08 abril 2012

FFG ofrece más información de The Blood Moon.

Para todos los seguidores del juego Talismán, que sois unos cuantos, hoy FFG,  ofrece más información del contenido, de esta última expansión para el juego.
Este nuevo avance, hace hincapié en una de las nuevas criaturas que podremos encontrar, como son los Hombres Lobo.
Como siempre, ya sabéis que no habrá forma de contar, con una traducción oficial de la expansión, pues ya hace tiempo que Devir, dejo de apostar por el juego.

Night fell across the realm, and clouds crossed the sky, blotting out the stars. In the darkness, the Assassin stalked his prey. He drew near the woman at the edge of the graveyard. He glanced again to make sure there were no witnesses. As he did, a silent and distant wind moved the clouds that blocked the moon. In the pale, silvery light, the Assassin saw another shape, large and hunched. The distance made it hard to be certain, but he thought he saw a feral gleam in the creature’s eyes…
Darkness and terror spread across the realm with the upcoming release of The Blood Moon expansion for Talisman. More than 100 Adventure Cards, new spells, characters, alternative endings, and Nightfall conditions add a gripping layer of gothic horror to your quest for the Crown of Command. Still, the expansion’s most horrifying addition is the fearsome, predatory Werewolf that prowls the board…
A shadowy predator
The Blood Moon introduces a new plastic figure for the Werewolf, and players that make use of this deadly creature face greater danger, excitement, and opportunities for interaction.
The treasure hunters, glory seekers, and dastardly villains who seek the Crown of Command must roam the realm’s forests, fields, and towns in order to gain the strength and resources they need in order to travel successfully past the Portal of Power. All the while, the Werewolf stalks them. Each time a player rolls a “1” to move, he completes his turn as normal, but then must roll for the Werewolf. The Werewolf moves according to the normal rules, with four key exceptions:
  • If the Werewolf moves at Night (as determined by the Time Card) and enters a space with a character, it ends its movement in that character’s space.
  • The Werewolf may freely cross the Storm River at the Sentinel.
  • The Werewolf cannot cross the Portal of Power.
  • The Werewolf may pursue characters through expansion boards. It enters and leaves them according to the normal rules for a character entering and leaving those expansion boards, except that if it reaches the last space on an expansion board, such as the Treasure Chamber in the Dungeon Region, the Werewolf immediately moves to any space in any Region (except the Inner Region), ending its movement in that space.
It’s worth remembering that the Werewolf is an alpha predator. It stalks prey; characters don’t stalk it. Those who land on the Werewolf’s square don’t encounter it, but anytime the Werewolf ends its movement on a character’s square, it engages him in a brutal struggle. The player must roll a die and consult the chart on the Werewolf card. Characters can lose lives, lose followers, or suffer fates worse than death, becoming lycanthropic thralls of the bloodthirsty beast! Still, there are a few clever individuals who may manage to escape these struggles unscathed.
The final hunt
One of the alternative endings in The Blood Moon expansion allows you to grapple with the Blood Moon Werewolf for control of the Crown of Command. Players choosing to use this alternative ending will soon learn that the Blood Moon Werewolf is a most vicious foe! Characters who confront this powerful antagonist risk not only losing their lives but losing their freedom. Those turned into lycanthropes end up serving the Werewolf and attacking the other players’ characters.
The Blood Moon Werewolf alternative adds an interesting twist. You can win the game by defeating the Werewolf, but you can also win by becoming his servant and all those who would stand against him!
Dusk grows across the realm. Soon Talisman will see the dark of night. Through this darkness shines the pale, silvery light of The Blood Moon!
What’s next? Look for an upcoming preview to explore the far-reaching impact of the expansion’s new Day and Night mechanics.

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