16 agosto 2011

FFG ofrece video-tutorial del deckbuilder RuneAGe.

Vamos avanzando en la semana y hoy FFG, nos ofrece un video-tutorial del juego RuneAge. La semana pasada, Edge confirmó su publicación al castellano, o sea, que no hay nada mejor, después de leer las reglas, que verlo en vivo y bien explicadíto, para ir haciéndonos una idea más concreta del juego, cara a su salida en castellano.

The debut of Rune Age proved a smashing success at Gen Con 2011, earning praise from attendees who flocked to its demo tables before picking up their own highly-anticipated copies. And with its concurrent retail release, Corey Konieczka’s dynamic scenario-driven design has already redefined the deck-building genre for fans worldwide!
How to conquer Terrinoth
But for those who have yet to experience this exciting card game, we’re pleased to present this six-part tutorial video. Follow the link below to see a detailed overview of Rune Age, including examples of play for each of the four included factions.

Click the image above to launch the player
You can also visit the Rune Age support page to view our video overview and download the rules (pdf, 4.9 MB). Then, head to your local retailer and grab your copy today!

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