07 diciembre 2013

FFG nos ofrece el reglamento en PDF de Battlelore segunda edición.

Si ayer comentábamos las diferentes facciones y sus mecánicas para el juego táctico Battlelore, hoy los chicos de FFG, nos ofrecen el reglamento para descargar en PDF, eso si, en perfecto ingles, para que vayamos haciéndonos una idea de lo que vamos a encontrar en esta nueva versión, ambientada en el universo de Terrinoth.
Vamos a ver cuando tardan los chicos de Edge, en empezar con sus avances.

The armies of Terrinoth march the road to war, and BattleLore Second Edition will soon be on sale! In every game ofBattleLore, you take command of a fantasy army and lead it in deadly battle against your foes in the vibrant realm of Terrinoth. Whether you control the cruel, cunning Uthuk Y’llan, or the noble Daqan Lords, you’ll face a tactical challenge like none other.
The Road to War
Over the course of the last few months, we’ve conducted a series of previews, examining the difficult choices you’ll make during a game of BattleLore. First, we explored choosing a scenario card at the beginning of the game. You and your opponent each choose a scenario card, determining setup locations, terrain layout, and your individual victory point opportunities. We also looked at the process of mustering an army by spending mustering points. You have the opportunity at the beginning of each game to muster a complete army that suits your preferred play style.
Next, we looked at movement and combat in BattleLore. On your turn, you play a command card and order your units into action as you strive to defeat your opponent. Clever movement and positioning are essential to gaining a tactical advantage over your opponent. Once your units finally clash with your opponent’s army, you must destroy enemy units or force them to retreat, allowing you to claim victory-point providing banners for yourself.
Sometimes, however, you will need to interfere more directly with the course of the battle. Lore cards can give you the opportunity to surprise your opponent with magical spells or cunning tactical maneuvers. By playing a lore card at the right time, you can tip the balance of the battle in your favor. Last in our series of previews, we looked at the various units available to both the Daqan Lords and the Uthuk Y’llan, and we explored how every unit can bring you closer to victory in BattleLore.
The Secrets of Battle
If you still have questions about gameplay in BattleLore Second Edition, look no further. The rules for BattleLore are now available for download (pdf, 10.2 MB) on the support page. The intense fantasy battles of BattleLore will soon be available! Become the commander of a fantasy army, and preorder your copy of BattleLore Second Editiontoday.

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