21 abril 2012

FFG ofrece más información de Blood Moon.

Como viene siendo habitual, FFG nos va ofreciendo, en modo de pequeñas píldoras, información referente a la que será, la más reciente expansión para su clásico juego Talisman.
En esta ocasión, nos ofrecen un avance de como funcionará la mecánica, del paso del tiempo, con efectos día/noche y como influirá esto, en determinadas cartas.
También se incluye la mas reciente actualización, en la que se muestra algunos de los personajes que encontraremos.

The sun was already melting into the horizon as the Prophetess noticed the stone columns of old ruins jutting from the hillside before her. Merchants in the village had told her to be wary on her journeys; there were rumors of a Werewolf stalking the realm at night. So far, the Prophetess hadn’t encountered the Werewolf, but she noticed each night seemed colder, darker, and deadlier than the one before it. The fading sun threw long, dark shadows from the ominous ruins, and the Prophetess shivered. She sensed danger in the coming night…
Frightening monsters prowl the realm at night, and soon players will have reason to fear the arrival of dusk. With the upcoming release of The Blood Moon expansion for Talisman, not only will a powerful Werewolf stalk adventurers from wood to field, but new, far-reaching mechanics for the passage of time create a chilling distinction between adventuring on a sunny day… and in the chill of a pale, moonlit night.
Day and Night
In The Blood Moon, players keep track of Day and Night with the new dual-sided Time Card. Whenever a player draws one or more Events, Time passes and the player flips the Time Card before he encounters any of the cards he’s drawn. The exception is that the Time Card is not flipped if an Event instructs a player to flip the Time Card to a specific side and the Time Card is already on that side.
The advent of Day and Night may not seem like much at first, but players will find that creatures can become more or less frightening, depending when adventurers encounter them.

Day Side / Night Side
During the Day, all creatures subtract one from their strength in battle and psychic combat (to a minimum of one), but under the cover of night, the same creatures each add one to their strength.
Moreover, many of the spells and adventure cards in The Blood Moon extend the influence of Day and Night, granting unique benefits during one or the other. Spells like Benediction, that restore lives, work best under the light of Day, but magical items drawn from shadows and dark sorcery work best at Night. The Night hours are also when haunting spirits awake and gather, when witches boil their foul brews, when Lurking Horrors prey upon the weak, and Disciples of Darkness work their strongest magic.
Lunar Events
The Blood Moon expansion also features another new type of card, the Lunar Event. A Lunar Event is encountered like a normal Events except for a couple of key distinctions:
  • Each Lunar Event indicates the side to which the Time Card must be flipped.
  • Lunar Events do not play onto the game board. Instead, players must place Lunar Events off the board, next to the Time Card, where they remain in play until the Time Card is flipped over. This can result in multiple Lunar Events being in play at the same time.
Lunar Events each introduce universal effects that impact all players, and because they remain in play until the Time Card flips, they can cast your game in light or shadow. This new card type goes a long way toward providing a strong, immersive aspect to your games of Talisman, especially whenever multiple Day or Night effects accumulate.
Brace yourself for nightfall. The Blood Moon is coming to herald an exciting new time for your adventures in the realm of Talisman!

Some frightened villagers said they’d seen the dead walking under the blood moon. On dark nights, when clouds choked the pale moon’s light, they crawled out of their graves and roamed across the realm. That’s what they said. But the blood moon had risen, fat clouds blotted the sky, and the dead rotted in their final resting places. The Grave Robber didn’t see any of them moving, but more than a couple had been buried with more rings and jewelry than they’d ever need beyond the grave…
Gothic horror comes to the realm with The Blood Moon expansion for Talisman. Nightfall heralds the arrival of nocturnal predators and gives strength to dark spells. The Blood Moon adds more than one-hundred Adventure Cards, new spells, and alternative endings to raise the level of suspense during your quest for the Crown of Command.
Still, even as townsfolk lock their doors and shutter their windows, some brave characters prepare themselves to set forth at dusk. These nocturnal souls are drawn to the darkness. Their work is most easily done at night…
Time to get to work
Two of the new characters in The Blood Moon expansion view dusk as the beginning of their working hours. The first of them, the Grave Robber, has a knack for plundering the fallen for personal gain. He works at night in order to avoid the judgment and interference of those who might abhor his methods.
The Grave Robber’s first special ability allows him to ransack the Adventure discard pile for encounters your opponents have tossed as refuse. Perhaps the Prophetess uses her ability to discard an Adventure card harmful to Good characters but beneficial to a character with as few qualms about Evil as the Grave Robber. Perhaps The Dragon expansion’s Dragon Priestess sacrifices one of her Followers to perform a ritual. Even when an opponent discards trophies, you may wish to scavenge in the Adventure discard pile to combat a known Enemy, rather than face unknown terrors under the dark of Night.
Meanwhile, whenever he visits the Graveyard, the Grave Robber can take advantage of his second special ability. Each time he wanders the Graveyard’s tombs, he can dig through the top eight cards of the Adventure deck in search of an Object, taking his choice of anything he finds.
The Grave Robber may not be likely to seize the Crown of Command for the good of the realm, but while he’s equipped with treasure stripped from the bodies of fallen heroes, he cannot be dismissed.
A dark duty
While the Grave Robber works at night in order to gain concealment from watchful eyes, the Vampire Hunter works at night because that’s the time she can best stalk her prey.
Garbed in crosses and loaded with multiple stakes and vials of holy water, the Vampire Hunter is ready for business, and her business is to hunt the spawn of Evil that prowl the realm by night. Because vampires and spirits are as likely to engage in deadly psychic combats as they are in battles, the Vampire Hunter balances her training between both of them, starting with both three Strength and three Craft. Moreover, she gains a bonus of one to each of her attack rolls against Enemies, making her one of the most balanced and lethal among the game’s hunters.
However, the Vampire Hunter truly shines when you consider her dedication to her cause. Not to be bothered by troublesome Events or trifling Objects, the Vampire Hunter can investigate after drawing cards from the Adventure deck. She can discard any card on the space that is not an Enemy in order to draw another card, which she must encounter. In this way, she can hunt down the Enemies that might otherwise hide in the Adventure deck, trying to escape her fury.
Things that go bump in the night
Add the Grave Robber, the Vampire Hunter, and a full night’s worth of gothic terror and suspenseful action to your games of Talisman with the upcoming release of The Blood Moon expansion!

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