07 diciembre 2011

FFG ofrece nuevos mapas para Tannhauser.

Aprovechando, que uno de los últimos clanes en aparecer para el juego Tannhauser procedía de oriente, los chicos de FFG, se han puesto manos a la obra, para ofrecer nuevos mapas para el juego básico, inspirados en el lejano Japón.
A parte de los nuevos mapas, la expansión incluye nuevos tokens y demás chucherías para hacer las delicias de los seguidores de este juego de minis táctico.

The Reich continues the search for mystical occult items, but now they have their ranks bolstered by the enigmatic Shogunate. Countering them are the forces of the Union and Matriarchy, who have struck an alliance of their own.Operation: Hinansho, a map supplement for Tannhäuser, extends the great conflict into the lands of the Shogunate.
Operation: Hinansho adds two new maps to Tannhäuser. Besides the new maps, this supplement offers an array of new token and circle types that will add another level of tactics to the game.
Behind locked doors

Little is known of the Kitamon Research Base. Investigation teams have not been able to turn up any useful information regarding the purpose of the facility. Naturally, this is the type of place one expects to find a lot of secrets, but locked doors are certainly not going to stop Obscura Korps or the Army of the Union.
The Kitamon Research Base map contains many Locked Door circles that add a new strategic element to the game. Characters can spend 1-3 movement points, depending on their skills, to open locked doors. Until a door is open, characters cannot see or move past them. Most rooms on the Kitamon map must be accessed through a locked door, so expect this feature to play a pivotal role.
Characters can also lock doors that have already been opened, or attempt to destroy doors altogether. Any character can lock a door by simply spending a single movement point to do so, unless there is another character in a circle adjacent to the door. Characters with the Athletics or Mechanics skill can destroy certain doors if they become a nuisance. For example, Karl Zermann from the Tannhäuser base game has the Athletics skill, so he can attempt a stamina test in order to destroy a wooden door.
Locked doors create intense situations. Forces can use them to set up choke points, or secure rooms and deny the opposition entrance. Door tokens can even be used on other Tannhäuser maps.
A jungle full of danger
Recently, a Union aircraft crashed in Okinawa. The Okinawa Crash Site map presents several new circle and tokens like Volatile circles and tokens.
A Volatile circle represents dangerous explosives like an ammunition crate or fuel container. If a Volatile circle is targeted by a player, there is a chance that a large blast occurs. If this happens, all characters in circles that share a path with the Volatile circle suffer 3 attack successes as they are engulfed in flames and shrapnel from the blast. While it is quite risky to target a Volatile circle with a gun, because the blast will engulf the shooter, a well placed grenade triggers the Volatile circle while protecting the thrower from the consequences, since a bouncing grenade can hit out-of-path targets. After the blast, the Volatile circle is replaced with a Volatile Rubble token.
This circle type makes adventures in the jungle a blast, and just like Locked Door tokens, Volatile tokens can be used on other Tannhäuser maps.
Opening the gate
Also included in Operation: Hinansho are Gate tokens. Combine twoTannhäuser maps to create one battlefield with this new token type. A Gate token acts as a point where a character leaves one map and enters another. With the opportunity for larger maps, players can also use larger forces. When using the Gate tokens, forces consists of 5 heroes and 4 troopers rather than the normal 3 heroes and 2 troopers.
In addition to the circle types previewed here, find out more about the intriguing Sniper circles and embark on new adventures in the realm of the Shogunate when Operaiton: Hinanshoreaches shelves at the end of next week. Pre-order this Tannhäuser map supplement from your local retailer today.

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