13 enero 2014

FFG ofrece el reglamento de Malefic Curses.

Los chicos de FFG, nos ofrecen el reglamento, de la que sera la primera expansión para el divertido juego de batallas entre magos, Wiz War.
Malefic Curses, es el nombre de dicha expansión y nos ofrece nuevas opciones, así como un nuevo tablero, para los seguidores de este clásico intemporal.

The chaotic wizard duels of Wiz-War are becoming more dangerous than ever before with the upcoming release ofMalefic Curses! This expansion adds a fifth wizard to the underground labyrinth, plus two new kinds of energy, new hex tokens, and three new schools of magic. Now, your knowledge of magical tricks, traps, and attacks can grow stronger than ever by downloading the rulebook for Malefic Curses (2.6 MB, pdf) from the support page!
Whimsical and Sinister
In our first preview, we took a closer look at the Necromancy school of magic. This school of magic features powerful attacks and creations, offering ways to drain your opponent’s life and gain life yourself. By devoting your study to this school of magic, you may even uncover a way to deny the power of death itself.
Our second preview focused on Chaos and the power of random energy. Random energy is generated by rolling a die, so you never know exactly what you’re getting. Most Chaos spells are equally dependent on chance. You might be able to teleport to escape, but no one can tell which way you’ll go until you roll the die!
In our latest preview, we examined Hexcraft and the power of hexes – powerful creations that trigger when a wizard walks across them. Although the effects of these hexes range from losing life to teleporting in a random direction, every hex has one thing in common: bad news for the wizard that crosses them.
Arcane Writings
We’ve looked at each of the schools of magic included in Malefic Curses, and investigated different strategies for using each. Now, it’s time to learn the ancient secrets of Malefic Curses. Download the rules from the Wiz-War support page and pre-order Malefic Curses at your local retailer today! 

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