27 noviembre 2013

FFG nos ofrece un vídeo de The Eldritch Horror.

Los chicos de FFG saben como hacer subir el hype de un producto y tenernos a todos, mordiéndonos las uñas.
Y esto es lo que acaban de hacer, publicando un vídeo de 11 minutos, explicándonos lo que nos deparará el nuevo juego ambientado en el universo del genio de Providence, HP Lovecraft, Eldritch Horror.
Los fieles seguidores, no perdáis el tiempo y darle un vistazo.

I found Fowles in an institution for the insane. Madmen gibbered and ranted on all sides of us as I pointed at the symbol on the cracked stone in the photo. "Fowles, you took this picture." He didn't respond. "This was a seal. I saw this three months ago and this seal was intact." Impatient and unsure if my questions were even being heard, I grabbed Fowles by the shoulders. "What happened?" I demanded. And although Fowles remained unresponsive, all of the lunatics in the room began to chant in a sickening unison. They repeated the same message I had first heard in Bombay: the darkness is at hand.
In Eldritch Horror, a global board game of mystery and terror, you and up to seven friends take on the role of globetrotting investigators who must must travel around the world, working against all odds to hold back the approaching horror. Foul monsters, obscure mysteries, and brutal challenges will take you to your limits and beyond. All the while, you and your fellow investigators must unravel the otherworldy mysteries scattered around the globe in order to push back the gathering mayhem that threatens to overwhelm humanity. The end draws near! Do you have the courage to prevent global destruction?
Today, we are pleased to present a video overview for Eldritch Horror. Watch it below, or on FFG's YouTube channel.
A Recap of the Action
Eldritch Horror is coming to a retailer near you this week! Are you ready to face the horrors ahead? In the weeks since we announced Eldritch Horror, we’ve posted a series of in-depth previews. Below, is an overview of each of our past previews. Click on the relevant links to read the full articles.
First, we covered the unlikely heroes in Eldritch Horror. Using investigator Leo Anderson as an example, we looked at the investigator backstories, skills, and abilities that set each of the twelve intrepid investigators apart. We also revealed Eldritch Horror’s exciting mechanic for defeated investigators: investigators who become incapacitated become part of the game’s narrative as encounters for other investigators to resolve.
Next, we covered each of the game’s three phases: the Action Phase, Encounter Phase, and Mythos Phase.
In Have Gun, Will Travel, we looked at the actions available to your investigator during their turn. These include Acquiring Assets from the reserve to help your investigator gain useful items for his journey, and gaining travel tickets to help traverse the world more effectively with the Prepare Action.
In Dark Encounters, we focused on the Encounter Phase of Eldritch Horror. From Combat Encounters with horrifying monsters, to researching Clues to solve the arcane mysteries of the Ancient Ones, we discussed different types of Encounters that your investigator might discover during a game of Eldritch Horror.
Here we revealed Expedition Encounters, which feature a token that travels the game board to different expedition sites. Investigators who embark on Expeditions may discover rare and valuable artifacts, and confront perils unlike any they have seen before.
The End Is Nigh detailed the Mythos Phase in Eldritch Horror, and provided a closer look at the game’s wicked Mythos Effects. We revealed the Omen Track - a mechanic that foretells the end of the world by correlating to open gates on the game board, and then punishes investigators by moving them swiftly towards the arrival of the Ancient One.
We also looked at the mechanics for building the Mythos Deck. Each Ancient One requires a different combination of Mythos cards, altering gameplay to fit its own unique manifestation.
Finally, we looked at altering the difficulty of Eldritch Horror through the Mythos deck, by removing all of the Easy or Difficult Mythos cards to make the game more or less challenging.
In The Ultimate Evil, we braved a look at the Ancient Ones, using Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth as examples. Your investigators will face off against these unfathomable powers by solving the arcane mysteries spread across the globe specific to each Ancient-One. You’ll battle epic monsters, research hidden clues, and investigate remote corners of the globe. The fate of the world depends on the success of your ventures, and each game is influenced by the unique and terrible manifestation of the Ancient One your group faces.
We also posted the rulebook for Eldritch Horror, so you can prepare to save our world as soon as Eldritch Horror hits retail shelves.
Next, we posted the reference guide for Eldritch Horror, and looked at how the inclusion of the rulebook and reference guide will help inform your global odyssey.
Finally, at Arkham Nights 2013, and Eldritch Horror Preview Nights around the world, players flocked to their local stores for their chance to play Eldritch Horror ahead of its worldwide release!
What Lies Ahead

Eldritch Horror is coming to a retailer near you this week! Prepare to embark on a global quest to save civilization. The way will be dangerous and the stakes have never been higher. The Ancient Ones are stirring, casting a shadow across the world. You must fight back. Get ready to save our world when Eldritch Horror hits stores!

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