17 septiembre 2011

La nueva expansión de Talismán, ya a la venta.

Si eres un jugador incondicional de este juego y ya hace tiempo que Devir te dejó tirado y has tenido que buscarte la vida con las expansiones en ingles, que sepas, que ya tienes The Dragon, disponible en las tiendas yankees.
FFG a anunciado recientemente que ya esta a la venta, esta nueva expansión, que añade nuevos desafíos a los ya existentes, nuevos personajes, tablero y tokens a mansalva para los seguidores.
Que lo disfrutéis.

The Conjurer waited as farmers waved at her from the edge of their fields. “Good luck to you,” one of them said, “but I think it will need more than pulling more rabbits out of your hat to face those dragons.”
    The Conjurer smiled. “Oh, I can conjure other things, too,” she said. “I’ll be all right.” She waved and started down the road, hoping she could be as brave in the face of danger as her words suggested…

Messengers sent from distant villages carry word of draconic cultists seeking to strengthen their numbers. Trappers tell of woodland beasts they have found charred and eaten. Rumors tell of the return of three Draconic Lords, each of whom seeks to control the Crown of Command. All signs point to one inescapable conclusion… Talisman: The Dragon has arrived and is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore!
The time has come to confront the new draconic threat.
Gathering strength while the world burns
The Dragon expansion introduces three new Draconic Lords, hosts of their most powerful servants, and paces the spread of draconic influence throughout the realm with dragon tokens as the game progresses.
As the board fills with dragon tokens, the chances increase that heroes must confront powerful draconic Enemies from the three new decks of Dragon Cards. In this way, the Draconic Lords gain control over the Regions. As a result, players may find they can no longer access the resources upon which they were depending. No items from the Village. No healing at the Doctor. No prayer at the Temple. All these valuable resources become unavailable until characters defeat the enemies from the Dragon Cards.
Confronting the Dragon King
As the players attempt to prevent the world from burning in draconic fire, a new dual-sided Inner Region leads their heroes to an epic confrontation with the Dragon King!
Three new Draconic Lords–Varthrax, Cadorus, and Grilipus–vie for rulership of the Firelands and control of the Crown of Command. One shall be named the new Dragon King, whom the heroes must confront lest he usher in a new era of flame and destruction.
Characters embarking upon their journey to confront the Dragon King can follow either one of two new routes. At first glance, the Dragon Realm appears much like the main game board’s Inner Region, but characters need to adopt new tactics to pass through these lands that grow deadlier as the numbers of dragon scales on the Draconic Lord Cards increase. Characters opting to travel to The Dragon Tower must battle their way up a long, curving stairway to reach the Crown of Command.
Any hero who dares confront the Dragon King must be prepared for an epic battle. Each of the three new Draconic Lords has his own personality and strengths, and each is an awesome opponent.
Epic challenges
Adding The Dragon expansion to your game of Talisman means you’ll encounter even more choices and strategic challenges. You’ll find a new, dual-sided Inner Region, powerful new foes, and decks of Dragon Cards that reveal the Draconic Lords’ rich personalities and stories.
With The Dragon, your character’s every step meets opposition by the Dragon King’s minions and leads ever closer to an ultimate confrontation with the Dragon King. Start upon your journey to this epic showdown today! The Dragon is on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore.

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