16 mayo 2014

FFG ofrece un nuevo avance de Blue Moon Legends.

FFG nos ofrece un nuevo avance, que tiene como característica especial, que nos incluye una guía para aprender a jugar y el libro de referencias.
Muchos sois, los que estáis interesados en esta re-edición del clásico de Mr. Knizia, veremos si Edge lo termina editando en castellano, cosa que no seria descabellado.

The Night of Doom overshadowed the wondrous accomplishments of Blue Moon City, casting the peoples into turmoil and despair. Shaken by the death of their sovereign, the disappearance of their creator, and the destruction of the Holy Crystal of Psi, the peoples withdrew from each other. But now, two royal heirs have arisen, moving to claim the throne and fighting to attract the favor of the elemental dragons.
In every game of Blue Moon Legends, you and your opponent battle through a series of challenges, playing characters, boosters, supports, and leadership cards to establish your superiority and win the dragons’ attention. Our first preview ofBlue Moon Legends explored the mechanics of gameplay, including how challenges are made and won. The second preview looked more in-depth at your various options for modifying the core decks, should you so choose, by using inquisitors, emissaries, and Buka families. Now, the learn-to-play guide (16.5 MB, pdf) and the reference booklet (5.6 MB, pdf) for Blue Moon Legends are both available for download on the support page.
Download the rules and keep reading below, as we delve deeper into the identities of two important peoples included inBlue Moon Legends: the Flit and the Aqua!
Flying High
The sky-faring Flit prefer the air to the ground dwellings of Blue Moon City’s other peoples. Although they avoid other peoples when possible, the Flit are content in the company of dragons. Now they use the skies as a safe haven, entering battles below only when it suits them and their interests.
The Flit may not be as outwardly mighty as some of the landbound peoples, but they are nimble and agile, which serves them well in any challenge. The Flit prefer to attack from the air, dropping all manner of projectiles on the peoples below. To reflect this, the Flit core deck features a large amount of booster cards, each featuring the pair icon. The pair icon allows you to play two cards that begin with the same word as one card. For example, since both cards possess the pair icon, you could play bothLaunch Locust Paratroopers and Launch Dazzling Flares instead of just one booster card. Alternatively, if two booster cards just isn’t enough, by playing the Commence Mega Launch leadership card, you can stretch your advantage to grand proportions by playing any number of booster cards on that turn.
These boosters offer a quick advantage over your opponent, and the Flit themselves help you maintain that advantage. Nearly every Flit card features the retrieve icon, allowing you to return it to your hand after playing it, potentially playing it again next turn, which helps you keep a challenge going and maximizes the benefit of your boosters. Many Flit also give benefits by helping you ignore your opponent’s most troublesome cards. Trillilling, for example, allows you to ignore your opponent’s booster cards, whereas Tittertweet lets you ignore your opponent’s special power texts, negating his tricks.
The Flit will fight hard for the one who commands their loyalty, but they know when the time to retreat comes. When the Flit must retreat, though, they can ensure that they take any benefit with them. The leadership card Distract Holy Dragonallows you to retreat immediately and keep your opponent from attracting more than one dragon, minimizing his gains. Alternatively, you might be able to keep your opponent from attracting any dragons by playing Launch Sloth Gas, which slows your opponent’s advance and gives you more time to claim victory for the Flit.
Beneath the Waves
The Aqua are closest to Sesha, the Water Dragon, and they believe that water is the lifeblood of all living things. Before the Night of Doom, they tended Blue Moon City’s waterways and ponds, but now they have retreated to the ocean. The Aqua abstain from the conflict on land when possible, but if provoked, a host of deadly sea creatures provide a strong defense.
The Aqua dwell in the sea, close to Blue Moon City, and though they shun the land, any opponent who dares to trespass in their watery domain will face the creatures that call it home. Such creatures cannot be bested in their own environment, and because of this, they bear the protect icon. Cards with the protect icon cannot be ignored or discarded by your opponent, and their values cannot be reduced, giving you a reliable advantage with a support card like the Swarming Sea Serpents. By employing these mighty creatures, ranging from the Kelp Leech to theTerrible Kraken, alongside the Aqua people, you can be sure your opponent won’t rob you of their aid.
In a challenge, the Aqua surge and flow like the ocean itself. Several Aqua cards hold the free icon, meaning that they can be played without counting towards your limits of one character card and one booster or support card per turn. Playing the Sudden Waterspout can give you a burst of power, whereas playing a character like Yin invites you to play any card as if it had the free icon.
These cards can give you power you need in a hurry, but if you need to cycle your deck in search of the perfect card, Oomola-Aqua-Delta is your ally. When you play this character, you may discard any number of cards from your hand, helping you churn through your deck to get the cards you need at that moment. But as the tide both rises and falls, the time may come when you need the cards you had discarded. At that time, you can play the leadership card, Administer Water of Immortality, and shuffle your discard pile back into your draw deck, gaining access to your entire deck once more.
Victory Awaits

Nine separate and distinct peoples lie open to your command in Blue Moon Legends. Whether you walk the trade routes with the Pillar, band together with gangs of Khind, rove the seas with the Buka families, or play as another people, you’re certain to find or create a playstyle that matches your preference. Blue Moon Legends has almost arrived! Download the rules from the support page, then head to your local retailer and preorder your copy today.

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