26 enero 2012

FFG pone ya a la venta Nexus OPS.

Para todos aquellos que no tengáis problemas con el idioma de Shakespeare y os interese el juego Nexus Ops, sabed que FFG ya lo a puesto a la venta.
En el mismo enlace de la noticia tenéis un espectacular vídeo promocional del juego, que nos muestra un poco las figuras dispuestas sobre el tablero y alguna que otra carta.
Ciertamente este vídeo me ha abierto el apetito por el juego... me leeré las reglas.
De momento no hay noticias de que Edge este dispuesta ha traernos este juego traducido al castellano.

Nexus Ops, the sci-fi board game of fierce combat and covert operations for 2-4 players, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore!
An alien moon. The rarest of resources.
In Nexus Ops, four corporations vie for control of an alien moon and its deposits of rubium, the rare energy source necessary to fuel all of humanity’s most advanced technologies. While their troops wage war, their engineers establish rubium mines, and their scientists explore the lunar terrain, using powerful technologies to subjugate the moon’s indigenous life forms.
Players must explore the alien moon, secure their rubium mines, and launch soldiers and alien species at their foes in ferocious battles. You get points by winning battles and by completing your corporation’s secret missions. The first player to twelve points seizes control of the moon and its rubium and wins the game!

Launch the video trailer for a quick look at the themes and components of Nexus Ops (QuickTime, 19.1 MB)You can also view it on YouTube
Bold new battle plans
This new edition of the classic game comes with detailed plastic figures, stunning art, and a clarified new rulebook, as well as eleven optional variants to challenge players of all levels and provide a massive boost to the game’s replay value. You and your opponents can race to the monolith in King of the Hill mode, face the peril of the deadly Vortex, or introduce a full set of alternate unit powers!
Read more about Nexus Ops and these exciting variants in our previews on the new Vortex tile, extra exploration tokens, and the fierce battles raging between the corporations and their quest for lunar domination. You can even go one step further and download the rules from our support page, but be warned: access to such classified materials may put you directly in the crosshairs of rival corporations.
A hotly-contested moon
The race for rubium has commenced. Four corporations and only one moon–things are about to get red hot in Nexus Ops! Head to your local retailer to pick up your copy today, or order it online from our webstore.

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