24 marzo 2014

Avance del nuevo lugarteniente para Manor of Ravens.

Poco después de anunciar la nueva expansión, que vendrá a formar parte del universo Descent, de nombre Manor of Ravens, los chicos de FFG, que no se duermen en los laureles y han dado con la fórmula, para hacernos sangrar los bolsillos, nos muestran la que sera la mini del Lugar Teniente de turno.

“Odd things happen when a wizard dies. His memories and desires echo, and his might doesn’t just fade away, it seeps into the world around him. If Skarn is a product of a wizard’s death and can harness that power, I tremble to think what it may be capable of.”
Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Skarn Lieutenant Pack, an upcoming expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition corresponding with the new Manor of Ravens expansion.
Skarn’s origins lie shrouded in mystery. Some believe that he has always guarded the manor house, even before the death of the High Mage that lived there. Others suggest that he was unintentionally created from residual magic released by the wizard’s death. Still others would say that the ravens created a new guardian after the passing of their old master. Whether Skarn is a raging monster hungry for power or a misunderstood soul devoted to a lonely cause, all agree that Skarn’s potential stretches far beyond what can be allowed.
In this Lieutenant Pack, you’ll find a detailed, sculpted plastic figure of Skarn to replace the lieutenant token included inManor of Ravens. You’ll also gain access to Skarn’s ten-card Plot deck, which invites you to attack the heroes in entirely new ways. (For the full Lieutenant Pack rules, visit the Descent support page.)
A Twisted Soul
Skarn is a magical construct, and although the heroes may damage him, you’ll quickly discover his true potential as he repairs his body with broken pieces of the manor. With the help of the Twisted Soul Plot deck included in the Skarn Lieutenant Pack, you’ll be able to spread Skarn’s regenerative abilities to some of the monsters under your command.
When you choose to use the Twisted Soul Plot deck, you begin with theWhat Doesn’t Kill Plot card. By triggering this card, your monsters will only grow stronger as the heroes attempt to cut them down. What Doesn’t Kill allows one of your monsters to recover one damage after suffering damage. Even better, this card marks the healed monster with a threat token from the supply. Every monster marked with a threat token adds a brown defense die to its normal defense pool, making it more difficult for the heroes to damage these monsters in the future.
This Plot deck also gives you the opportunity to unleash Skarn on Terrinoth by summoning him into battle as your agent in any quest that does not include him as a lieutenant. In battle, heroes will find Skarn a powerful opponent, resilient to damage and able to mend his own wounds in the heat of combat. What’s more, Skarn’s attacks frequently damage more than one hero, possibly threatening an entire hero party at once if they move in too close.
A Dangerous Creation

Skarn is no longer bound to the abandoned manor, and soon his limitless potential will pose a deadly threat to heroes across the length and breadth of Terrinoth. Skarn can wipe out nations with his fully realized power. All he needs is a master to guide him. Look for the Skarn Lieutenant Pack at your local retailer in the third quarter of 2014!

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