22 febrero 2012

FFG anuncia nueva expansión para Space Hulk Death Angels.

Cuando hace poco que sabemos que Edge, finalmente se ha decidido ha publicar las expansiones Print of Demmand de Space Hulk Death Angels, en USA anuncian otra nueva.
Se trata de DeathWing Space Marine Pack, en el que podemos encontrar nuevos marines para reemplazar los que venian con el juego base y así conseguir nuevas estrategias para enfrentarnos a los Tyranidos.
Sin lugar a dudas expansión ha tener en cuenta, para los seguidores de este entretenido juego de cartas.

Chapter legend states that a band of Deathwing Brethren returned to the world of their birth, only to find their people enslaved to xenos invaders. Abiding by the traditions of their people, the Brethren painted their armour white, symbolising that they were dead men walking, ghosts, setting out on their death-quest.
      – Warhammer 40,000: Dark Angels
A fearless new team has joined the fight in Space Hulk: Death Angel – The Card Game. The Deathwing Space Marine Pack, a Print on Demand expansion for Death Angel, is now available through our webstore! This exciting release joinsMission Pack 1, Space Marine Pack 1, and the Tyranid Enemy Pack in the library of POD expansions with which to enhance your Death Angel experience.
The Deathwing Space Marine Pack includes an alternate set of Space Marines to replace the ones from the Death Angelbase game. By simply switching out a number of your base game combat teams, you can bring new strategic options to your fight against the vile Genestealers!
What is Print on Demand?
Print on Demand is an exciting process that allows Fantasy Flight Games to produce professionally finished cards on a made-to-order basis, which opens up new opportunities for expanding existing games.
This process (not to be confused with Print and Play), results in smaller print runs of professionally manufactured products, allowing publishers to provide fans with content that would otherwise not be commercially viable. If you’re a retailer interested in carrying our Print on Demand products, visit our Professional Zone website to learn more.
A word from the developer
For more the Deathwing Space Marine Pack, here’s a word from the expansion’s designer, Brady Sadler:
Following up on the Tyranid Enemy Pack, the Deathwing Space Marine Pack mixes things up even more on the already treacherous space hulk. Getting to design and develop the new Action cards in the Deathwing Pack was a fun challenge. While it was tempting to give the new Deathwing Space Marines some heavy firepower and brute force with this expansion, creating more interesting combos and more strategic uses of Support Tokens became a much more intriguing avenue.
While there are many ways to lead the Deathwing to victory against the Genestealer threat, one of the best ways is by utilizing Support Tokens. The Blood Angels (from the Death Angel base game) were capable of covering their battle brothers' backs, but the Deathwing take it to the next level. From an Apothecary that can use his Support Tokens to assist his wounded brothers, to the relentless Interrogator-Chaplain who is able to give a fellow Space Marine any Support Token he spends, the Deathwings make optimal use of the Support action.
In addition to the subtle strategies of Support Tokens, the Deathwing Space Marines also have a few new devastating abilities for players to discover (just take a look at "Hellfire" or "Trail of Destruction"). Now get into formation and exterminate the alien menace!
Thanks, Brady! Head to our webstore now to order your copy, then face the dark void of space with even greater firepower.
Note: Due to variations in printing, cards from Print on Demand expansions will be subtly different in appearance and texture from base game cards.

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