23 agosto 2014

FFG actualiza Dungeon Fighter y nos ofrece el reglamento.

FFG nos actualiza la información relativa al juego Dungeon Fighter y nos habla de los enemigos finales, además de ofrecernos, para aquellos que quieran saber de que va esto, el reglamento.

I shall most certainly pass!   –The Bullrog, Fire at Will
Quench your thirst for dexterity-based fun with Fire at Will and The Big Wave, two expansions for Dungeon Fighter soon to be released by Fantasy Flight Games! You’ll be in your monster-quashing element as you battle your way though the dangerous dungeons of these expansions.
Our first preview of these expansions gave you an overview of Fire at Will. We explored how burn tokens scorch heroes and monsters, and introducing you to Melissa, The Fire Sorceress. Our second preview dove into The Big Wave. The pirate Jack Parrot made your acquaintance and we took a tour of the murky underwater caves.
Today’s preview gives you a look at the terrifying Final Boss monsters that await you at the end of the each dungeon. InFire at Will, the flame-snorting Bullrog seeks to burn heroes to a crisp before they see the light of day. In The Big Wave, the ageless, infamous, and slimy Great Cthulhu waits beneath the surface, yearning to drag heroes down into the ocean’s depths.
So that you can prepare for the battles ahead, download the rulebooks for Fire at Will and The Big Wave from theDungeon Fighter support page (pdf, 3.8MB and 4.7MB) or by clicking the thumbnails below. Use the rulebooks to plan your path through the dungeons, pick out the equipment you’ll purchase in the shop, or begin practicing the new dice throws introduced in each expansion. Given how powerful these Final Bosses are, you’ll definitely want some practice.
You cannot emerge from the dungeon in Fire at Will without conquering the winged Bullrog, who is stubborn as a mule, full of hot air, and wielding a flaming sword. Where the Bullrog goes, explosions follow: at the beginning of a battle with him you must throw the explosion template onto the target board – if a die lands on the template, all heroes suffer two damage. This volatile fire demon deals three points of damage to you if you miss him. He also gives you three burn tokens if you hit him, so that you suffer a point of damage at the start of your next three turns.
The best way to vanquish the Bullrog is to fight fire with fire. Equip yourself with fire magic or purchase some Firepower Potion, so that you can use the fire element die which deals damage with every throw. Melissa, The Fire Sorceress is particularly useful against the Bullrog, since her Sworn Enemy ability deals four points of additional damage to any demon. Armed with weapons and fire magic, and with Melissa in your company of heroes, you’ll have no trouble taking the Bullrog by his burning horns.
Cthulhu is Calling
For centuries there have been rumors of an immortal monster lurking in the ocean depths, waiting for just the right moment to come ashore and regain control of the earth. In The Big Wave, you’ll discover the truth of those rumors when you confront The Great Cthulhu. Only the bravest heroes will be able to face such horror, and only the most powerful can overcome this tentacular terror.
At the beginning of your fight with Cthulhu you must throw the slime template, which forces your dice to slip around the target board unpredictably. The mere sight of Cthulhu causes the heroes to lose three experience points, diminishing their ability to use water magic. Dealing three damage points to any hero who misses him, Cthulhu also deals seven oxygen tokens to any hero who isn’t already gasping for breath, so that hero only has seven more chances to hit Cthulhu before fainting from lack of air.
How can a creature this powerful be defeated? The most useful weapon against this fearsome winged squid may be theWater Fighter, a technologically advanced squirt gun that makes any hit cause three additional damage. Of course, using the Water Fighter requires a specific dice throw, but by the time you encounter Cthulhu you'll be an expert in the art of dungeon fighting, able to master any dice throw imaginable.
Fight On
No victory prize compares with boasting that you’ve conquered both the Bullrog and The Great Cthulhu. Are you ready to go through fire and water to do battle against these epically menacing Final Boss monsters?

Download the rulebooks from the Dungeon Fighter support page and pre-order The Big Wave and Fire at Will from your local retailer today!

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