16 agosto 2011

AEG anuncia expansión para NightFall, Blood Country.

De los creadores de ThunderStone, llega otra expansión para su deckbuilder de vampiros y hombres lobo, NightFall.
Su nombre Blood Country y saldrá en octubre de este año y según anuncian se trata de una expansión pura, es decir solo contiene nuevas cartas, mecánicas y nada de re-ediciones de otras más antiguas, es necesario el juego base para poder jugar.
Este juego no esta disponible en nuestro país en castellano y veremos si algún día  lo estará, seguramente no.

Cities have fallen, cities have stood, but outside of those protections, humans must face the creatures of darkness on their own terms. In the lawless countryside of Nightfall, the beast within can wreak havoc like never before.
Blood Country brings all new strategies and tactics to Nightfall, introducing cards that can have additional impact and ability based on the use of specific wounds. Blood Country expands the dark and intriguing world of Nightfall by taking the story out of the embattled cities and into the rural areas of America. The song says “a country boy can survive,” and Blood Country shows just how the blue collar class takes the fight to the vampires, werewolves, and other horrors!
Blood Country releases as a pure expansion, featuring only new cards and dividers, in a reduced-size box. Nightfall and/or Nightfall: Martial Law are required to play.
Blood Country Rulesheet
The Rulesheet will be available for download in September.
Blood Country Previews
Watch for previews coming this September, leading up to the release in October.

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