11 marzo 2014

Zombies!!! 13 Defcon Z.

Los chicos de Twilight Creations ya preparan Zombies!!! 13 Defcon Z, aunque esta vez, se lanzan al kickstarter, que porqué ?, pues ellos mismos nos dan sus motivos para llevarlo a cabo de esta forma.

Twilight Creations has always put fans first in everything we do, and this time we’re letting you take the fight back to the zombie horde on your own terms! Welcome to Zombies!!! 13, or as we like to call it... Help us create the most fan-driven Zombies!!! product ever! Become part of the original zombie survival horror board game.

This is our retaliation set, in which the military, the CDC, and others finally start to mobilize against the zombie threat. As part of the effort, they recruit the people with the most experience cutting through zombie legions - and that's you, the survivors who've lived out there in the shambler-infested wilds all these years.


Since the story of this set is all about what's left of the human resistance recruiting you into new units of zombie-fighters, we figured we'd Kickstart the set to give each of you the chance to get involved in the world and design of Zombies!!! like never before...
  • You can get your picture on a card in the game, and suggest mechanics for your card as well!
  • You can design a tile to look like one of your favorite hangouts in the real world — or someplace you’d love to visit!
  • You can get a set of zombies or a survivor figure made to look like your body type, and also suggest its pose and any props it carries!
  • You can even put your face on the cover of the game box! 
Here are some previous examples of real players being inserted into the game, as illustrated by Zombies!!! artist Dave Aikins, and the cards that were made in their images...


The final Zombies!!! 13: DEFCON Z game box will contain... 
  • 30 map tiles
  • 50 Event cards
  • 100 zombie figures
  • 6 survivor figures
  • 1 sheet of heart tokens
  • 1 sheet of bullet tokens
  • 1 sheet of infection tokens
  • Dice
  • Rules
The tiers at the right offer the chance to guide development of nearly all these components except the rules, which will be previewed to backers ahead of release. 
Help us create all these components and make this the most amazing Zombies!!! set yet! 
NOTE: Thanks to the generous support of our backers, this is now a standalone expansion for the Zombies!!! board game and CAN be played on its own. The base Zombies!!! board game is NOT required to use this product. 


We've blown straight through our original funding goal! A special thanks goes out to all the survivors out there still pulling for the human race after all these years! :)
With the extra support, we've been able to reach beyond our original aspirations with this release. Here's what we can already do thanks to you, and some of the things we can make happen if we push this just a little further...
$10,000 (REACHED!): Zombies!!! 13 is now a standalone expansion! This has by far been the most requested upgrade and we've got a great way to make it work. You'll all see more about this when we get the beta rules up for backers to check out and playtest. 
$15,000: We'll add a 7th promo card! This new promo card will become available to everyone who is already receiving the Kickstarter-exclusive promo card set through their tier. 
$20,000: We'll release an exclusive DEFCON Z-themed scenario that will go out to everyone pledging $35 or more. This scenario will take place during the DEFCON Z storyline and feature a major turning point in the campaign to turn back the undead hordes.
$25,000: We'll include a set of 50 plastic hearts that will go out to everyone pledging $40 or more. These are one of our most requested accessories - a set of beautiful molded tokens to keep track of the life slipping away from you every moment of every game...
$30,000: We'll include a set of 50 plastic bullets that will go out to everyone pledging $40 or more. As with the hearts, these are a fantastic upgrade to your Zombies!!! experience, illustrating the depth of your clip as a beautiful pile of 3D headshots waiting to happen.
If we hit $25,000 and $30,000 respectively, we'll also set up an add-on so you can increase the number of tokens you receive, in case you'd like more.
More coming soon (we hope)!


With the theme of the set being the human response to the undead menace, we’d love to hear how you’d combat the lurching, mindless masses! Let us know in the Comments section, and help us tell your story after the fall of society. 
From everyone here at Twilight Creations, we want to thank you for all these great years of zombie mayhem, and we look forward to many more. For now though, let’s see what we can do to reclaim some streets together. 
We look forward to seeing you on the front line! Stay strong out there in the wild. Watch your back, and keep your sidearm handy...

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

We recognize that the biggest hurdle here is the necessary turnaround time for submissions from backers, and that the back-and-forth required for approval will be difficult. Fortunately, our fans are very committed to Zombies!!!, and have proven over the years that they're eager to be involved however they can. We're intending to contact each backer who pledges at a level that involves submissions and approvals as early as possible to get that process started.
Beyond this, our risks and challenges are minimal. We have a long standing relationship with our Chinese printer, and assuming we can get the set ready for them on the agreed schedule, they're committed to delivering in time for a September 2014 release. Our artist, Dave Aikins, has been working on the game line since the very beginning, and is equally committed to delivering on time, as is our tile artist.
This campaign is about involving you, the fans of Zombies!!!, in a way that was never possible before Kickstarter. So let's make this happen together!

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