyecto de crowfunding.

Take on the Martian Menace in the fight for Earth with this brand new tabletop miniatures game from the creators of DreadBall!

Currently Funding: $210,000 - UPGRADE: Additional Martian Grunts!

Next Goal: $215,000 - UPGRADE: US NCO!

The fight for Earth has begun – prepare your tabletop for invasion!
To celebrate 50 years of Martian Mayhem, Mantic Games has teamed up with Topps to make Mars Attacks - The Miniatures Game, an exciting two-player tabletop game played with plastic figures based on Topps' Mars Attacks Cards and Comics, ready to game with right out of the box.

Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game is the game of over-the-top violence played with highly detailed coloured plastic figurines, where one player commands the Martian invaders and the other commands the brave human survivors and scattered US soldiers.

Martian Mayhem: Mars Attacks is full of wacky events and cinematic action made possible by the simple set of game mechanics that are very easy to learn, and by the game's Event Card deck.
Story Driven Action: Follow our heroes during the battle of Greenville with fun playable scenarios, each with their own objectives: eliminate the enemy, capture the intelligence - escape the Martian invaders!
Easy to play: Much like a board game, Mars Attacks is played on a gaming mat made of squares and players take it in turn to activate their models, choosing whether to move, shoot or fight in hand-to-hand combat.
Simple Dice Mechanics: Shooting and hand-to-hand combat is made easy by rolling eight-sided dice to decide whether a weapon has hit its target, or whether the opponent manages to dodge out of the way.
Highly Tactical: move a figure out from behind cover and you’re likely to get your model killed. Similarly, ganging up on an opponent or making use of a figure’s special abilities could be the difference between making a clean kill, or engaging in a frantic game of cat and mouse!
All of this is detailed in the comic-book sized Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Gamerulebook which also includes a number of playable missions. These battles are fought in Greenville, a town brought to life through our stunning modular ruined scenery. You will fight amongst the devastated town capturing objectives such as intelligence and weapons - or with the sole goal of eliminating your enemy.
Whether you’re a veteran gamer or new to the hobby, you’ll be able to enjoy the fun of Mars Attacks, making it a game suitable for all ages.

The highly detailed Mars Attacks miniatures in the boxed game are supplied already assembled so that you can get gaming right out of the box. They are plastic and come in different colours, meaning you can tell the difference between them on the battlefield at a glance. You can make them look even more distinctive by painting them like we have in the studio!
General Tor
Commanding the Martian Invaders is General Tor: a power-hungry maniac devoted to asserting himself as the greatest Martian Commander to have ever lived.

Painted example of General Tor – figure supplied assembled and unpainted in red plastic.
The Martians start off with lowly grunts armed with disintegration rifles, pistols and knives but we hope to add more weapon options, unit types, technology and vehicles as the Kickstarter progresses.

Painted examples of Martian Grunts – figures supplied assembled and unpainted in turquoise plastic.
Earth was left devastated after the initial Martian Invasion and Greenville was no different. Every story has its heroes and ours centers on the little guy fighting back against a superior enemy – the civilian survivalists.
Our heroes come in many shapes and sizes and these three are just the start – we hope to fund more characters throughout the course of this Kickstarter.

Painted examples of Buddy, Brandi and Joe – figures supplied assembled and unpainted in red plastic.
US Soldiers
Fighting alongside the human survivalists are the scattered forces of the US army. They aren’t quite as good at shooting or as good at surviving as the Martians, but they have the edge in hand-to-hand combat.
We also hope to unlock new types of soldier and new equipment to fight back against the Martians.

Painted examples of US Soldiers – figures supplied assembled and unpainted in green plastic.

Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game contains a set of ruined Red Brick building tiles. These building tiles are plastic and are fully modular – you can assemble them in any number of ways by clipping them together using our innovative connector system.

Not only do these buildings help set the scene, they also provide cover for your troops as well as somewhere to hide!

We've got an initial set of miniatures through the sculpting stage but with your help we’ll be able to put them into tooling and get them produced. But there’s more we’d like to do…
The Mars Attacks universe is so rich we simply cannot do everything we’d like to in order to create a miniatures range that does it justice. With saucers, robots, mutant bugs and new types of Martian and Human troops and heroes, not to mention new types of scenery, accessories and expansions, there is scope to do something truly outrageous with this gaming system, and we need your help to do it.

Not only that but we can create a ready-made community for the game when it launches through retailers, meaning more people to play against and more Martians to kill!
We can only produce as much as you help us to so please support this Kickstarter and tell your friends - the more people that pledge, the more free stuff we can give you!

We’ve created a fantastic range of pledge levels to give you great rewards, exclusive figures and out of this world deals in exchange for backing our project – you can even get your own figure designed, be written into the background or get exclusive figures!
If we can beat our funding goal we will also produce a number of stretch goals that upgrade these pledge levels with more free stuff and exclusives.
It’s not about where we start, it’s about where we finish, and we want to give you loads of stuff so please help support this Kickstarter!

EARLY BIRD – To say thank you for backing our project early, we are offering a highly limited number of specially discounted pledge levels. You can see these in the right hand column labelled as Early Birds.
MULTIPLE PLEDGE LEVELS – You can pledge for multiple levels by simply adding the value of your chosen pledge level to your current pledge. You can either choose multiples of the same level, or add on different levels in this way. You can select which additional levels you’d like in the End of Campaign Survey - for more information see Raising My Pledge in the FAQ.
SURVEY – Once the campaign has finished, we will send out a survey by email where you can let us know your contact details, which Add-ons you’d like and any additional Pledge Levels you’d like. This will be sent out a short while after the campaign finishes on the 10th of November.
Check out the diagrams below for what's on offer! Use the right hand column to pick your pledge level.
$100 - The Will of Man
 $150 - The Invaders Arrive

Sweeten your pledge with our great value add-ons!

Here are our current stretch goals:
FUNDED - $115,000: FREE Martian Grunts Upgrade

Shipping for all rewards is:
Free for all US and UK backers. You do not need to do anything further to account for the shipping.

EU Backers need to add an additional $10 for shipping on all rewards.
All other backers need to add $15 for shipping. For example, if you choose The Invaders Arrive ($150) pledge, and you live in Australia, you will need to select the Invasion reward, but pledge a total of $165.

All backers have the option of tracked courier shipping. This costs $15 on top of any shipping costs above. Therefore, to have their shipment sent by tracked courier, a US backer would pay $15, and a Spanish backer would pay a total of $25.

Courier shipping is mandatory for all backers from Africa or South America, so you must add a total of $30 for shipping if you live in one of these continents.

Reward level credit cannot be used to pay for shipping.
2013 The Topps Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. MARS ATTACKS is a Registered Trademark of The Topps Company, Inc. Licensed by The Topps Company.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

Delivering a Kickstarter is the hardest part of the project. We’ve successfully delivered one Kickstarter, are in the process of shipping DreadBall, and we’re about to ship LOKA in early November and Deadzone in late November – all through our dedicated warehouse team. We’ve had to expand our capacity and warehouse team as a result.
Mantic has experience in sculpting, tooling and delivering Kickstarters – something that can be very difficult to get right. Models being too big to fit on tools and overspending is a challenge, but with careful management we’ve experience in handling that.
The other challenge is delays from the manufacturer – something that has meant we’ve gone down to the wire on a number of occasions with sculpting deadlines and delivery to our warehouse. We’ve deliberately added a couple of extra months to our shipping date to cater for this, meaning we can work on checking the quality of everything that comes through.

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