13 agosto 2011

FFG publicará el Reborn de Wiz-War.

Lo pudimos ver, muy de pasada en los vídeos que nos ofrecieron del Gen-Con, pero lo suficiente como para hacer temblar los cimientos de los aficionados a los juegos de mesa.
No es la primera vez, que FFG se encarga de realizar un Reborn de algún juego clásico importante de los años 80.
El caso que no ocupa, se trata de uno de los juegos mas buscados por los aficionados y según cuenta la leyenda, el juego que inspiró a Richard Garfield a diseñar Magic.
Lucha de magos en un laberinto cerrado, Wiz-War, original del año 83, vuelve para quedarse, totalmente puesto al dia, de la mano de Kevin Wilson (Civilization, Descent etc etc).
Seguro que les queda de muerte, de momento las primeras informaciones.

Deep in a magical, underground labyrinth, wizards scheme to steal each other’s treasures while protecting their own. Armed with an arsenal of spells as limitless as their imaginations, they venture forth, ready to duel each other at the drop of a tall, pointy hat…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to herald the triumphant return of Wiz-War, the classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players!
Players each control a wizard and begin the game with two treasures near their home base, which they must shield from the greedy clutches of competing wizards. The first wizard to score two points wins, and wizards score points by hauling opposing wizards’ treasures back to their bases, or by eliminating their opposition via an onslaught of fireballs, psychic storms, blasts of zot!, and other magical might. Of course, if you’re the last wizard standing, victory is yours.
The best of tradition and innovation
Originally created by Tom Jolly in 1983, Wiz-War draws upon a rich tradition of entertainment and gameplay that has delighted players for decades and helped spark the introduction of an entire genre of hobby gaming. Now, veteran game designer Kevin Wilson has worked with Tom Jolly to add new spells and enhance the game through a series of subtle refinements that promote faster game play and clarify card effects.
Through these revisions, Wiz-War remains true to its roots as a light-hearted and imaginative game in which wizards can cast fireballs, create rose bushes from thin air, manipulate gravity, and turn themselves into slime.
Spontaneous and imaginative
Players create a labyrinth from maze boards, and their turns each follow a short sequence in which their wizards can move, cast spells, and make a single attack. Within this snappy turn sequence, though, lies a plethora of potential for poetic play.
Spells each belong to one of four types–attacks, counters, items, and neutrals. Each spell also belongs to one of seven schools of magic–cantrips, alchemy, conjuring, elemental, mentalism, mutation, and thaumaturgy. While all wizards who enter the labyrinth can recite their cantrips backward and forward, each game offers a different mix of the other schools of magic. This mixture means that players constantly discover new interactions between different spells and schools of magic. Fire magic can destroy magic stones, but a well-timed flood can put out the sparks of flame before they consume precious items.
Wiz-War rewards creative and spontaneous play, often with humorous results. When two or more wizards confront each other in this spell spectacular, anything can happen… and often does!
Look for Wiz-War to appear on store shelves in the fourth quarter of 2011. While you wait to procure your copy, keep an eye our website for previews and other magical delights related to this breathtaking board game of battling casters!

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