03 marzo 2012

FFG anuncia nueva expansión para Talismán. The Blood Moon.

Los chicos de FFG, han anunciado hoy una nueva expansión para el clásico juego Talismán.
Dicha expansión llevará el nombre de The Blood Moon, y se centrará en todo el universo gótico oscuro de las brujas, hombres lobo y demás seres de la noche.
Unas cuantas expansiones tiene este juego a sus espaldas, de las cuales, como sabéis ninguna traducida al castellano.
O sea, que los aficionados a la saga, que sé, que sois muchos, ya sabéis, tendréis que tirar de importadores y etiquetas realizadas por los fans.

Once in a generation, the Blood Moon begins its fell cycle, bathing the realm in a pallid light. Compelled by its sinister presence, the restless dead rise from their graves, vampires hunt for unwary prey, and witches engage in nocturnal rituals. Worse yet, the horrifying Werewolf prowls the night, seeking heroes with whom to share his curse.
Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Blood Moon, an expansion for the classic board game Talisman! With over 100 Adventure Cards, plus new spells, characters, and alternative endings, The Blood Moon adds a gripping layer of gothic horror to your quest for the Crown of Command.
Bad moon rising
In addition to a host of new challenges, The Blood Moon introduces two engaging mechanics: time alternates between “Day” and “Night,” and a bloodthirsty Werewolf prowls the land.
The new Time Card, which is placed near the board at the start of the game, flips between its Day and Night sides to indicate the inexorable passage of time. Whenever a player draws one or more Events on his turn, he simply flips the Time Card, a seemingly minor change with a range of game-altering consequences. Whereas creatures are slightly weaker in the cold light of day, they grow bolder at nightfall. What’s more, a number of new Adventure Cards have varied effects depending on the time of day; the night can usher in the Witching Hour, during which spells are more prevalent...or a thick Moon Mist can descend on the land, inhibiting safe travel until dawn.
Prowling the night
The night’s greatest danger, however, is its effect on the vicious Werewolf and his unwilling thralls. Represented by a detailed plastic figure, the Werewolf prowls the night, preying on Adventurers who wander into his hunting grounds. In the pale light of the Blood Moon, the Werewolf’s murderous rage increases and few can escape his wrath. Worse yet, an unfortunate run-in with this roving monstrosity can turn even the most steadfast adventurer into a Lycanthrope...a cursed slave to the moonlight’s sinister influence!
Can you survive until daybreak? Keep checking back in the coming weeks as we feature previews of The Blood Moon, and look for its ghastly glow at your local retailer late in the second quarter of 2012!

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