18 diciembre 2014

Rum & Bones nos ofrece el reglamento.

Cuando ya van faltando pocos días para cerrar el kickstarter de Rum And bones, estos nos ofrecen una versión del reglamento, para que todos aquellos que todavía no tengamos claro, si vale la pena invertir nuestro dinero en el juego, podamos ver un poco más de luz.
También tenemos vídeos de partidas a 2 y 6 jugadores.

Rum & Bones is a miniatures board game where players control fantastic pirate crews engaged in fierce combat. Inspired by MOBA style video games, Rum & Bones’ gameplay is deep, fast-paced, and highly strategic. The game pits two pirate factions, controlled by 2 to 6 players, whose ships are locked in combat, with each crew attempting to board the enemy ship and disable it.
Each ship’s single-minded crew of Deckhands and Bosuns charge headlong across the gangplanks to attack key deck features on the enemy ship. These lowly crewmen are not directly controlled by the players. They form a constantly-replenishing mob of pirates charging towards the enemy, but the crews are evenly matched, so it’s up to the player-controlled Heroes to shift the tide of battle!
Deckhands and Bosuns of the Wellsport Brotherhood and Bone Devils.
Each faction has five types of Heroes at their disposal: Captain, Quartermaster, Swashbuckler, Gunner and Brute. Each of these roles has its own general place in the battle. However, each Hero is still unique, with their own set of attacks, abilities, and reactions to crush the enemy or give their crew the push they need!
 The Heroes of the Wellsport Brotherhood!
The Heroes of the Bone Devils!
The Wellsport Brotherhood and Bone Devils factions included in the core box also have access to unique powers via their Tide Decks. The 30 cards in these decks (most of them unique to each faction) can be played at different times, bringing about unexpected effects, surprise attacks, welcome boosts, or even summon a Sea Dragon!
Just beware that these startling abilities might just attract the attention of that mythical terror from the depths, the Kraken! 
The Kraken and Sea Dragon are enemies to all pirates, but their intervention can be advantageous to you in the right moment. And slaying these legendary creatures might give you the glory necessary to be victorious in battle!
  • 70 Highly-Detailed 32mm-scale Plastic Miniatures
  • 20 Colored Miniature Base Inserts
  • 8 Six-Sided Dice
  • 10 Hero cards
  • 2 Sea Creature Cards
  • 60 Tide Cards
  • 2 Ship Boards
  • 15 Tiles
  • 113 Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook
Here's all the loot your pledge will get you (so far...)
Wellsport Brotherhood
Bone Devils
Pledge Level
Your Captain-level pledge gets you the Rum & Bones core game as well as the 5 Kickstarter exclusive Heroes from the Helrökker gang, and any stretch goals we manage to unlock! The Helrökker Heroes are all Mercenaries, meaning that they can be used by any faction, and they each come with their miniature and Hero card.
The Mercenary Heroes of the Helrökker gang, in all their high-heeled glory!
**Miniatures come UNPAINTED.
Note that anything marked with this:
is an exclusive item for Kickstarter backers, with remaining stock available at conventions only.
Full 2 Player Gameplay Video
Full 4 Player Gameplay Video
*Please be aware that this is an Alpha Rulebook. What that means is it is not final. Rules may still be tweaked and changed, layout and graphics may still be altered. So if you see anything in here that isn't the same later, understand that during the Kickstarter the project is still in development and all aspects are subject to modification - for the betterment of the product, of course!
Stretch Goals
As we push forward in our quest for funding we will unlock a bevy of treasure and rewards that all the crew will benefit from!
We've smashed through our first stretch goal at $75,000, backers! Meaning all boxes of Rum and Bones now include a second sculpt for their Deckhands.
$100,000 has been reached! We've unlocked a third Deckhand sculpt for every box of Rum and Bones!
At $125,000 we've unlocked Ahab, the Vengeful. This legendary Gunner is a Mercenary who will work for any crew in Rum and Bones, provided you've the coin to pay!
At $150,000 we've unlocked Leopold, the Carver of Cardova! This merciless Brute will cleave a bloody path in the name of any crew willing to hire him! 
 $175,000 will bring all backers these kickstarter exclusive Deck Gun sculpts!
Slevin the Lucky joins the WelllsportBrotherhood! This legendary Swashbuckler fights in the name of adventure and treasure and will be a fierce addition to many a crew!
The enigmatic and horrifying entity known only as Mr. Smith has joined the fight. This phantasmal Gunner fights in the name of the Bone Devils and has been added to all pledges!
All backers now get an additional six dice for their game! These dice are in the custom "Black Bone" style seen above!
The legendary pirate Captain Blackbeard joins the fight for Davy Jones' Treasure! ThisMercenary is a fine addition to any crew!
Dudley the Duelist joins the hunt for treasure an fame! This devious duelist is aMercenary Gunner and fights for any side willing to give him his cut (and the respect he so deserves!)
At $325,000 we let loose The Kraken! Each backer will receive Nine Sculpted Kraken Tentacles (4 sculpts!) to their game!
We have announced a full new Expansion Box with an entirely new crew: Mazu's Dreadful Curse! Get the full details on these pirates here:
Captain Anne Bonny, Grace O'Malley, and Theo, the Terror of Nova join the Wellsport Brotherhood! For full details on this pack, check out the link below:
Captain Dracula, Renfield the Bloodcrazed, and Daedalus the Soul Herald join the Bone Devils crew! Get all three for $15! For full details over these malevolent souls click the link below:
Captain Shu Ming, Ai Fei, and Lien Hua join Mazu's Dreadful Curse! Full details on these deadly ladies is available here:
A trio of new Merencaries joins the fight! Captain Sarah Kale, Sinbad, and Sir Alexander are now available! See the link below for full details:
Shipping information - Please take note
Based on past experience, we will be charging shipping after the Kickstarter concludes based on the actual costs incurred to ship. We will collect this via our pledge manager after the campaign ends. This is so we can be fair to all our backers as shipping is rarely one size fits all, and also give you more stretch goodies and possibly a choice of carrier options.  
We will ship your rewards at our cost to our international hubs. Depending on where in the world you are, we will either ship you from our hub in Germany (EU backers), China (Asia Pacific backers), Canada (Canadian backers), Australia (Australia and New Zealand backers) or Atlanta (USA and the rest of the world). As a rough estimate, the game will cost about $10 to ship in the USA and to Hong Kong, about $15 to Australia, about $15-$25 in the EU and Canada, all the way up to $50 to Singapore and South America,  but this may increase or decrease based on the quantity of stretch goals we might unlock and your carrier choices.
Please note that while we do our best to get you your rewards in a timely manner, you may not necessarily receive your rewards before the product makes it into distribution in your own country or before it's made available in conventions and special promotion opportunities  We hope that the special price and exclusive items you will get during the Kickstarter will make up for any such possible lag. However, if this is something that is not acceptable to you, please do not back this project but instead wait for the retail release. Thank you for your understanding.

Risks and challenges

This is our 15th Kickstarter, and there are some vagaries in terms of timing when it comes to anything produced in China, such as:
Production delays
Shipping delays
Customs delays
The estimated delivery date is July 2015, but keep in mind this is only an estimate. Also, due to the logistics of international shipping, backers in different regions of the world may receive their rewards sooner than others.
We've done our best to minimize this as much as possible, and we are always happy to refund pledges if for some totally unforeseen reason the game can't be delivered at all. Since the game is 90% complete, we don't believe this is in the least bit likely - we've successfully delivered Zombicide, Sedition Wars, Guilds of Cadwallon, Zombicide Season 2, Relic Knights, Rivet Wars, Kaosball, Dogs of War, Arcadia Quest, and will begin shipping Wrath of Kings and XenoShyft soon.
We have four ongoing projects currently: XenoShyft, which is in the final stages of production, our Base System, Zombicide Season 3, and The World of Smog: On Her Majesty's Service.
Please refer to our individual project pages if you'd like to check the progress there. Each project is entirely independent of each other and have completely different development teams and have no effect on the production flow or development of Rum & Bones.
We can refund you within 60 days of the campaign’s end, fees included. After that, we have a policy of no questions asked, though that’s minus Kickstarter and Amazon fees (which we can’t get back from them after 60 days). However, if we’ve begun packaging your pledge for shipment (usually 4 to 6 weeks before the actual shipping date), no refunds are possible. If a component cannot be delivered AT ALL, we refund that completely, including fees.
All refunds after the 60 days close of the campaign are processed via Paypal only. Within 60 days refunds are reversed either to your credit card or Amazon Payments account.
Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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  1. Estoy seriamente considerando este Kickstarter pero... me da miedo que Edge lo acabe publicando en castellano como Zombicide y el reciente Arcadia Quest

  2. Aprovechando la oportunidad que nos brinda la web de 5mpj, en los desayunos con Edge, pude hacerle esta pregunta.
    La respuesta fue, que de momento no tienen nada firmado, pero conoce el proyecto, y siendo de creadores españoles, tienen muchos números de terminar publicado.
    Yo estoy igual, me meto, no me meto...., pero si tuviese que apostar dinero, estoy seguro que lo editara edge.