05 febrero 2014

Demigods Rising. 15 Febrero en Kickstarter.

Este atractivo y curiosos juego táctico de escaramuzas saldrá en kickstarter este 15 de febrero.
Una de las curiosidades, es que el idioma español estará presente y que los gastos de envío están incluidos en el precio de apoyo. Realmente, pocas facilidades más se pueden pedir, para un juego, visualmente atractivo.
Dentro de poco han prometido vídeos, para ver la mecánica del mismo.

Gather your heroes, challenge your friends, become the God of War! A fantasy tactical board game for 2 or 4 players.
In time of Chaos, the God of War was supreme ruler over all other gods. But Time of Peace came, and lasted so long that God of War started to lose his power. He grew weaker as the years went by and was pushed to the side by other gods. When his power faded so much that he felt that the end was near he gave the task to his four sons, the demigods, to prove themselves as best commanders in the field of battle. The one who emerge victorious should become the new God of War and bring back the former glory to their name.

Demigods Rising is a skirmish-style board game in which players take the roles of demigods, commanding armies of heroes to prove supremacy over others and ascend as the new God of War. As a demigod, a player initially has access to 20 heroes from which he can choose his army. With his choice he then faces his opponent(s) on sacred battleground.
There are different game modes regarding picking heroes (chieftain, random, mirror, free pick mode), and regarding conditions on which victory is achieved (skirmish, tactics). We bring you the game that relies heavy on tactics, that is fairly simple to learn but hard to master and that has a great replayability.

We put in a lot of effort to capture the character of each hero in its illustration and its minis. Currently, we have several minis that are in pre – production phase. We'll share them as they are completed. We are sure that the painters will love the detail captured in the models as we already got great responses from those who received prototypes of our finished models.

 - You may be the luckiest guy in the world but if your mage disposes his weak spot to a rogue, well… luck won’t matter much. Basically, there is no overpowered lineup, any team can be countered with good planning and foreseeing opponent's strategy. Take your best poker face to the table.

- Demigods Rising features 38760 possible team combinations so you won’t ever have to play with the same team. What’s even better, this number of combinations gets higher as you decide to play with 7, 8 or 9 heroes. And that’s only the base game. How’s that for replayability?

- Each and every hero we created has a comprehensive story showing him for what he really is - an individual worthy of fighting in demigod’s army! Whether you value cunning or bravery, magic or blunt force of a mace – we have you covered with a variety of first class heroes.

We have already sent several prototypes for review and we expect to have reviews done by the end of January. If you are interested in doing a review yourself feel free to contact us on nikola@demigodsrising.com

 Every copy of Demigods Rising contains:
  • 40 High quality Hero miniatures (20 unique)
  • 6 Double sided game boards
  • 10 Obstacles
  • 1 Rule book (full color 60 pages)
  • 2 Hero books (full color 40 pages)
  • 40 Hero cards
  • 108 Demigod cards: 29 Attacking, 29 Defensive, 29 Special, 8 Unique, 8 Recipes, 5 God of War cards
  • 19 Dice: 12 Attack, 1 Chance, 1 Morale, 1 Spell, 4 Demigod dice
  • 166 Condition: 70 Strengthening, 84 Weakening, 12 Downed tokens
  • 242 Counters: 48 Rage, 48 Mana, 48 Focus, 18 Move, 80 Morale counters
  • 40 Score sheets A5
  • Demigods Rising android application as alternative mechanism for game calculations 

Paladin - Kickstarter Exclusive copy of Demigods Rising additionally contains:
  • 1 Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE God of War miniature
  • 1 Story book
  • 4 Double sided game boards
  • 4 Item recipes
  • 86 Counters
  • 3 God of War cards
  • All stretch goals Included!

- The more you get involved in our project the more goodies we will be able to offer to you. We already paid for art, graphic design and have covered some of production costs. Now, we need you to be able to fully manufacture and deliver a game. Join us and become part of our dream!

- We will value your input and address any concerns or questions you might have. As soon as you pledge as a backer you will get access to our forum where you can influence further development of Demigods Rising and also make some new friends among other backers.

- Since this is a project by new faces in board game production we understand that you as a backer are always considering the risk when backing such a project. With that in mind we are offering this: If you decide that you don’t like the game within the first month, you can return it to us for a full refund.

Game video is in the process of making at the moment. We expect to have it finished by the middle of January so that we can share it with you.

Heroes represent the finest warriors of every race. Each hero is classified into one of five classes: warriors, tanks, rogues, archers and mages. Also, there are 3 types of divine powers. Warriors and tanks uses rage to fuel their attacks and bolster defenses, rouges and archers uses focus to deliver precise blows to their enemies and finally mages uses mana to sustain their potent spells.

Every hero has its strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing first and minimizing or hiding the latter is a key to winning in a game of Demigods Rising. Some heroes work best when paired with certain others but their combinations are up to you to discover for yourself.

1. Profession (Hero name) - Unique for every hero
2. Action points (AP) - Determines the mobility of hero and is used to perform actions
3. Race - Each race has unique bonuses if members of same race are standing next to each other in line up
4. Initiative (IN) - Used to determine play order during one turn
5. Class - Determines movement, traits and divine power
6. Class Traits - Traits granted for belonging to certain class
7. Agility (AGI) - Characters with high agility can evade attacks more frequently
8. Attack value (ATK) - Attack value based on hero’s weapon of choice
9. Accuracy (ACC) - Characters with high accuracy can deal critical damage more frequently
10. Dice - Determines what dice are rolled in when performing normal attack
11. Physical defenses - Determines by how much damage from corresponding attacks will be reduced
12. Attack type circle - If this half of circle is connected with the other half of same circle, connected
13. Attack type (ATT) - Represents primary attack type
14. Magical defenses - Determines by how much damage from corresponding attacks will be reduced
15. Health Points (HP) - Starting health points of every hero‏
Each hero can be optionally be purchased as high quality resin miniature. Here is a list of available heroes that will be done in resin:

Humans had their kingdom of Erom. Lulled into security they lived quiet lives under patronage of king Rutefus. Humans worshiped the God of Life who in return blessed them with well-being and he even occasionally spoke with them through the prophet. They were easy-going people in general. Hard work during day and family dinner after sunset was all that most humans lived for. It was a time of the Peace.

Elven race was always wrapped in a veil of mystery. They lived a secluded life under the treetops of Imerin forest, never mixing with other races. The elves had no male members among them; it was that way from the first day of their existence. Their God lived among them in a form of High elder, ever young, ever beautiful. Elves lived in love and harmony with nature, and nature they lived to protect. Even in the time of Peace.

Orcs were always considered savages by other races. They were hot-tempered, quick to start a fight over anything, but beside that they were also respectful toward their elders. Hierarchy played big role in their society. Orcs worshiped Dual sex deities called Varfu and Shel who had their representatives among Orcs in forms of Overlord and Shaman. Orcs were made for war; they worked on expanding their territory and increasing their numbers, waiting for the right time to conquer the world. But it was still time of Peace.

Dwarfs spend most of their lives living in their underground kingdom called Drelif. Their skill in metalworking and tinkering could only be matched by their ability to withstand massive amounts of liquor. Dwarfs were honorable and proud race. They were ruled by King Pureiron, during whose rule dwarfs succeeded in finishing making their God, a colossal golden statue made of pure gold. Dwarfs were also good fighters and after finishing their God they were left with a lot of unused energy and with no exhaust valve, after all it was time of Peace.

  • Nikola Andrejic - Game designer & Project manager
  • Milos Pavlovic - Game designer & Community manager
  • Dusan Stojanovic - Art director
  • Mihajlo Vlaskovic - Logistic manager
  • Konstantinos Skenteridis - Illustrator
  • Miodrag Jovanovic - Illustrator
  • Caner Inciucu - Illustrator
  • Marco Plouffe - 3D artist
  • Zeljko Tasic - 3D artist
  • Aleksandar Jovanovic - Programmer

- PandaGM
From elaborate board games to simple card games, Panda can turn your concept into reality. Making high quality games is our passion!

- Titan Forge
"Titan Forge, being young company, is already well known on a miniature market as a producer of high quality resin miniatures. More than two years of experience allows us to create highly detailed miniatures with best technical execution. Titan Forge already participated in few successfully funded crowd-funding projects and now our focus in on Demigods Rising. Using best materials available ensure the highest quality of our products, and our supply base allows us to produce miniatures in vast quantity. If you are looking for best details and highest quality Titan Forge will guarantee it for astonishing ideas of Demigods Rising."

Transparency: We will make sure to let you know of everything that is relevant. Until we are done you will have insight in step by step game production. We will address every issue as it arise and share it with you. Who knows, it might be you who could help us resolve it quickly.
Fair pricing: We would not have early bird levels, instead we are offering all of our games as they are early birds.
Shipping: We did lots of research regarding shipping and found a way to ship worldwide with minimal differences in price regarding regions. 

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

A project like this requires great teamwork of skillful game designers, artists, sculptors, writers, and manufacturers. The miniatures still need to be mastered for plastic production and the game components need to finalized and printed.
We are working with a great game manufacturing company that has successfully delivered many other Kickstarter games.
We understand that when it comes to anything produced overseas, delays can happen, especially with shipping and customs delays. We will do everything that we can to mitigate any problems and we will keep you informed every step of the way. Communication is a key component of any Kickstarter, so we will be posting regular updates throughout the campaign and will notify you immediately if any problems arise.

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