15 agosto 2011

FFG ofrece las reglas de la nueva expansión de Talismán para descargar.

Empezamos la semana tranquilitos, hoy FFG nos ofrece para descargar, las reglas en inglés (como no), de la nueva expansión para el juego Talisman, llamada The Dragon.
Esto nos servirá, para ir abriendo boca en una semana, que tenemos que tener a nuestra disposición las reglas del juego de cartas Conan, que se pondrá a la venta este viernes, coincidiendo con el estreno de la película.
Ademas, uno de mis "pájaros", me ha informado que Edge anunciará esta semana la publicación en castellano de otro juego, del que todavía no ha trascendido el nombre y parece ser una sorpresa.
Se admiten apuestas....., la mía Wiz-War.

The Dragon Hunter had just returned to the village to collect his reward for slaying a second dragon when the villagers told him they had encountered a third. He listened to their pleas and weighed his options. The villagers had given him much for his work, but they were running low on additional goods to offer. Still, if he went elsewhere, he might not find such a ready need for his talents. Then again, the recent rise of all these young dragons seemed to suggest there might be a greater power rising behind them…
Discover how the new draconic threat spreads throughout realm, and learn what challenges await should your character attempt to scale the Dragon King’s tower. Rules for Talisman: The Dragon are now available online on theTalisman support page.
Simple rules, rich opportunities
The Dragon is an epic level expansion that confronts characters with fearsome foes and a growing draconic threat throughout the game. Dragon tokens pace the increasing danger, and three new decks of dragon cards shed light on the three draconic lords as the players encounter them. With just a few new mechanics, The Dragon alters the face of Talisman, providing players with added depth and richness for the play experience.
Additionally, the new Inner Region overlay in The Dragon presents players with new choices and challenges as they move toward the end of the game.
A new era of draconic rule
The Dragon King has returned and threatens to usher forth a new era of draconic rule, one in which dragons shall not confine themselves to the Firelands but shall usher forth to claim dominion over all the world ofTalisman. Only a handful of characters possess the strength, skill, and courage necessary to venture forth to defeat the Dragon King and claim the Crown of Power. But before they face the Dragon King in his chamber atop his tower, they will need to understand the draconic threat.
Download the rules for The Dragon expansion now (pdf, 3.8 MB). The rules are also available on the Talisman support page.

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